Part 1


What I will describe herein are facts, not conspiracy theory, which I rigorously avoid. Nevertheless, it is difficult or impossible to prove these facts, because much of it admittedly seems very unlikely as being true to most. That's just one of many factors that have kept it safe and secure for many decades already. Beyond that is the fact that I describe a regime that many powerful people with enormous resources support, who insist that it continue, and who will and have always gone to great lengths and effort to preserve, protect and advance it. Another is the fact that they have created a very clever and diabolical scheme to do just that, a scheme and a culture of support of it that have proven diabolically resiliently throughout the decades of its and their existence, both of which actually grow stronger with every unsuccessful attempt to grapple with it. Another is the fact that their scheme partially makes use of means that are astonishingly powerful, both in their effect on the human animal and their sheer invisibility in application. Another is the fact that their scheme emulates mental disorders including schizophrenia and delusion so well as to be all but indistinguishable from those in the minds and beliefs (and delusions) of most. I've been forced to endure it for nearly thirty years myself and, still being of sound mind and abilities, I know at least my own experience with it quite well, and this herein is more or less just a factual description of that experience, which you could consider a referenced diary or journal if you like.


I'll apologize to you who are professionals within the psychiatry and psychology industry up front, because I'm going to hit you with some uncomfortable truths. Your profession is not alone in being resiliently complacent about and comfortable with the old status quo, and some of you are involved in it too. You will find it quite impossible to prove me wrong, just as I and others forced to endure it have found it quite impossible to prove the fact of it and our own oppression under it and slavery to it, which can and does sometimes involve outright torture, both of the mind and the body in terms of sheer physical induced pain. Even so, I invite you to try.


One of those truths is the fact that the nation at some point in its history has been quietly taken over in a kind of coup d'etat, presumably by some subset of its own population and a kind of creeping tyranny slipped into its structure that will evidently never be officially acknowledged as existing at all. It is the so-called 'deep state' (a big part of that anyway), aka the Game, aka the 'CIA state', aka 'the machine', aka 'mind control', aka 'The Wall', aka 'the scheme', aka 'the dope show', aka 'the place called vertigo', aka 'hell's gate', aka 'hell's magnet', aka 'mind fuck America'. It's a tyranny that has divided the nation more or less into two groups - basically a super-powered elite who support it and those they oppress and the rest of the uninformed and ignorant public. It is impossible to be certain what the source of some of its powers actually is and when that coup occurred/originated, although it is decades old already, if not older still. It hides with near perfection both the fact that it exists at all and in the several ways that it influences and outright consumes lives and opinions, forcing them to its will in semi-secret, such that those involved in it and even most of those held captive by it and in fear of it, never provide any straight talk about it so as to become a matter of straightforward public knowledge - another of the keys of its longevity.


Because it literally slips right into the mind itself and can loiter at that business for years and decades at a time, unprovable as doing so all the while, such that it often turns people who initially hate it into yet more devotees of it or at least people who have ultimately caved in to it in terms of 'might as well join what can't be beaten'. Only a few doomed fools like me who still dare to try, and it may well already be too late to stop it from dominating the nation into the foreseeable future. In the rare cases where dissenting opinions about it do break the silence (like mine), it is always capable of shouting down and drowning out our opinions and complaints and outright ripping them out of the public sphere, such that we are rarely heard and understood at all. I once put up bumper stickers encouraging people to visit my website where I have long attempted to describe and argue against the creeping tyranny of the Game and its literal thought police in detail and without obfuscation, only to find those bumper stickers had been ripped down within only a day or two by the so-called inner party (to borrow Orwell's term), though they have no official name at all and many unofficial ones too such as 'the goody mob'. They evidently don't tolerate much in the way of free speech about themselves and their captives (like me). I'll generally call their scheme 'the game', since the film by the same name is a fairly clear 'mirror' of some of its aspects, as it and thousands of other examples are intended to be. And so is Orwell's novel 1984, another intended mirror of the real thing, and such mirrored propaganda is a formulaic part of it. Orwell's novel is also a quite reliable benchmark in time, measuring at least how old the real thing is.


Michael Palin of the comedy group Monte Python, even though he toured North Korea at one point with a video crew and frequently remarked (carefully) along the way about that nation's leadership in terms of its tyrannical control of its own people and of their opinions and its harsh punishments for and their subsequent fear of daring to criticise the failures and shortcomings of that leadership and their regime, had not so much as a word to say about the western tyranny that I am attempting to describe either. This despite the fact that he and his fellows have made films which play to the tyranny, including their film 'The Holy Grail', which includes in a comedy context lines like 'Help! Help! I'm being repressed!', 'There's some lovely filth down here' (a probable pornography metaphor), a basket-case metaphor featuring a man trying to crawl into a very short basket, repeatedly flinging a cat against a stone wall by its tail, 'gorge of eternal peril', etc. His/their line "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!", though it were in a comedy context, rings particularly hollow in my ears and represents a true measure of the goody mob's own hypocrisy, where some of us must endure the most invasive surveillance, harassments, secret forced reindoctrination training (sexual and otherwise), subtle media mockery, etc. and others don't, and there's never a clear word about the tyranny itself, except by a ravaged and oppressed few like myself. They have all the money and power and the cooperation of many big corporations and other business interests. Palin's fellows are not alone in being among thousands who are perpetually silent about it in any clear and unambiguous way, although they (according to the formula of their Game) all feel quite free to babble about it and mockingbird its captives and our sins, indiscretions, foibles and deviations from their conservative ideals, with the usual clever ambiguity that is a hallmark of their Game, using material drawn from extremely invasive surveillance - one of the keys of the tyranny's longevity. It is a moralistic tyranny and certainly sells itself as such. It IS a powerful solution for the future. It DOES destroy sin, crime and cultures that oppose and deviate from the mainstream. But a most abject form of slavery and an utter disregard for the law is part of its price.


By now it has filled the media with so much noise that it can be heard throughout the media from million dollar films to small independent films to television movies, series and commercials to pop music to books and short stories to street graffiti, so thoroughly does it already own the minds of its adherents in terms of their opinions and attitudes about it and support of it. If you have seen a recent TV commercial featuring an emu/ostrich cop fighting its own reflection in mirrored glass, then you have seen a hint of that, although you've probably not understood the concerted nature and prevalence of the tyranny's formulaic suggestive noise of which that example is but a tiny part.


Check out this little Gaming gem from the old Star Trek series 'For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky'. In addition to being a Giordano Bruno metaphor of course (put to death by the Spanish Inquisition for daring to explore and offer ideas about the actual truth of the universe that the ruling religious elite of the time would not allow to be spoken or entertained even in unspoken thought on pain of death), notice how the moment suggests that the old man shares some of his symbolic 'marijuana' and then pays for that first with induced headaches and then with his life, and for daring to tell others that something were amiss in their contained world that his people were forbidden even to know about by a flawed computer that is sending its obliviously captive people whose lives it is tasked with managing on a collision course with death. Also notice the intended hints that 'the oracle' knows what its people do and what they think. This is classic creative media gaming and is reflective of (mirrors) the reality, just as intended. And sophisticated thought surveillance, induced headaches and so forth from source unknown back here in the real world are a fact of it. That is not supposition. That is not conspiracy theory. That is fact, albeit unprovable fact. And Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the original Star Trek (or at least some of his screenwriters), were one of those serving it.


Part 2


Creative media gamers and members of the elite can and do dance all around the fact of our slavery and they do so regularly and formulaically, just as Geico's long series of commercials does, the emu/ostrich fighting its own image in mirrored glass does, and by now tens of thousands of other examples throughout the media do, obvious enough that actual captives to it like me grind their teeth in seeing them be so bold in their dance and unprovable and deniably enough as to be untouchable by any lawful or political means of contesting it. I'm astonished that so many are so willing to cooperate with the scheme. In that respect, the United States is a perpetually unacknowledged slave state for many and probably always will be. And of course the elite have been up to their antics for many decades now, until claims such as ours have become so cliche that society is totally inert in terms of any change from the status quo, and the 'oracle' is never anywhere to be found. Would you like to see your child or loved one be treated in such ways, your never even being informed of it or even knowing what is happening to them, your lot being only to watch them melt?


The ignorant will say that I'm just taking some TV moment and pretending that it's real. The ignorant always insist on staunchly deluding themselves and always believe they know better than those who actually do know and must live the reality of it, there being no outright proof to destroy their delusions, they themselves never having been forced to endure a moment of the real thing, who find it all rather funny, and would do so right up to the moment that they themselves became enslaved to it too. No problem, theirs is a common mass and much cultivated delusion. Nothing will disturb their delusions, and they will walk away smugly self-satisfied that they have told the real delusional what's what. Those complicitous with the Game, which is by now a huge conspiracy with many staunch defenders of the status quo, will say the same thing and perhaps add snidely remarks about alien anal probes, remarks that are evocative of their own obfuscating propaganda and which are basically just sodomy triggers. In actual practice, one just wakes up one morning and slowly finds that one is effectively enslaved, a bug under a microscope and subject to several forms of cruel, crazy-making and oppressive tactics, with really no way to stop it. And the pro-game elite have all the power, all the money and all the media through which to forever play their subtle games, offer their subtle threats, mockery, preaching and 'mirrors' about our surveilled sins mostly. That IS the CIA state and it is a boldly aggressive slave state, but only for some. If you're sitting on your asses waiting for incontrovertible proof, then you will be sitting on your asses forever, just as the CIA (or whatever perpetually anonymous and unnamed controlling 'authority' actually implements it) wants you to and have succeeded in keeping you at the business of doing indefinitely and probably always will.


Here's a little gem from Pink Floyd, and there are many more I can cite throughout the media, if asked. Did you never understand what any of them were referring to? Just listened blithely to the music, did you?


Who was born in a house full of pain
Who was trained not to spit in the fan
Who was told what to do by the man
Who was broken by trained personnel
Who was fitted with collar and chain
Who was given a pat on the back
Who was breaking away from the pack
Who was only a stranger at home
Who was ground down in the end
Who was found dead on the phone
Who was dragged down by the stone


Recently I decided to jump back into the fray, knowing that it's pretty hopeless, after I received in my inbox an invitation to join the Facebook group "Alliance to End Targeting". Never anything of substance by anyone who might make a difference over the course of thirty years, just the occasional mass mailing from other TIs. Scanning the postings there, I, like most of you probably would/do, you psychiatric/psychology professionals that I'm having a vicarious, hypothetical, suppositional, one-sided, presumed (whatever the word I'm looking for is) conversation with, since actual shrinks will never engage with me in any rational discourse, think about what I thought when I left the TI forums years ago - that we will never prevail. It's probably hopeless, even the slim hope of bringing the subject of the tyranny up to the level of a general public discourse - in the news as a matter of simple fact and finally stripped of its obfuscation and denial. The goody mob has too much power, money, influence, deniability, talent (captured and otherwise), carefully cultivated opinion and disbelief working for them to ever let that happen. But a good American has to try.


