The Mechanics of the Game
As I and other targeted individuals (TIs) have said before, the Game (that first truly perfected tyranny and the secret reinstitution of slavery) does indeed exist and makes use of some of the most extraordinary means imaginable.  That fact alone helps to keep an ignorant public incredulous about its existence and about the accurate reports of TIs like mine.  Those means do in fact include the ability to surveill thought remotely, anonymously, continuously and invisibly with at least as much sophistication as one's own conscious mind is aware of itself.  Period.  Those means also include various forms of harassment and pain induction and semi-communications (i.e. bee stings, etc) all of which are utterly unprovable.  Thus, that unprovability also keeps an ignorant public incredulous and prevents TIs use of courts, politics and news to help bring about any reform to the tyranny and news media reports forever keep our complaints at best within the realm of 'maybe' or the realm of conspiracy theory.  As that situation has gone on through the decades, it has become cliche, particularly since the powers that be (i.e. the Inner Party, or call them the goody mob if you prefer, since that's the more popular term) who apply it and those who cooperate with it (particularly artists of all kinds with their big voices, many of whom are or were TIs themselves) often paint our reports as being delusional, schizophrenic and crazy.  That also keeps an ignorant public incredulous.  Those artists and others cooperating with it (either by force or inclination) also forever promote the idea that the Game is about our sins and in particular sins and crimes against and other threats to children, which always provokes a vengeful and protective spirit in most people.  In reality, it's as arbitrary as they want, it can wreak just about any kind of havoc in anyone's life, it keeps contrary voices thrust to the sidelines and is far too dangerous to persist in the so-called land of the free unchecked forever in my opinion.  They've got most interested parties concerned only about how and why people screw, evidently without the least concern for our common future, depending on how you look at this horribly intricate dilemma.  If it becomes so arbitrary either now or in the future that a politician can just say, "shut that one down", it can do so and the politician would get away with it with absolute impunity, even outright murders.  Evidently, only the Inner Party police the Inner Party.  Naturally, they would and will do just about anything to keep the status quo just as it is.
Personally, I've also seen it occasionally promote outright falsehoods (for example the 'sex with daddy' moment from a recent Killing Eve episode).  Unfortunatly, I gave the Inner Party the opportunity to run with that by foolishly lashing out at an evidently complicitous (with the Game - isn't everyone?) father over the oddness of a moment from my and my big sister's young life, though that moment was nothing of significance - just rather odd.  I and my sister were very young children and our father took us into the tub with him one day, which was not a regular event (probably why I remembered it at all at so young an age), although I and my sister were still bathing together when it was convenient for our parents, as I recall.  By now and being complicitous, he's now conveniently forgotten the moment as has either a forgetful or complicitous sister or one concerned about what this loose cannon Ted is going to do next.  We were still young enough that being in the shower or the tub with a parent is not that unusual or uncommon.  And the man didn't even have an erection, not even half of one as far as I can recall.  The unfortunate thing was that I remembered it, that the Inner Party either saw it directly as it happened or saw it in my own or his stream of thought (or both) during memory recall later, that I mentioned it in public at all, and that the Inner Party then found it useful for its own diabolical designs.  As is typical, the screenwriter mangled up the reality of the event with so much typical omission of actual fact and detail (just a snidely remark), which their fuzzy signage/mockingbirding tactics are so diabolically good at, knowing well that such snidely remarks DO tend to provoke useful (to them) responses, as to lead some at least to think it were more than that or at least to give their mockingbirds a good opportunity for further verbal suggestive attack, which Killing Eve were only the most recent to run with.  I believe they did so in the film 'Airplane!' too, if you remember the young boy in the cockpit.  Another unfortunate thing about it is that you being a typical human being (and stupid), all you'll probably remember from this account is that a young boy and girl were in the bathtub with an adult, a human failing that the Inner Party is expert at exploiting, as their clever tyranny wreaks its will in our world.  A 'doomsday shroud' Kubrik called it in his film Dr. Strangelove (mixed in of course with the overt story of a Russian plan for automated nuclear counter attack in the event of being similarly attacked themselves).  Also note that it's far, far easier to drop a snidely remark like 'sex with daddy' (from screenwriter Suzanne Heathcote I believe) in a creepy TV show than it is to seek to clarify one of the Party's abuses and their work is far better funded and far more entertaining than this dry text herein.  Being stupid, entertainment factor is all that matters to most of you.  Furthermore, there was no touchy feely going on either, except for a moment by me, I who lifted it up with two fingers for a moment in surprise at how big it was.  Doing so still didn't give the man a hardon.  I was probably hoping that mine wouldn't get that big, probably thinking that it would get in the way and be too big to drag around all my life, sex being quite beyond my understanding at the time.  And that was the oddest thing that ever happened with either parent and the only time that I ever found myself naked with either parent at any age that I'm old enough to recall.  The Party is expert at sewing and exploiting suspicion and distrust and fear during a run-down slash frame-up.  But I'll not be silent.  I just tell it like it is.  You go and think what you want, stupid, but that's what happened.  My father is innocent for what it's worth.  Sooner or later, I expect an apology from Miss Heathcote and not just the Villanelle or Eve character or another making some passing remark. 
Since media cooperators are always ambiguous and clever with their use of mockingbirding and signing in their media, they can always shift to denial to the effect of "Oh, did you think that was about you?" (as they signed outright in The Stand) or "The TV is talking to you personally?  That's CRAZY talk." and other deceptive defenses, when in fact they ARE using media of all kinds to mock both individuals and demographics/groups and of course mumble endlessly about various sins.  I wouldn't call it talking to me and others directly though.  I'd call it being SEEN as talking AT us so as to be perceived by everyone else who might have any knowledge or interest in the Game and playing up, playing up, playing up our sins with any degree of exaggeration, invention and omission that that ambiguous approach always leaves room for to the effect that we are sick and twisted and desperately in need of the application of semi-ruthless force and that society needs the Game with the rest of the public missing altogether any personal or concerted gaming significance to any of it other than maybe things to avoid and how to better live one's life in a general way.
It's a lot to wrap your mind around, isn't it?  Even as a veteran TI of nearly thirty years, I'm not immune to its effect myself, having been convinced at times that it were act of God or God's promised kingdom on Earth in motion.  It could even be argued, since the Game does appear to be a moralistic enterprise in a sense and would certainly have you believe so, that it IS such a promised kingdom though perhaps only a metaphorical one.  By the same token, Jesus did in fact ultimately conquer Rome and much of the world in a metaphorical victory and he (or his legend at least) is working through believers and through the self-evident wisdom and beauty of what he reportedly preached) and did (metaphorically at least) rise from the dead to continue his work in the world.  By the other side of that same token, the devil is definitely at work in the world too, torturing and enslaving people's very minds without our its captives having a snowball's chance in hell of doing anything about it, coward that the devil is.  I'm not selling the Game.  I'm just telling it like it is.  The Inner Party had me strongly convinced for a day or so that it were act of God when they applied and applied again (evidently through the direct manipulation of the mind in a way that even the mind is not aware that it is itself being manipulated) perhaps the most dangerous, ominous and terrifying single aspect of the Inner Party's remote mastery of human neurobiology.  It had me confronting the horror of a Groundhog Day universe where you can die as many times as you please only to wind up in the same hell again with no ultimate escape through oblivion and only blind obedience in your eternal future