And the chaos there reminds me of part of why there is nothing but silence as to the actual, authentic issues of the Game by the psy (abbreviated for the benefit of my weary fingers) community. Oh, there's some psychological maladies theory among the shrinks within their ever expanding DSM and they continue to maintain their own semi-delusions, and in many ways, they are just another incarnation of the ignorant fellow mentioned above. Being human, they're not immune to being inadvertently or actively confused and mystified themselves, particularly within their sense of professionality. Yet another reason why the goody mob's (for want of a better term) is such an excruciatingly intractable tyranny. Our ignorance is their strength. Nevertheless, what I've been describing herein is altogether real, as far as I've succeeded or failed in understanding it as part of my own thirty year 'experience' with it and in describing the indescribable. Personally, I could jump when my hiding would-be master says jump and do this, don't do that and read the signs, as the songwriter said. Unfortunately, Americans don't like being enslaved and obeying the dictates of persons anonymous and unaccountable is more than a little difficult for us. Maybe having faith in the unknowable would do me good, but I never was the religious type, valuing clear information, clarity, logic and accountability above all else and loathing the muddiness of politics, political rhetoric, persuasion and other social BS, which the Trump anomaly has raised to new heights in addition to tearing down norms of presidential tradition, law, accountability, truth and authentic news. And it's interesting to see Trump spawn an acceleration towards the furtherance of African American and women's issues in reaction to his own example. And those reactions are in many ways a good thing. Excuse me a moment psy pros, while I turn my attention to the news media, but read along if you like. I know that few if any of them will read this anyway, so I offer that only rhetorically.


CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Cuomo, Lemon, Cooper, Baldwin, Keilar, etc. Enjoy yourselves as you like. Let them give the public a war correspondent looking the silly fool on SNL in their SnapChat bit as they please. I was laughing too. Give them an evil, mythological, pedaphile chicken woman who would just love to eat your children elsewhere on that ever-humming gaming propaganda and mockingbirding engine - SNL. Signs don't even induce me to turn my head to toward the TV anymore, so paltry are my own sins in and of themselves and in comparison to the larger issues involved, despite your and the creative media's obsession with deniably digging them up and floating them about before the eyes of their/your fellow mobsters so as to seem a veritable mountain of sin by now. And yes, I'm reminded of the Blade Runner moment when Captain Bryant (perhaps a semi-mirror of Orwell's inner party member O'Brien, his own mind previously crushed by the inner party before he set about crushing the Winston character's mind in turn) looks a little concerned when Deckard (who is of course a 'replicant' too in the real world sense of the real world Game, which the film was formulaically mirroring) asks what happens when the 'Voight-Kampff Test' no longer provokes an emotional response. I guess I'm a living example of that - a replicant too long pursued and fed so much personalized creative media gaming material and given so much time to study it that even I know the subject quite well by now. Their (and your) Gaming influences my emotions very little anymore in one sense and more so in another. I'm also reminded of a (by now) Supreme Court justice who attempted to rape a young woman while drunk (which is far more than I've ever done), and who continued to deny it throughout his successful confirmation by Republicans who ride on the back of and infest the fur of a dog called Trump, whom I can't dignify with the title President, knowing that Trump will serve their agenda and has already helped stack the Supreme Court in the service of their political goals and agenda, and who cling to Trump's back despite his corruption and many evils, the irreversible damage to the environment that he presides over and the irreversible damage to the nation's influence, prestige and moral position in the world.


I'm not afraid of my sins. I'm not afraid of confronting any of them in any fair venue, particularly if that would get the thought police out of my home, my mind, my associations and my life. And I've encouraged, requested and demanded that 'the presence' in my home and mind, with me every second of every day do so, and that these last thirty years of relative hell be taken into account, if I were due any actual legitimate punishment beyond that, all of which have proven utterly powerless to budge it in the slightest. It is in your and their interests to keep any fair lawful venue forever at bay and keep me and my troubles only within the realm of the Game. What I am afraid of are the various ways that they can stifle my effort to make an honest living, which they have done as a constricting noose for failing to please them, shut up about their/your Game (in any unambiguous way at least), and obey the in many ways arbitrary dictates of the 'presence' associated with the bee-stings. That has included many times (in my case) causing headlights to go out frequently, Google Maps to malfunction when still trying to work as a cab driver, which itself has taken a variety of forms from not functioning at all to sending me on wrong routes, which has more than once caused a customer who was paying a fair price for a traditional cab in the age of Uber and Lift to get angry and assume that I were trying to pad his fare, which infuriates me and rightly so. When 'it' would do that, I would finally be forced to give up and go home rather than try to fight a super criminal all day. It/they once demonstrated the ability to make my arms go limp for a moment while driving too, just long enough to inspire a bit of fear and show me some of its power. And of course, for my part in utter ignorance, I must assume from there on out that it can and may do so at any time and any place with not a damn thing I can do to prove or stop it.


Of course, no fair lawful venue to get these clowns off my back, out of my home, mind, associations, and life ever does present itself and my attempt to initiate one in a case against the FBI and CIA under the FOIA was simply met by the defendants' lie that they didn't know what I was talking about and the judge's complacent, lazy and formulaic acceptance of the defendant's lie. I've never been told exactly what's been said (and I'm sure that's typical) about me, but it evidently gets people (including co-workers and colleagues) to engage in mockingbirding and street theater antics too. The goody mob's tactics and popular conspiracy can result in being effectively blacklisted in the job market too, and the presence does threaten me with precisely that and can easily make good on that threat. By the same token, the presence behind the bee stings can offer opportunities as a potential reward for compliance, silence about the game and ambiguous support for it. I'm sure that's typical. Since it knows one's mind, one's memories as those occur through the course of conscious thought and recall and can loiter at that business indefinitely and thus steal ALL of one's memories and life experience, and it therefore knows one's needs and hopes more intimately than anyone else in the world including family and friends, it can 'offer' romantic relationships and other inducements too, or at least opportunities therefore, or at least pretend to, since those in my experience are never really realized at all. Only the endlessly irritating mind slavery is realized every moment of every day. Of course, people can't be traded like cattle, but their other virtual captives can in a sense. The goody mob is fiercely intimidating and capable of making good on both threats and offers of assistance and support in their brand of carrot and stick diplomacy. I'm being allowed to write this and they could, if they wished, crash my hard drive at any time and end months of work and the few hopes I still have for my crushed life in an instant. It's no wonder that so many even famous artists and other big media names just fall into line and intentionally put ambiguous mirrors of their own sins into their works and join the goody mob and help them too. They ultimately have no choice but to join them, because the goody mob evidently can't be beaten in any sense, and can make good their threats, while forever remaining perfectly hidden and deniable as existing at all, and always remain immune to any lawful or other attempt to hold them and their extraordinary moralistic mobsterism to account. That's the deep state or a big part of it anyway - a culture of anonymous, impervious, super-powered control by one enabled, grown, nurtured, super-prudish and super-conservative culture over others that are impoverished of information, influence and any kind of real control over their lives. It is a tyranny they have established and intend to grow into the foreseeable future.


The bee-stinger can when it wants to somehow bee-sting mark moments on a moment-by-moment basis in a typical news media broadcast like, "Shattered economy", "crushing sanctions", "military options", "drone shoot-down", "nuclear weapons", "rain just keeps on coming", just random bits more or less, as though someone simply turned up a 'hostility' volume control up a few ticks, all of it just babble intended to induce an emotional response as though from a machine that is programmed with the rudiments of natural language - absolutely deniable and utterly unprovable as occurring at all. When trying to create a positive emotional response, it can bee-sting more positive moments and the goody mob can float feel-good stories in the news and other media and rely both on bee-sting marking and on the induced and forcibly trained mental state called 'entrainment' to make those seem self-specific (and sometimes are, even as produced by their numerous media sources), once again completely deniable as occurring at all. Ugh, what sickly sweet morass of bee stings during the Neil Armstrong NOVA documentary last night. All of it entirely cynical and not a bit of it sincere, just working a wire back and forth until it breaks or something useful pops out. What a cruel, creepy little world we live in.


Part 3


Their techniques are so powerful and well hidden that the mind of a person (even one in power or seeking political office) can be surveilled without their having the slightest knowledge of it. With time and application, their memories determined, including any shames, embarrassments, possibly past or present crimes, and other liabilities determined - effectively a dossier of items that the person can be blackmailed, arm-twisted and threatened with, all without their having the slightest knowledge of that. A surveillance presence coupled to the bee stings in a semi-communications feedback loop, who knows how to make use of those, typically at some point makes itself known to the person after some time spent quietly gathering data on that person's present and past. In the meantime, the 'presence' can and does typically share anything juicy about the person among the goody mob to mockingbird at the person in the crafty, clever, eminently deniable 'language' that has been termed newspeak, duckspeak, quantum language and so forth with which to pressure the person that can take the form of everything from SNL comedy antics to street graffiti. It's generally vague and weirdly unexpected enough by most that a degree of uncertainty of whether one is being signed/mockingbirded at all is part of the mix. The 'presence' typically adds threat and intimidation directly through bee-sting techniques (and directly leverages the social/media mockingbirding with its intimate moment-by-moment surveillance invasion of the mind, and the combination of social and internal pressure can be a dynamite combination and configured into a bomb of sorts for use against the person. The threats typically take a variety of forms from threats of exposure, destruction of reputation, continuing and unending harassment, application of physical pain, equipment malfunction and other forms, all of which are part of the psy-ops arsenal. The person can slowly but surely be turned into yet another asset for the goody mob thereby. And not the slightest bit of it provable as having occurred or occurring all the while within the normal realm of human society, accountability and laws, and it can go on for decades and whole lifetimes.


You'll note that the main character being similarly run-down in the film The Game is himself a powerful, rich businessman, and anyone from a street hoodlum to a corporate executive to the President of the United States is capable of being controlled and manipulated in those very ways as part of the deep state. You'll note that the main character in the gaming film 'The Adjustment Bureau' is himself a candidate for the US Senate, and politicians aren't immune either and in some ways are particularly susceptible to such influence, although as is typical of gaming films, it is a film with a happy little feel-good ending, that makes the 'bureau' look like wonderful angels herding the human race along a good path, and that story is written by the same author as the film Blade Runner with its replicant metaphors and lines like 'a tortoise lying on its back baking in the sun'. The film Groundhog Day is a gaming film and feel-good story too, even though in real life the feel-good story ends with the first successful suicide attempt and the living the same day over and over again is just a metaphor, though a salient one. And as is typical, audiences of millions are implicitly encouraged to believe that God were the controlling authority in those feel-good stories, an authority which I personally don't believe to be present in any aspect of the real world Game other than in the concept of its imposed moralism.


That is the new world order, the deep state, the CIA state - call it what you will. A big part of those anyway. You'll notice that an intimately involved major news media regularly discount such terms as pure conspiracy theory (often with deliberate intent) and they evidently always will, though in fact those are not.


Even though having one's mind forever under a microscope does not have a corrupting influence per se, and in fact performs the opposite function for obvious reasons, I'm forced to consider the goody mob and the inner party who empower them, and the deep state they serve corrupt in its and their ruthless and outrageous disregard for the law, for habitually and constantly abusing my and others' rights as peaceful US citizens, and for their arbitrary and self-serving demands of myself and others. I just got the bee stinger's typical 'can' bee sting 'remark' to my right calf muscle, even as I write these words. I respond in thought usually, sometimes verbally, 'No, of course you can't. What makes you think you can?' It can't and never dues truly answer at all and can only respond with the same excruciatingly ambiguous babble that hijacks moments in my own thought or any other available linguistic or other fodder available within my sensory environment, and it can never back up that astonishingly arrogant claim at all. My response to it directly and to the world through this essay is, 'No, of course you can't, you silly super-powered fool. Of course you can't.' It will just respond with 'can' and around we go again.


The presence may not be part of a truly malign tyranny, but there seems little to stop it, if it ever decides to be one, and like me, all who are subjected to it are absolutely ignorant about any but their own experience with it (and most of them don't appear to understand even that very well much less being able to elucidate their experience effectively), and a great deal depends on what safeguards are in place against it doing so, and there appear to be no safeguards at all. So it can be as malign as it wishes on a case by case basis and the public (and I) will never know about it. The fact that there is never any actual mainstream news about it removes perhaps the most important traditional check on the power of people who would impose their will and their dictates upon others. In that respect at least the mainstream news is rightly labelable as 'fake news' and just another mouthpiece of the deep state, news that reliably fails to report at least some essential facts about the world we live in and is determined to remain so. Note that I don't use that term 'fake news' in the self-serving, false, corrupt and oily ways that Trump does.


The fact that numerous unsuccessful failures to contest with the deep state lawfully and otherwise and its being decades old by now has caused society to be utterly inert in its belief as the authenticity of reports such as mine and the whole thing has become cliche. The goody-mob's strategic, traditional and comfy inclusion of obfuscations like 'alien anal probes' and such have formulaically added to that societal inertia. They are slowly turning this nation into an enslaved nation individual by individual, no matter how they dress it up, no matter how much fun it is for them to play their game in the media and elsewhere, and it is about the most abject form of slavery imaginable too, the slavery of the mind itself. Don't lose sight of that essential fact.


CNN has been up to some of the Game's antics, themselves. Brook Baldwin dons makeup and goes skipping away, evidently as Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz. Her partner in play, Brianna Keilar, dons Princess Leia buns with her hair. I suppose, but can't be sure, that they're having fun with my having noted the fact that Star Wars' 'The Force' began in early casting footage as 'the art of mind control' from the mouth of Mark Hamill and I've noted the similarity (nearly word for word) with its presentation of 'The Force' with another gaming film released the previous year, 'Network', its anchor and main character being visited by a disembodied voice and other effects, a man who is ultimately assassinated. I've also noted the symbolic nature of the characters in Wizard of Oz, noticed its semi-literal falling asleep in the poppy field opiate metaphor, its 'Oh we owe. We all owe.', the witch's crystal ball, etc. and wondered if that film weren't some early gaming in film and if the thought surveillance component and other neurobiological influences that exist today in the real-world Game extended that far back in time. In a certain intended sense, Dorothy is a symbolic girl at risk doing heroine with her loser friends. CNN, with their fairly recent red apples commercial (overtly addressed to Trump and evidently footnoted to me and others) and other mockingbirding antics, are certainly players in the Game, including late night anchors Cuomo and Lemon. Curiously, you'll notice throwing red apples of sin not only in Wizard of Oz, but Kafka's Metamorphosis too, if you look (from 1915 Germany). I suppose the point they're trying to make in addition to popularizing the game, mockingbirding live, and playing to those 'in the know' is that they (like Geico, Progressive and others in their long, ongoing series of commercials) can dance around all they like, cleverly and deniably mockingbird surveillance information about us and pick at our embarrassments, shames, sins, crimes and foibles, play to the Game, and ultimately say nothing of substance at all, rather than report the fact of it as they should, as they are obligated to do, they who even the framers of the Constitution specifically made room for to act as a bulwark against tyranny - a fact that CNN and other news media often themselves remind us is part of their reason to exist. That they can have all the fun they want with our lives and no one's going to stop them, I think is their point. And they at CNN are by now so deeply in bed with the CIA or whomever that even darker unnamed organization is that actually enables it all, and are by now so comfy in being part of that tyranny, that they see no wrong with what they're doing, such that mockingbirding seems just normal day to day business to them. And that is exactly the way the CIA (or whomever) would want it to be and exactly the sort of relationship they would cultivate with the news media as part of the quiet ongoing coup.


Even as Brooke Baldwin and CNN go skipping down an imaginary yellow brick road hand in hand with the hidden hand of the CIA (or whatever well-funded force is enabling its more esoteric methods and hiding within it all), I have to wonder if any of them at CNN are outright controlled by it, not unlike the main character of film 'Network', perhaps in one or more executive decision-making positions, although I expect that the involvement of most is voluntary and enthusiastic. And yes of course there's a cover story in their advertising CNN's documentary on classic films - that's elementary to the Game. 

All there I'm sure would scoff at the very notion, stupidly I think. But just as the recent Supreme Court justice appointee had a bit of dirt in his past and some sexual liability, so could one or more of CNN's bosses in decision-making position(s), from his or her adolescence or college years to arm twist with and being in a position of influence, wealth and prestige would have that much more to lose and be all the more controllable thereby. And would that hypothetical boss ever tend to talk about it or about being transparently blackmailed and manipulated into compliance or support? Of course not. The means to do precisely that do exist and have existed for some decades now, and that formula is already regularly in play. Fortunately for the Supreme Court justice, his own lies, obfuscation and distractions about attempting to rape a young woman while drunk at a party and those of the Republicans who confirmed him were successful, and they secured him into his now safe position on the high court, ready to serve the conservative will, and Trump paid off some of his own stink thereby.


We run of the mill TIs (targeted individuals), however, aren't so lucky. And trying to rape a woman while drunk is more than I've ever done. I'm fortunate to have a clean enough past (believe it or not) and a strong enough sense of fatalism (a function of the Game's presence in my life), and still being firmly in possession of my sanity am able to discuss these issues matter of factly and I remain unafraid to do so, not particularly caring whether I live or die anymore, though I do feel a strong need to report these facts and potentials.


For what it's worth (and I offer this voluntarily), I did keep a long list of names that I kept in my back pocket, and I did cut it down to one (at the last minute) and her name was at the top on that single occasion when I visited a prostitute (paraphrasing Cowboy Junkies and their gaming in their song 'Common Disaster') after years of nothing romantic or sexual at all (which they quite left out of their lyric). I'm still glad I did, despite the goody mob's machinations and thirty year hell, which ironically have made me stronger in myself rather than weaker, and one way they have helped me is to make me realize that I'm a man, that I have every bit as much right as any of you or them to exist in this world that I didn't choose to be thrown into either, and that I'll take up a little space too thank you very much, you goody mobbers who think you are our masters (and for all practical purposes are) and would own us like sheep to be herded under your lash. I made the list with the plan to choose one at random at the last moment so as to give the goody mob as little time as possible to prepare any sort of set up or entrapment scenario. She was very nice and I wish I'd kept her number and taken her up on her offer to come back and smoke a little with her later. But fool that I am, I didn't. And I continue to write my hard fact account, though the Junkies typically call these 'fairy tales in the spirit of revenge'. Maybe revenge has something to do with it, but fear and concern for my and our common future has even more to do with it, Junkies. Well, Junkies, not only did he steal my little sister. He stole my whole family and my few dear friends. Satisfied? Oh, I was part of what lead to that, but the Game sealed it. Hinging mainly upon, "I believe you believe it." and a father's incendiary snidely remark and a denial of any intention behind that and a refusal to discuss it further. Oh, and the little sister? Half sister actually. Literally two seconds from my past as a thirteen year old boy. She was about two. Long gone is a good job and career too, and yea, I had something to do with that too. Feel like double-naught spies, do you? Well done. Hope it was worth it.


So, by what right does some band from Canada have in knowing that I once went to see a prostitute? I certainly didn't tell anyone. No cop stopped me and I never got in trouble with the law. This is part of the creepiness and outrageous criminality of the deep state / the game, where you have't so much as a shred of privacy ever and no one ever admits a thing and the politicians and the cops and the FBI and the shrinks and your own family remain perpetually clueless or complicitous. I suspect that one or more members of the Junkies (certainly the lyricist) came to the virtual attention of the goody mob and entered that realm by the back door like I did too somehow. I expect that most do, even big entertainment media names. They'll never admit a thing, I haven't the slightest doubt. Oh yea, and I know the Eddie mentioned in Devil's Advocate, and yea, he was fucking a neighbor's wife in the ass on her husband's own bed. I presented the relevant film video bits to him. I didn't give a damn about the sin, I just wanted to talk to someone, anyone, who had a shared experience as mine. All the fucker would say about something so extraordinary mirrored in the Game was "I don't want TALK about it." and that's where it will stay. I made it clear I wasn't trying to interrogate him (he'd told me voluntarily). People are so fucking stupid. To hell with them. Thank you, Junkies, for helping liberate me by my own choice from my bafflingly stupid, incredulous and apathetic family and friends. You did me a favor. Oh and the Eddie character in that film was played by the actor who got into trouble with Paul Reubens (PeeWee Herman) evidently over some ass fucking too. So, BB is probably doing some doubling again (artists self-mirroring while mockingbirding). Speaking of, I liked Pee Wee's Saturday morning show. It was a hoot, but, "Mecha lecha high, mecha hiney hoe" probably went a little too far.


You newsies should use me as a resource and in a sense, I suppose you are, though only for the Game and its ambitions. This isn't conjecture or conspiracy theory. This is simply how the Inner Party does its business. When one group becomes this powerful and unaccountable and does and intends to continue oppressing others, is that a reason to let such a tyranny own the future, do what it will? And the public never hear a clear word about it at all, only the usual junk designed and intended by the goody mob itself with the typical omissions of fact that is its hallmark? Have they sold you on the idea that it's for the best, for the good of society, for the children, as Quomo and Lemon laugh together at the thought that the UFO the air force were tracking were an unidentified flying little girl? A metaphorical devil may have us all trapped in an enormous web and enslave us all, using sin as the justification for it all. Wouldn't that be befitting of a diabolical devil? And this account comes to you from a staunch agnostic, not given to religion, superstition or conspiracy theory. Greetings to an age, past or future, when thought is free, as I write in my own little journal hidden behind a brick in the wall too (as I paraphrase both Orwell and Pink Floyd). It's a dilemma that many I'm sure have faced, even as you all at CNN go glibly and reliably about supporting and helping empower it. All that I'm saying herein is abundantly true, if you have the wit to perceive it surrounding us, reader, though you may not have the benefit of direct experience with it. The ONLY protection that society has in having entered an age when such things are possible (and it has existed for some decades now), is knowledge about it and awareness that such power exists. You at CNN and the other major news networks, rather than reporting the news, are helping to assure that the public is never informed about it at all. You are betraying the founding fathers who specifically allowed for you to have a space, a right and tradition that you yourselves prevail upon, particularly in the advent of the Trump anomaly.


As I've said, I don't think most of the Game's adherents particularly malign, themselves. But be mindful that there are scenarios where the Game could turn much more malign than it is now. First question. Does Trump have any say in the direction the Game may turn? If so, that scares me. If not, that scares me too. Does all the US Senate know about it and are they well informed about it or just a few? Who knows? Have any of them ever been forced to endure it at full throttle? News does play an important role in a democracy. Please don't forget that while you're skipping off to Oz, Miss Baldwin, or dressing your hair up like the princess, Miss Keilar. You're not there to have fun. Yours is an important business. Your job is to report the news. You may not, but I have to feel the gravity of it. It is that powerful. You may not feel how oppressive it is, but I do. It makes any human being swallowed by it as helpless as its implementers want him or her to be, as helpless as a bug under a shoe, if it wants to be that ruthless without a shred of concrete evidence of that. As you know, it robs us, its captives, of our rights as citizens, keeps us as ignorant and the public at large as ignorant as possible. Please don't take that your responsibilities lighty.


How ignorant does it keep you at CNN? The presence threatens that I'll have no future (economic or otherwise), if I don't comply and cooperate, and it and the conspiracy it runs is easily capable of making good on that threat. All of you would be helpless in a similar run-down, would probably be afraid to speak up about it, though you feel in charge of your lives and being on the giving end and think yourselves good and moral people, safe from its clutches. It is capable of ending a life in an instant and even the medical community wouldn't have a ghost of a chance of determining the actual cause of death. What if a war breaks out and a decision is made to apply it to more critical areas of national security and suddenly (or slowly little by little) leave CNN and the other major news media out of the loop entirely, or if people like me get too uppity and knowledgeable about it and at some point even pose a threat to the status quo? Only you are any reliable check on its very real asymptote of near absolute power with near absolute lack of accountability. Wouldn't you in being in cooperation with whatever unnamed power actually enables it, be that CIA, NSA, military or some loose conglomerate of all of them, be much more inclined to look the other way, if any of you suspected that that sort of power had anything to do with, for example, the mysterious death of the NASA safety inspector Thomas Baron and the train crash that killed him in 1967 shortly after making accusations before Congress about the cause of the Apollo 1 fire, after which he was fired and which was ruled a suicide? Do you think they'd tell any of you, if it were? You and I know that "Not a name in a register. Not a memory in a living brain." to borrow from the Orwell will be my fate, certainly in regards to my account herein, or at least a minimum of such 'memory' anyway.


Aren't you less likely to follow up a suspicion that they might have done so in working in such close cooperation with them to try to ferret out whether I was given a few pictures decades ago by the goody mob itself or made the mistake of growing up sexually a little quicker than I grew up intellectually and emotionally even more decades ago like everyone else does? You can be sure they have some master plans for the future use of their remote neurobiological mastery. Do you think they would tell you all aspects of those? Do you think they would tell you, if they did surreptitiously and actively launch the HIV epidemic, basically in the service of the same moralistic goals as the Game itself and its alien anal probes? This is why the news media should never climb into bed with the CIA, NSA or an even darker unnamed intelligence organization, having as it does such enormous power over the human animal and all of your minds are as open to its mind's eye as mine has proven to be. And speaking of, would you assume the KGB would NOT be so nefarious in its actions, plans and maneuvering, they who poison their enemies in foreign nations? Would you assume the CIA, simply by being good wholesome apple pie Americans would be above those sorts of nefarious activities and plans?


I know that Brooke and Brianna are playing a game and I'm sure it seems to them a serious one (and of course all those other CNN and other personnel involved in making their creative media pretend moments in film a TV-ready reality). But while you're skipping down the yellow brick road, Brooke, don't necessarily assume that your controllers are all just good people doing only good work for good people against bad people. Would you assume that of the people at Fox News? The Trump administration? Just don't get too comfy with them and the enormous thing that you're involved in with evident enthusiasm. Nor forget the lives it's chewed up, the families it's divided or that the greater tragedy with me and mine is that I and my family are no longer a family at all, a fact much aggravated and ultimately guaranteed by the Game, and not that I made a momentary mistake as an adolescent, which you all are in part obsessed with. Or maybe you and CNN are obsessed with the fact that I'm a rational man with logic, fact and experience to bring to bear upon a by now old and enduring tyranny and a clear breach of constitutional trust, rights and justice.


Part 4


NPR is very much involved too, preferring signs like 'losing the weight and keeping it off permanently', 'visiting angels', 'supporting the arts', "Babbel - conversations in another language", "Noom - Using psychology, small goals and technology" and so forth, and as always, ignoring the issues that really matter and usually only mockingbirding mention of the issues that do matter, naturally enough, even as their admittedly funny and entertaining group on 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me' mockingbird me on a regular basis. They bend over backwards, based on the news they choose to report, to support LGBTQ interests (how is Q different from G?) and appear to quite forget that G and Q at least don't just hug, kiss, marry and occasionally dress up in pink too-toos and march down the street.


If they like their Game so much, then let them legitimize it and codify it into law as long as the American people are adequately informed and not just through self-serving conspiracy and creative media babble. If legitimate, it could well become a great alternative to prisons and other forms of correction and avoid prison culture altogether and allow the effectively incarcerated mostly to go about their lives mostly unhindered and be productive citizens. It might well lose the initial sneak attack factor of shock and awe in the context of ignorance, when one is paranoid, confused and in a state of shock. It might not be able to pretend to be God anymore. But it could still keep its more enduring aspects, and Paul Marat's like me would be robbed of our best arguments. It might even involve, heaven forbid, some political resistance and even a constitutional challenge or two and need to have its corners here and there shaved off. You all know like I do that as is, it is unlikely to survive the acid test of a good constitutional challenge. Therefore, you know it is unconstitutional already, even if existing law hasn't quite kept up with its means and normal political accountability has been left in a galaxy far, far away.


Take the gaming TV series 'The Purge', which always begins with an ironic 'it's so great that we can purge', while broadcasting the best excuses for doing so (videotaped actual shootings, beatings and other violence). Pretty good argument for the Game, I suppose. But the game is also the very source of at least some of the chaos and violence out there including some of those seemingly irrational and inexplicable mass shootings, when people decide they've had enough of mind slavery and the continued pretense that it doesn't exist, reacting not only to the deep surveillance but, sometimes physical pain and of course the endless chattering harassment, when not even a thought can be thunk without some untouchable listening to every moment and prattling all the while. Those surely include at least the so-called 'Highway Shooter' who complained of hearing mocking voices and the 'Naval Yard Shooter' who reportedly sought psychological help and contacted other TIs before finally striking back in cold, determined rage. As expected, the FBI made no mention of that. Those individuals fought back in the only ways that they could, since the real force that lead to their frustration and rage and ultimate violence is, as is typical of the tyranny, nowhere to be found. In the words of Bono of the pop band U2, "I know you'd hit out, if you only knew who to hit." whose lyrics also include "Hello. Hello. There's a place called Vertigo. It's everything I wish I didn't know. But you give me something I can feel." Hmm. It's obvious enough who to hit. Just check the credits on the TV episodes or the movies, or the writers of the lyrics. Commercials are more difficult, since those have no credits - i.e. people who have demonstrated a clear, direct involvement with our surveillance, kapos and other collaborators. But in the ambiguity of expression, it can be difficult to be certain. Human psychology dictates that sooner or later within a pressure cooker of being continuously surveilled, oppressed and harassed round-the-clock, which the tyranny is exquisite at doing daily even for years on end and entire lifetimes in a way that is utterly inescapable, unavoidable and unquestionable, the frustration and pain and sense of being wronged, marginalized, maligned, kept ignorant and under threat, and tortured (psychologically and physically) and not being believed must find some outlet. It may be spurring conspiracy theory too and giving survivalists reason to organize and prepare, actually pretty good reasons. I've never harmed anyone in my life and I hate to see that sort of pro Game propaganda as 'The Purge' sold to the public, though I was shot once while driving the damn cab. I asked only that he shoot to kill. I really did. Unfortunately, the shooter didn't oblige. I have to assume it was just an opportunistic attempted robbery.


Many artists are captives and willing devotees of the Game too, people whose big voices are of great value to the tyranny, hints of which you can find in the 1976 film 'Network' - "because you're on TV, dummy". The film 'Blade Runner' - "a tortoise on its back, baking in the sun" and "That's what it is to be a slave." and its 'replicants' metaphor. The pop band The Talking Heads - "Thought control. Like sittin' on pins and needles. Things fall apart. It's scientific.", a band that also wrote a tune called 'psycho killer'. Pop artist Peter Gabriel (paraphrased), "Heard a voice. Had no choice. Had to stand and listen. They'd think I was a nut." and also "I wanna be your sledgehammer." The Who - "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Come and join the party dressed to kill. Dress yourself to kill!". The B-52s - "On the bus, to the train, to the UFO and to outer space, babeh" and "I'll meet you by the third pyramid", their wealth of lyrics implying (probably their own) sexual sins not included herein, including "Take it hip to hip" and "Around the world the trip begins with a kiss" (trading a pill via a surreptitious kiss), and "Without wings. Without wheels". The Indigo Girls - "I looked to the children, I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind." Robert Palmer = "Your mind is not your own, your heart sweats, your body shakes, your teeth ga-rind." Pink Floyd "We don't need no thought control" and "The dogs of war don't negotiate". Sting of the Police, "Every breath you take. Every move you make. I'll be watching you." and "Young teacher, the subject of schoolgirl fantasy." Cheap Trick - "The dream police, they live inside of my head, they come to me in my bed, they're coming to arrest me." There are hundreds of other examples I could cite as well. Hiding its message deniably within metaphor, symbol and other forms of obfuscation, within the fuzzy context of the lyric, and within entertainment media and other semi-fictional contexts, and regularly forcing its captives to reveal their own and others' surveilled sins in those formulaic ways is another of the keys to the tyranny's longevity. In mocking their own sins, those artists provide vehicles and components for the hammering of other captives with similar sins and foibles and special interests, promote the fear among many that one could oneself wake up one morning and find oneself also a captive to the 'higher mind' and be just as powerless to do anything about it except obey its will and dictates and thus never dare to do anything that might bring on the attentions of that higher mind. Thus, it could be considered the ultimate divide and conquer strategy. I myself may be an unwitting 'sledgehammer' in trying to convince others of the fact of that inescapable and unstoppable reality, although it is not my wish or intention to be so, but it is indeed my intention to inspire appropriate fear of it. In that sense at least, I and my own unseen master are in accord.


As is hinted at in some of those lyrics and media examples, another of the keys to the tyranny's success and longevity is its ability to surveill the mind itself with a sophistication at least the equal of the mind's conscious awareness of itself, and all of one's memories acquired presumably through the course of conscious thought and recall, since it has clearly shown the luxury of being able to loiter at that business for whole lifetimes if it wishes, itself just as immune as always. That is fact, not conspiracy theory. It is quite real and can and is being employed remotely, anonymously and with perfect impunity, and can do so all day, every day such that one's mind is under the constant purview of some other anonymous presence/awareness and its clandestine harassments and ambiguous bee-sting prattle unavoidable and inescapable until the days become years and decades unbroken. Now you know what the bees in The X Files and other examples symbolize. George Orwell within his evidently Gaming novel about a truly horrifying ultimate tyranny, "1984" (written in 1948 shortly before his death) made several mentions of that ability and the novel serves as a quite reliable benchmark in time of the actual reality. The real thing is at least as old as the novel. He coined the term 'duckspeak' and defined it as, "When applied to a friend, it is praise. When applied to an enemy it is abuse." He also coined the terms 'Newspeak, doublespeak and doublethink' (i.e. to design alternative meanings into words that play to complementary forced reinterpretation 'trigger' training via bee-stings and such) and there are a jillion ways to do so. You may not have noticed the 'left holding the bag' visual sign in the film, The Game, for example, but I certainly did. Orwell coined the term 'thought police' and included other intentionally ambiguous mirrors of the reality of thought surveillance that I've tried to gather at my web page: and also here at Facebook.


You might find the following entertaining reading too from a legitimate British journalist, Richard Keeble, if you can find the time in your busy professional careers:…/THE_MEDIA_AND_THE_SECRET_STATE


A warning - the language therein is rather droll and very British. The regime that I describe is somewhat in the realm of law enforcement and intelligence and even the military, if they are responsible for implementing the infrastructure enabling the means of remote thought surveillance, the so-called 'bee-stings' (a means of causing localized tactile sensations) normally applied together as a kind of secret surveillance/semi communications feedback loop, and other means of causing the perception of sensations (even including excruciating physical pain) and otherwise influencing human neurobiology remotely and unprovably, even as the tyranny itself breaks all of the laws supposedly protecting citizens from their government and each other. If you believe that sneaking into people's homes, lives, minds and memories and sharing about anything discovered thereby conspiratorially with others, harassing and even torturing its captives, destroying and hampering their ability to work and support themselves, keeping up a public perception that they/us are crazies, psychos and conspiracy theorists is in the spirit of the law, then I think you are madman yourself.


Steven Colbert included in his comedy through an animated character, "Will Tek Jansen avoid the angry bees?", and through an animated supervillain, "Soon the Earth's clouds will be mine." or something to that effect. My name is Ted Jackson, I've long discussed so-called 'bee stings' and removing the clouds of obfuscation from the enterprise is a keen interest of mine, since I publicly noted clouds being used as obscurity metaphors some twenty years ago in the context of the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.


If it relies on some secret or unexpected interpretation of existing law, then it is still not a lawful enterprise, making its way by subterfuge and conspiracy and mistaken and ill informed assumptions by most rather than public understanding and clear information about punishments and consequences and it represents far more than being just an interrogation or investigation. It is in a sense outright human slavery reinvented. Judging by Orwell's benchmark, these tools have been in use for over sixty years in association with the so-called Game, although it is a rigged game, and I prefer to call it the 'virtual Guantanamo', that thing which has no official name and many unofficial ones by diabolical design. If so, they have long waged secretive, clandestine psychological warfare upon individuals and through us, upon whole demographics of our society in the fear that any individual among them might be next. Perhaps I should say 'your' society, since I have evidently been secretively designated an 'unperson' to borrow another of Orwell's terms, and have been forced to endure this endless relative hell for nearly thirty years, have lost all family and friends, and lost an engineering career that I worked hard to achieve and seen a lowly taxi driving job stolen away too, where an hour of straight talk might have achieved far more with me. I'll never forgive the society I live in for those unnecessary losses. And although I used the term 'war', it seems more a series of dastardly sneak attacks than legitimate war or justice. Maybe they just can't do all the things they would do to us, just because they can do all the things they do to us and have proven to be quite good at getting away with it all indefinitely.


For your part as psychiatry and psychology professionals, many of you profit directly from that old status quo and from people's psychological problems and troubles, in some cases the ultimate cause of which I believe few of you scarcely understand at all, despite your professional degrees and titles. Others among you rest comfortably within the much cultivated belief that the machine is for the mauling, reeducation and suppression of pedaphiles, sexual sickos, child molesters and other crazies. If you've ever seen the cult classic film "The Wall", including a moment when a baby in a baby carriage is juxtaposed with a creeping cat, or seen the "Pay It Forward" moment when a fictional creep tries to snatch the boy hero of the film, or seen "Close Encounters" and its winking Mr. Friendly moment, then you've noticed some of that subtle propaganda. And yes, it's difficult to break through that wall of formulaic propaganda in part because it's subtle and deniable as meaning anything at all and always sold as having no hidden intention behind it and because in interpreting it correctly, one can easily be accused of having a sick or perverse mind or being a 'profile' or a 'file' - words that are sometimes used in doublespeak gaming contexts, in one case I noticed by simply holding up a simple nail file. In some ways, you psychiatric and psychology professionals are Big Brother's clean-up crew, helping perhaps inadvertently to smooth over the lie that it doesn't exist with your profession's own traditional silence on that regime. And yes, in a sense I'm a Martin Luther knocking on your profession's door with a list of grievances, your comfy, thriving industry being somewhat akin to the semi-corrupt Catholic church of Luther's era in taking 'indulgences' and such, and perhaps like that historical church of Luther's time, with only the best of intentions by most of its members of doing good and necessary work in the world, even as some of your leadership are undoubtedly in secretive alliance with the Game and assure that knowledge of these facts is never acknowledged in terms of human psychology, its influence never accounted for in psychiatric and psychological texts and its tyranny of the mind perpetuated thereby. The machine is as dug into our society as fleas infesting a rug, their adherents, having all the money and power and regularly making their regime seem like a good and necessary thing in subtle ways, and its virtually powerless and voiceless captives looking like the scum of the Earth and silenced in the mainstream, and never allowed to even know exactly what is being held against them, just treated to vague and often exaggerated babble in very different contexts than those actually were.


The Game might be considered in some sense a more humane alternative to prisons and such, which themselves often seem to increase criminal culture and spread criminal know-how, but it also secretively expands the number of the effectively incarcerated within a nation that already legitimately incarcerates more persons per capita than any other nation in the world. The Game digs so deep into human foibles that huge numbers may be potential captives to its 'ministrations' and the public at large will never be informed about that. Also recall that this is the sort of tyranny that you might be subject to and the guy in the next cubicle also subject to with both too afraid of being labeled a 'nutcase' to dare mentioning it to anyone or each other, another key to the tyranny's longevity. It evidently captured me as a boy of thirteen, and I believe I was originally guilty only of growing up, with my sexual maturity advancing a little ahead of my emotional and intellectual maturity, as is the case for all human beings. And no, I'll not list my boyhood or adult sins for you as my oppressors forever secretly nag, demand and pressure me to do and as many of the regime's artists have evidently done, even as they themselves regularly mockingbird others of the regime's captives (like me), although I might someday do so within a legitimate venue, but only in context and not by force. Our oppressors prove that they can be as ruthlessly righteous as they please, if there's no one to hold accountable for it, and the old contract with the people called justice evidently need not apply anymore. For now, I have a job to do. The current screenwriter of 'Killing Eve' recently made just such a snidely remark, 'sex with daddy' and she did aim it straight at me so as to be seen by others in doing so, despite the fact that there was no 'sex with daddy' what so ever. Not even a hint of it. She ran with that because there is nothing to stop her from doing so and little way to hold her and her own masters accountable for offering that snidely remark. And I did give them the slightest opportunity.


Georgia evidently has anti-sodomy law still on the books. But such material is freely available for purchase in porn shops (and even convenience stores), is freely available on the cable dial and of course freely available throughout the internet, including right here in bible belt Atlanta. Personally, I find that material erotic and exciting, and I'll feel free to view it from time to time, or even indulge in the act if a good opportunity ever presents itself, or I'll at least reserve a stated human right to do so. In my opinion, if antiquated and inappropriate laws aren't being enforced, then it is fair to consider such behaviors in the realm of legitimate civil disobedience. And it appears to me at least that the only real, concrete human health issue serving as a good argument for the preservation of such laws is the HIV epidemic, which itself appears, based on the goody mob's own crafty signs to have been a contrived epidemic in the service of the unstated and forever artfully babbled moralistic and cultural goals of the deep state, at least when that epidemic was killing rampantly, though by now society has code switched (to borrow one of NPR's newspeak terms) at least overtly towards acceptance of people who have it and towards saving lives. Still, as you'd imagine, the 'presence' uses somewhat intentionally obstinant and stubborn attitude as a continuing excuse to remain a perpetual influence in my mind, home and life. If other people are freely and legally allowed to purchase such material here in Georgia, then I will feel just as free as they, despite the profound crimes of the presence that would forbid it within my home and mind and the antics of all the goody mob's mockingbirds. In fact, I go so far as to thank those wonderfully shameless (though a few go a little too far) ladies, young and old, in porn for helping a lonely, aging man to find a little joy and pleasure in life too. I hope they find better alternatives for themselves in life, but it's a tough world out there, and I thank them anyway.


Furthermore, because I know damn well that I'm not a pedaphile and never have been, because the 'presence' damn well knows it too, because I've never harmed anyone in my life intentionally, because I've never wanted and don't want your children and would be the last person in the world who would ever want to do any of them harm, because I believe in the traditional 18 year borderline and think it in their own best interests, because they're little, cute, silly looking, funny looking, their voices cute and comical, because they're often but not always charming, inspiring in being a living symbol of the renewal of life, somewhat out of the ordinary, adorable and beautiful in their way, and the presence knows that too, I make a point of disobeying the presence, and on the few occasions when I am out in public (usually only while at the grocery store), I flatly refuse to avert my eyes any time one happens into view as the profoundly criminal presence always demands that I do. I won't allow it to cut me off from life entirely. Period. So I make a point of glancing at them, at ladies, men, old people and anyone and everyone who happens to fall within my field of view. I don't stare and don't want to, though I will stare at attractive ladies as much as I can and damn well please, passively drinking in and refreshing myself with their beauty and their curves, though I try not to be obvious, discourteous or uncivil about it. And I always will, goody mob be damned. I will be me, as free a human being and man as possible and not some robot or monk in a cloister, though the heavens fall. And if some imagined, conjectured or hoped for God himself would disagree, then that God be damned too.


The Game is fairly effective at digging out confessions and forcing behavior and attitude changes, but in being pathetically unjust and illegitimate, it inspires a great deal of resistance and anger too, all of which only seems to serve, grow and empower the regime, since the goody mob can always climb on top of those complaints by way of public opinion, having infinitely more power and resources to do so and in terms of its perpetual news media blackout on the subject, and the thrashing around just makes more noise that they can use. And it mocks mostly according to a conservative often sexual agenda rather than just punishing or forcing admissions as to crimes and broken laws. It's excuses for stealing into people's homes, lives and minds seems questionable at best, even as it does so using a form of surveillance that puts North Korea, China and Russia to shame in comparison. But how to stop, reform or hold the goody mob to account? Certainly there's been no help from the psychiatry and psychology industry. That industry and professional organizations devoted to it could bring to bear political pressure and financial resources, whereas the regime's captives have few or none, but they do not. Will the ACLU either? Nope. Will the UN? Nope. Will the politicians. Nope.


If the goody mob would encapsulate me and other TIs to such a degree that even our protests and information at websites and blogs are kept hidden from the public at large, and we only allowed and manipulated as to believe that those are visible publicly, and our right of free speech surreptitiously also stolen thereby, then in response I would say (even if no one but the goody mob hears it), may they all live it too in some afterlife reincarnation hell just what they've put me through.


To many of you professionals, this appeal (this diatribe, this rambling manifesto, this screed, if you prefer) will seem like pure crazy talk, no doubt the product of some profound mental disorder or other. But you would only be massaging your own delusions, delusions born in part of your professional arrogance, and like any professional challenged at your own game, will likely scoff at the mere notion that a crazy person would dare challenge your beliefs and assumptions. And yours is of course a quite reasonable delusion maintained by many people who are still quite unaware of the reality of remote thought surveillance and the other examples of the evident (and by now fairly old) mastery of remote human biology, and the goody mob will support you in maintaining your delusion in any way that they can. I'd even take my case right to your psychiatrist's couch and try to force you to see the light, if you weren't in a position to summarily dismiss my claims as delusion and force me into an institution or continuing psychiatric treatment arbitrarily or after being prejudiced behind my back by whomever my real enemy is and who orchestrates the mockingbirds in the creative and advertising media and elsewhere. And you, like all others, would play it cool and reveal nothing of whatever prejudiced your opinions and beliefs, and I'd in turn be kept ignorant and helpless, like some game of blind man's bluff. I'd slowly but surely prove it to you, if you were to invest the time, interest, curiosity, dedication and empathy in allowing me to. But no one ever does of course. Some of you might well have contacts with the CIA/FBI or whomever exactly is the controlling factor behind it, who would compel or convince you to silence as to the truth of my report, effectively falling into their service and into the service of their rigged Game. Some of you will be told in one way other that I'm some lecherous, licentious, womanizing bastard behind my back in such a way that I never have the slightest chance to refute any of it, although I do hear some of the noise within the creative media mockingbirding and signage, and those rarely amount to much more than cheap snidely remarks like the products of lurkers at a blog site, good at sewing and reinforcing impressions in people's minds who think they're in the know, so much so that they've raised the mole hill of my own sins into a mountainous crescendo of noise in the media and on the streets in the form of graffiti. I will say that I've never harmed a single soul in this world and that I am still a peaceful and quite sane person, who has always treated others decently and fairly, although I have not received the same. I'll also mention that the President of IPST at Ga Tech attempted to force me into 'continuing psychiatric treatment' as a condition of continuing employment after I politely confronted a personnel director over the mysterious suicide death of an elder vice president of IPST, whom a colleague, Dr. Emmanuel Lafond, told me after the fact had been having an affair with a younger employee, and after I'd distributed an early attempt at protest about my own surveillance and harassment slavery that I titled 'Open Letter to the US Senate'. I could only choose to be terminated, having given IPST fifteen years of good, dedicated, unblemished service in good faith and having risen from assistant programmer to the non-professorial faculty. I'm still waiting for an actual FAIR venue, be it in a courtroom, in the news media or the ears of a fricking congressional investigative committee before I vomit up my own sins and I'll not do so for an American tyranny. No, I'll not be trapped and swept under the rug that easily. However, I would be more than pleased to discuss what I know and answer any question you might have beyond your professional capacity as a psychologist or psychiatrist on the agreement that you would not seek to turn the discussion into a pretext for commitment of any kind. And, were you to give the subject the attention that it deserves, eventually I would prove the fact of it to your satisfaction. But I make the offer partly in jest, already knowing that no one, but no one ever does or ever will rise to the challenge.


So what DOES police it? You in the psychiatry/psychology biz? No, you're shown only what it wants you to see about itself too and us. Politicians? No, politicians respond mostly just to votes and political pressure, and there is no political pressure upon them to do right by us and the game serves many of their interests at no political cost to them. A person in a position of power could say, 'End that one.' and he could do so and maybe already has for some, and no one in the field of medicine would even be able to tell the difference from natural causes. I interviewed a Chuck Schlund by phone who claimed to have a truck-full of damning evidence against the Bush administration. He was suffering from migraines and knew he was under attack. Before long I heard he'd died. Oddly reminiscent of that Star Trek moment, eh?


Part 5


In Kubrik's 2001, a combative astronaut is shown running around in small circles as coffin symbols circle by, then shown half dressed under a heat lamp, then shown checkmated at chess and thanked for a most enjoyable game, and is later outright murdered and his fellow barely escapes the same fate for daring to disconnect the cyclops sign, HAL (firsted by the monolith itself shown with a single red eye on the moon as well, though you missed that detail, but I didn't). His fellow astronaut is treated to "Dazey. Give me your answer do, I'm half crazy." from "Mr. Langley", goes on a wild ride at the end of which he looks like he has been put through hell itself, and kept until death by old age under the hidden gaze of the inscrutable monolith. Dr. Floyd calls his daughter squirt, plans to get her a bush baby, mentions ham and hell on the moon, is closed mouthed with the Russians about reports of an epidemic at a moon base, and holds a conference in which he obtains security oaths from all in attendance. Kubrik was a full-time signer and that is probably the gentlest of his gaming films, which include the outright rank Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut. Like it or not, that's the language of the Game. And like it or not, most of the films and TV shows are being ghost written in a sense by Mr. Langley with the Game firmly in hive mind as it were. And evidently Orwell's ultimate tyranny was ghost written in a sense too. Just please try not to reflexively fall into a single-sided promoted point of view thereby from the host of subtle suggestion and try to keep an open mind to the forever unstated (except on some of your couches) other point of view, or simply serve as big brother's soft-side interrogators, which most of you may do outright inadvertently and with the best of intentions. Even the Game itself may have good intentions in the minds of most of its adherents, while being morbidly and dangerously tyrannical and much too powerful to go perpetually unreported in my opinion.


"Dr. Strangelove" is obviously a gaming film and any fool can see that from its title to its odd credits juxtapositions at its beginning to its "teletype and radio" and the ironic broadcast from Jack Ripper to the goody mob to be silent about the Game in any clear way, to its half naked belly slap and heat lamp moments in front of the mirror, to its "Gonna hairlip everybody on Bear Creek" to its STOP at the guard gate, to its "I'd love to cum, Jack" while Ripper cocks his gun. Then you find that '2001: A Space Odyssey' and all the other Kubrik films are gaming too and you find that Kubrik makes 'Full Metal Jacket' reek to high heaven. Yes, it's smelly, intended to be smelly in the proper newspeak/duckspeak 'read'. Take that as a given. And yes, it is interrogative and punitive in that it does mock people's actual sins and sin in general. "Close Encounters" is equally obvious and smelly and includes hundreds of such moralistic 'subliminals' serving the Game and is in part a child abuse tale. Knowing the gaming of those well, one then begins to learn the language of it and see its presence throughout the media. It's not that difficult to see it, though you might not understand the concerted nature of it all and the tyranny it supports. A huge, ambitious idea yes, but ultimately surely a bad one, when even the mind itself is regularly, institutionally and surreptitiously enslaved and straightjacketed and the public kept in the dark all the while. The stakes are just too high, the bank just too big and the future under its rule as dark as Orwell's own perfected semi-fictional tyranny.

In your heart, some of you already know that I am dead on right about these things, and I will be happy to debate these issues with any of you at all, if any of you can find the moral courage, the sense of justice and fair play, the empathy and the dedication that you would require, even as the goody mob in their ways tell me to find the moral courage to comply, shut up about and support it. If I thought that God were at the heart of it, I probably would. But unfortunately, I don't.


Of course, nothing can compel any of you and you can yawn away the facts presented here along with the rest, and like the rest, remain all too satisfied with the status quo or take my warnings with a "Well... maybe". The only people who appear to be unsatisfied with the status quo are some of us who have to actually endure these hells on Earth, and of course the innocents who sometimes die as a result of episodes of induced rage that bursts out violently in mass murders and other killings, domestic violence, plenty of suicides and so forth. You are even free to attribute all of those episodes solely to its captives own evils, just as the news media has itself always done formulaically, in ignorance and in complicity with the scheme. You can even take refuge in the reality that your profession has never officially recognized any of these facts either. You, in your denial, are on safe ground, even as a little itch or discomfort at the back of your mind that you are also serving a dangerous lie or half truth might (and probably should) bother you too.


If you believe that it is altogether good and right that people should have their minds surveilled continuously (and their memories of past experience determined through that surveillance) and punished and be forced to regurgitate (or suffer for not doing so) anything gleaned from that from childhood onward for transgressions and deviations from good conservative practices and attitudes, then maybe all of you should endure it as well (at full throttle). If you were to, then your delusions and false beliefs about it would finally drop away and you would at least see the side of the equation that you have always had the luxury of comfortably ignoring previously. Yes, it would probably bring you closer to the tears of the world, even though as psychiatric and psychology professionals, you have already encountered and attempted to wrestle with many of those, and I commend you on doing so.


So profoundly does it warp the mind at times and frustrates incessantly with bee-sting and tap-sound ambiguity in the context of enforced ignorance, since those must hijack moments from other symbolic fodder within the captive's immediate environ (including stream of thought) to convey anything at all, that it had me bouncing off 'the religion' for a day or two (I'm a staunch agnostic) and the surveillance 'presence' has in fact claimed to be God more than once. In the space of two days, I spoke a few words and a moment later those were reflected once on the TV (watching The Ten Commandments of all things, and you'll notice the Ten Commandments sign in Close Encounters, if you look) and again two days later on the radio, word for word, an eerie enough effect that it quite convinced me that it were God for a little while, though someone's mastery of remote human neurobiology still appears the more likely explanation. That warping effect eventually has characters on billboards and posters and TV screens seeming to be looking back at you, which is true in a sense in that it is the surveillance presence that is effectively 'peering' at you, an effect that the makers of 'The Simpsons' knew well in including a character on a billboard that at one point actively leans forward away from the billboard and leers at a driver-by on the road. Why should I and others have to deal with this gruesome mystery at all, much less for nearly thirty years, just so some can pretend not to exist at all and help themselves remain a perpetual fixture in our lives thereby? In some ways it truly does sometimes appear that we are slaves of Jewish overlords having all the money and power, even as I know that not only Jewish people are involved, and I still have Jewish heros and others I admire particularly in the sciences and the arts, and that not all Jewish people are rich and powerful, but I can certainly see how some could outright descend into anti-semitic and Jewish cabal conspiracy theory in being captives of the Game. In any case, I never cease to be amazed that the CIA (or whomever the hiding enabler actually is) is able to get so many involved in what shows every appearance of being a profoundly criminal enterprise of forced human enslavement of a sort.


It's also quite possible that the HIV epidemic were a planned or even created epidemic and it appears to have been announced (though subtly and of course deniably) as part of the creative media enterprise of the Game before the first published medical reports of that then new deadly disease in the films 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', in Steven King's novel 'The Stand', in the animated film 'Heavy Metal', and in the aptly named film 'Doctor Strangelove' and perhaps others that I'm not familiar with and will probably never encounter. Ruthless gaming signs like the one I've included from the Star Trek episode mentioned above would seem to testify to the supposition that the Inner Party would be so ruthless as to effectively murder thirty-seven million in cold blood in the furtherance of the same moralistic goals that appear to be at the very heart of the Game, so as to head off the social trend towards greater tolerance of more diverse forms of sexuality - to isolate and exterminate gay people, the more promiscuous, and anyone who would engage in sodomy, although in current day politics, you're seeing the powers that be bend over backwards (no pun intended) to appear to be intent on saving lives and managing the disease.


If you can't count a good two hundred signs, triggers, clever remarks, metaphors, symbols, mockingbirdings and other so-called subliminals in the film 'Close Encounters' alone, then you simply don't know Newspeak (the language of the Game) well enough to evaluate my thesis herein. I recommend you go and learn that language of suggestion more fully. But I'll help you start. The familiar pop tone occurring throughout that film can be translated in DO-RAY-ME language as "Me doe doe, so ray me." and of course there is a 33 and a rarer 333 that pop up in that film as well, and of course the underlying premise of being gifted with similar visions and being 'psychically summoned' to 'devil's tower' to meet the aliens is the Game in a nutshell (i.e. being surveilled, harassed, intimidated and overwhelmed until one finds one's own way into religion, confession, prison under violent counter-reaction, institutionalization, utter obedience, mainstream acceptable (particularly sexual) practices, law enforcement or psychiatry). If you look closely and you know what to look for, you'll find the usual child abuse signs, child endangerment signs, loss of custody signs, surreptitious attack signs, marijuana signs (notice the waft of smoke float by on the porch as the door of opportunity slams shut in the boy's face), sexual signs, anal signs, bestiality signs, predator signs, and sin signs galore. True, it's not pretty. And that fact is part of the necromancy of the Game. Again, I'm not saying that the Game doesn't play a role in society or that it's truly malign. What I am saying is that it must be known publicly as the fact that it is and its abuses known at last, or it could well morph over time into something far darker and deadlier than it already is and that it's a profound state crime already. And we could begin with some of those misreported, unreported, aggravated and somewhat understandable murders for which innocent people always pay the price, and make sure that the accounts of even violent offenders taken into custody are always heard in full at a minimum and their own reports of surreptitious abuse are not just closeted up and kept from public knowledge.


Again, I hear you yawning in the safety and security of denial, comfortable in your ignorance and your professional prejudices, and yes, claims like these are by now cliche not because they're not true, but, like the thought surveillance and other forms of hidden influence, are so ingeniously hidden in outright unprovability or obfuscation that anyone can afford to deny their existence and because all efforts demanding answers about them or attempting to prove their existence always meet with failure. But if so, there are thirty-seven million some odd (newspeak/duckspeak intended if you like) mostly men, some women and some children effectively murdered in cold blood that you should be aware of. To even try to show you the evidence for that, you would have to be steeped in the 'language' of newspeak/doublespeak, and would have to be aware of the dozens and dozens of signs inlaid into that film. If you're savvy, astute and aware, or at least trained, then you already know that films like Close Encounters are filled with signs, mockingbirding and so-called triggers that relate to the game. It makes such good use of ignorance that most of its captives don't appear to understand what they're drowning in at all, and it's taken me years just to comprehend it well enough so as to even be in a position to take these issues to your door adequately.


We're seeing a revolution called 'Me too', and to our modern sensibilities most agree that it's a good thing, even as we know that in the fifties, such a movement as 'Me too' would have failed utterly with too many opinions (including women's) saying effectively, "Just shut up and keep your place, ladies. That's just the way it is. Just be glad you have a nice home to look after, a husband to provide for you and a family to raise and take care of." Such words sound hollow to our modern ears and many of the psychiatrists and psychologists of that age (mostly male for obvious reasons) effectively supported the status quo of female subservience and found it to be quite natural and good and right. We're all somewhat a product of the times that we live in. Should all of those victims of male dominance, abuses and oppression remain forever voiceless and know their place too? Or is it not good that some found the courage to come forward and share their often embarrassing and painful experiences and seek change and accountability? president Trump, although a pathological liar with a mobster's mentality, ironically helped further that cause in bringing to stark contrast some of those long festering issues and in being himself a near perfect model of the corrupt, dominant male. Odd that demons sometimes spur on great works even as Hooke served as the demon that helped spur on Newton to write his Principia and bring about a revolution in science. I hope you caught Comey's interview with Anderson Cooper where Comey succinctly detailed the way mob boss mentality actually works and preys upon weaknesses in men to insure and advance their own power.


You professionals yourselves would have to admit that your profession is at least something of a political and societal bellwether, its beliefs about people's problems and philosophy and techniques for dealing with them being something of a function of the times we live in. In the forties and fifties, you yourselves would have considered gays and lesbians sickos to be suppressed and shown the light like most others did, whereas today terms like 'homophobia', 'diversity' and 'inclusion' are much more in the psychological and societal vogue. You know it and I know it. Maybe by now some of you might also be ready to agree that it's long past time for a Me Too movement in the context of the CIA state to begin too and some truth and reconciliation process finally begin.


I don't understand why it can't be outright known, debated and discussed publicly and politically, and the goody mob still go about its business, without the public being shown the specifics of how bee stings, thought surveillance and the like are done, even its mobbing and conspiratorial tactics continue. Just the fact of them known and what they're capable of. Yes, there would have to be some truth and reconciliation process undertaken and its historical and current abuses reconciled, perhaps even including the HIV epidemic.


The Game would have to be squared with and incorporated into legitimate law and justice somehow. But those don't seem to me insurmountable tasks. We know of instances where the CIA has been caught spying on congress and torturing terrorist suspects at Guantanamo and other dark sites, the FBI has occasionally been caught engaging in some nefarious activities here and there too, and certainly police sometimes err or go too far in their judgement and practices. My fear is that the Game's formula of near absolute power coupled with near absolute secrecy and lack of accountability (certainly to the public and we captives ourselves) particularly in terms of the traditional news media blackout on the subject and its subtle self-advertising nature, is a very dangerous formula that could potentially morph into a true Orwellian tyranny, if it isn't in the process of doing so already. And yes, I know it is difficult to square the fact that sophisticated remote surveillance of and manipulation of the mind as described herein has evidently been in practice for decades, even as most modern science in the area of brain research is still at a much more rudimentary level, which include reports of the potential of soon seeing human thought translated directly into text, although we're also seeing some of the first toys that are controlled on a rudimentary level by human thought too, the so-called 'bone phone' is by now old technology, etc. Nevertheless, it is real, though by design and intention, perpetually unprovable. Presumably, the western intelligences services, perhaps in the heat of WW2 found some fairly straightforward means of doing so, and closeted it up ever since, perhaps spawning a new and secretive new branch to exploit those means domestically. That seems to me a reason to encourage debate and discourse about it rather than a reason to suppress knowledge about it altogether, if those are to be employed regularly against American, British and other citizens domestically against their will.


If any of you are already aware of me, since I know that the goody mob have spread me and my sins (with plenty of exaggeration and invention along the way - evidently to destroy the reputation of and nullify one of the few who might possibly pose a successful challenge to their iron grip on our lives and in some sense the nation too), then I already know you'll never admit it either to me or to your peers who are not conspiring and not already within the hierarchical pyramid as it were. Whatever you've heard or think you know or have been lead to believe about me, I'm actually far more normal and mainstream than you probably realize. And I know what I'm talking about, even if most of your peers still don't.


You really have no idea, unless you've been forced to endure it too, how oppressive it is to have everything you do, say, or think surveilled and potentially shared with evidently many to mock back or play upon here and there in the creative media, every unspoken thought treated like a spoken word for some anonymous presumed person to respond to via bee-sting prattle. I ask it to stop and get out of my mind, life and home. It never stops, often doing more of that rather than less, as if it were personally offended by my reasonable request/demand. I ask what right it has to do this. It just bee-stings a simple-minded 'can' and never, ever backs it up with anything of substance. And this goes on all day, every day. I am kept ignorant as to whether it will ever leave and under what conditions (other than my silence and strict obedience to all its demands as far as I can determine). Being utterly anonymous and officially not existing at all, it needn't make good on any promise or guarantee (and never promises or guarantees anything really anyway), although it will often refer to a deal that it thinks it has established with me and I still don't know what that means other than maybe just "Shut up and obey or else". Gone is the contract with government in terms of just application of laws arrived at over the course of centuries, laws protecting citizens from their government and from each other, punishments applied through just and accountable means, with a guarantee of when those will end and under what conditions. No, all of those the goody mob would sweep away forever. All in all, it's a kind of hell, slavery, and oppression pure and simple.


The paradigm that they have visited upon me for thirty years were as follows: When the thing started it's bee stinging, the first thing it demonstrated/proved to me was that the sensations were not some random, anomalous function of my own neurobiology - that were in fact some kind of human (I'm being more than generous with that term) or perhaps artificial presence that were somehow causing them. It did that by reacting to what I thought, said, or heard. As I recall, it started simply with the word 'yes', I'd get a bee sting to my right knee. The word 'no' would bring a similar response to the left knee. Didn't take long to know that there was something nefarious going on. Then it began expanding its simple two body part dictionary, which is also more or less a phoneme dictionary, the right calf muscle naturally enough conveying the word/concept 'can', right shoulder 'should', right ribs 'right or that's right or correct', right shin 'sin', right middle finger (naturally enough) 'fuck you', right thigh 'lie', right middle toe 'fuck you too' and the left side body parts essentially being negatives of the right side, left calf 'can't', left middle toe 'no fuck you too' to convey either "don't say or think fuck you to me, slave" or "I'm/they're/etc not saying fuck you to you, slave". Negatives are usually more confusing to interpret and are more ambiguous. Why it uses body parts as phonemes is clear enough in terms of being more readily trained in and remembered. Sooner or later, one realizes that the damn thing's effectively there ALL the time far as you know and must assume, since you're only given frequent anonymous reminders, which as the days progress, you realize isn't going away any time soon and you ultimately realize may be the day you die. You hate it, you want to kill it, you want to alert your congressman, and you find that no one gives a damn, so you may wind up wanting to die or kill yourself too.


Sooner or later it has you both knowing that it's some external 'presence' talking at you via bee stings, aware of your every thought, everything you see, hear and feel, watches/hears everyone you meet and interact with, and little by little knows everything you know too as you little by little recall/consider/remember everything that you know through the course of conscious thought and memory recall. How it does so remains to you (and me) an utter mystery. Generally it bee stings you as often as every few seconds and as little as a few per hour, so you are forced to assume sooner or later that the 'presence' is for all practical purposes there 'watching/listening' ALL the time with no escape from its 'eye' ever. And it can use torture as it pleases.


So, why am I doing this? Why am I writing these essays/reports/journals? I hate the Game, loath it with a passion. Knowing your enemy, I've always understood, is the best way to contest or defeat your enemy. So, I seek to share information on the mode of application that they have visited upon me for so long. I might be in the long run just serving my enemy by allowing it a means to save itself time in training other new slaves while maintaining its usual perfect deniability too. But still, in hope at least, that maxim I assume to be true. You've got to know your enemy before you can do anything about it. Also, I seek to demonstrate that I'm clearly not a crazy person, and though the techniques and tactics that I describe herein have driven some to suicide, others to violent mass murder, some to outright insanity and nervous breakdown, and most of the rest to depression and obedience and servitude and altered attitudes and behaviors as mind slaves of one form or another, the tactics and techniques can at least be understood. Hopefully, my work can help other TIs to convince others of the truth of my and others' claims/reports/protests of our mind slavery in a way that they can say, "Yes, what I've endured is very much like that. Pay attention to that. It's true. Help me. Help us. Please." Hopefully, these essays are something you can take to a shrink or to your congressman as partial proof. That is my hope anyway. In any case, it's going to be no easy task getting the goody mob's tyranny off our backs and it might take generations to do so, if it's possible at all. But a good American has to try.


I never can quite figure out myself whether the violence that mind slavery sometimes induces is a good thing or a bad thing. The goody mob has successfully fooled most people into thinking that those episodes of violence had nothing to do with anything but the idea that the killers were/are just bad people intent on doing innocent people harm. So, in that sense the induced violence just furthers the public impression that more controls on society are needed - identifying problem people early, screening people for mental disorders, controlling guns, etc. Since there are at least some people who know that some or perhaps many of those episodes of violence were aggravated and induced, I hope to remind them of that fact and that there are costs to going to war upon their fellow Americans in such perverse and cowardly ways as the Game. I seek to remind them that we are people and citizens with supposed rights too. I also hope to wake up the psychology/psychiatry industry, the public, and perhaps many dozing politicians that these things are real, show them something about how they are done, and demonstrate that something MUST be done about the status quo. And I hope to give you fellow TIs a little hope for change someday and to remind you that, though the war being waged upon us is a cruel, complicated and difficult war, here's one more who wants to see change too and I'm trying to do my part. Hope some of you can give me input on how I might do this better, help share this information with others, and generally just do your part as well.


We are, after all, thrown into dungeons of a sort without warning and without due process and left in them to be tortured, harassed and subjected to forced reindoctrination training and mentally and socially debilitating harassments of several kinds applied, our freedoms guaranteed by law and constitution hobbled, stolen and nullified by those laws never being observed, by our being effectively left out of the political process as to our own oppression and enslavement, and by where-you-go-it-goes extraordinary surveillance (including surveillance of the mind), by hidden, unknown and misunderstood harassments and tortures, the fact of them censored on the one hand and misrepresented and fed to public in clever forms of propaganda of our oppressors own choosing and design supplanting good and balanced information which is never adequately allowed in the news, our own voices stifled, muffled or silenced, disinformation spread as to our plight, and portrayed as crazy people in a virtual hospital instead with no right to opinions ourselves. Even more so in some sense, in that a truly extraordinary tyranny has been built that shows a greater resilience than tyrannies of the past, leveraged presumably through extraordinary new technologies and techniques. Our enemies have waged a decades-long, diabolically brilliant pseu-information, social indoctrination and censorship campaign to prepare and make way for their tyranny, and have succeeded in bringing politics and law enforcement to a standstill on our behalf and building a public too inert as any force for change and quite unaware of what lurks below the surface to do anything about it themselves. We have good cause to fight back against those who oppress us. At least as good a cause as any conflict of the past. They themselves have even portrayed the conflict that they initiated as a war in films like The Matrix, which is as clear a reflection of it as any.


All too often it will 'say' (perhaps even trying to be helpful much of the time) 'dumb' (bee stinging my right thumb). Just... 'dumb' often when I'm working (typically at an engineering problem). It's always been effectively hobbled such that it's limited either to messaging via use of its simplistic, forcibly and unavoidably-trained body parts word dictionary directly, or it can bee sting to mark moments in linguistic and other available fodder in my thought or environment and be frustratingly ambiguous instead, has been for nearly thirty years, and can offer basically nothing else, although it can make tick/tap sounds on nearby objects, add blips of noise on screens or radio or outright freeze TV moments (literally freeze the TV picture) that are symbolic and mix it up at least a little. Anyway, naturally enough, that always causes my emotional center to react combatively and distracts of course. It's bee-stings are either woefully singular by way of information or confusing as hell in using other fodder to convey its 'message'. It is after all a crazy-making and intentionally frustrating scheme as a strategic enterprise in some sense. I could wait for it to try to clarify what it means, maybe turn on the TV or radio to give it fodder beyond just my stream of thought and take my attention entirely away from the problem at hand to try to focus on understanding what it's trying to convey and waste more time, though it rarely seems willing to work with me to such a degree as to quickly and efficiently feed me information anyway, so I always wind up frustrated if I do so. Or I can try to ignore it and continue to figure the problem at hand out myself. So, it tends to irritate rather than help, even when it appears to want to help, and can start a flame session every time, which it then tends to promote as I grow angry and frustrated with it. How the 'presence' summons expertise on whatever I happen to be doing (maybe it's just smarter than me and learns quicker or is somehow group/crowd-sourced somehow), I don't know. And how it's able to keep me so constantly under its attention is a mystery to me still (and why it has dedicated itself to doing so for decades), though crowd-sourcing on the giving end might explain that too. How could one tell for sure just from bee stings and click, tap and thump sounds even after decades of it? Their intent is to remain a perpetual and perpetually denied fixture in the world, not to be particularly helpful or clear to me anyway.


Signs like that from the film 'Contact' may shed some light on all the personalized attention and semi-name dropping and I know that what I experience is just one aspect of a much larger 'machine' and I'm far from the only one. The sign was, "The powers that be are falling all over themselves to position themselves for the game of the century.", a film that includes a Theodore (my name) and also includes a priest saying, "Sometimes we just have to accept it (overtly the death of the main character's father) as God's will". It's "Hail to Vague-ah. Hail to Vague-ah." and "I can deal you back in" have gaming significance. Maybe they thought I'd go the way of Bill Murray's character in 'Groundhog Day' and think myself the god (and to others a foolish looking crazy egotist) with all the creative media attention. Dunno. As an aside, rather than assuming everything that happens is God's will, I've always preferred the Sagan approach (and if anyone is my god, Sagan is) to everything from the astonishingly intricate but compelling logic in the evolution of life to that of the motions of the planets, and actually going through the work of understanding things is far more satisfying than not thinking at all and attributing everything that happens in the world to the will of a god. The god theory is just a cop out, a sign of laziness and ignorance. Anyway, it seems that even as a boy (maybe I were in a sense that boy in the cockpit in the hilarious gaming film 'Airplane', a film that features its 'Ted Striker' character, the boy being asked "Ever seen a grown man naked?"), they had designs upon me as fuel for their machine. They named a character in the horror film 'In The Mouth of Madness' Jackson (fairly typical) and cast Charleton Heston in the role (not one of his better films). Maybe they were hoping I'd go running around thinking myself Charleton Heston or something and wind up institutionalized, or maybe they were employing Heston's remarkable presence and sheer scale as an actor and celebrity for effect, or maybe Heston just needed a job at the time. Dunno. The creepy double-irises/pupils of some driven mad in that film may have reflected the diplopia I was evidently hit with for several months and which I noted when I sued the FBI/CIA, just one of the aspects of their neurobiological mastery evidently, and the whole plot line seems to have been a fairly personalized middle finger aimed at least partially at me. Was it a movie made just for me? Of course not. It's first priority was the usual, sell tickets, entertain, keep people employed. Somewhere down the list though was surely to be seen by others 'in the know' to be telling that determined bastard Ted to shut the hell up and get out of hell's way, because I write factually and frankly about the in many ways horrific truth and their criticism was presented in a horrific way, oddly befitting of the enterprise itself. Maybe as a fringe benefit they thought they could drive me mad with horrific mirrors in addition to the soft fuzzy ones like Field of Dreams. You can read the synopsis at IMDB if you want. Who knows.


A devotee of the game might say, "But Orwell's vicious starving rat dying to jump out of its cage and chew your face off is just your own sins reflected back at you". Well, not exactly. It is often the product of the twisted, horrific (though stable) imagination of the screenwriter of that film or a Steven King, for example, with a hell of a lot of invention and exaggeration thrown in with an eye at least as much to another audience as to the captive. The presence coupled to the bee stings that I've been hit with for decades now is thoroughly and unceasingly arrogant. It appears to believe that it has something approaching a natural right to do what it does and that's an arrogance born of decades of getting away with it all so unfailingly that he, she, or it and its fellows WOULD begin to think they have every right to do so by now. It is many decades old. How old, none will say and I doubt many even know.


I'm sorry guys, I can't get out of hell's way. Just too wrongful and dangerous. A 'doomsday shroud' can't just be slipped into America and into our minds and lives and grown to maturity uncontested. In any case, they've used me long enough and I'd like what's left of my life back more than anything else. But, yes, the radio and the movies can and do talk to people directly, though such claims are always considered schizophrenic or delusional.


Did you happen to catch the recent Adam Sandler reappearance on SNL? Of course you didn't. Obscure references that few but oneself are even aware of are part of the Game too. In any case, I know what the sketch about Sandler's extended 'family' believing themselves to being the subjects of some of Sandler's SNL comedy bits over the years was mocking/signing. I know what the downright stupid 'clothes are holes' sketch was mocking (more or less a way to say the word 'holes' a lot and sooner or later (I anticipated it from the start) inevitably associating holes to the holes of the human body as sexual triggers). I was quite aware of (as I've been forcibly by now trained to be) the triggers embedded in the downright hilarious SnapChat bit, including the war-correspondent artificially looking the fool to the 'birthday' party trigger to the 'weiner on a bun with mustard' trigger. I was quite aware of the 'fat dead guy' trigger in the Chris Farley reminiscence bit, etc. and SNL has long been a regular player in BB's game. I suspect that the old 'Not Ready For Primetime Players' killer bees sketches, in addition to playing to the overt and topical (at the time) killer bees scare of the seventies, were playing to the 'bee stings' and the Game in a general way, "Give us your pollen", of course, being metaphorical.


You might claim, with your professional arrogance and in the safety of popular and cultivated presumptions about what is real in the world, "That's crazy talk. You're a delusional. You need help." No, oddly enough, it's you who need help, help in being shown that this is really the way the thought police are going about their interrogation/harassment game, their virtual Guantanamo, and if you believe otherwise, then you psy pros desperately need help in being disabused of your traditional delusions about what's going on out here in the real world. It may not be possible to prove it, but it damn sure is real. And some of you who know that it is real need to be disabused of your delusion that it's right and good that it be so. You should all live it too, if you like it so much. It isn't a good thing. A creeping tyranny is not a good thing, particularly one that infests the mind itself and with utter deniability. In short, they're taking some fairly straightforward tools of remote highly invasive surveillance and neurobiological mastery, equally unprovable semi-communications vehicles, a lot of conspiratorial information sharing and clever mocking, signing and sales techniques and going hog wild with them, caring not a whit about our rights and expectations as human beings and peaceful citizens (and often turning many of us into frustrated, oppressed, used and abused and sometimes quite violent citizens) or at least ignorant, emotionally pummeled and helpless dogs at the ends of short leashes.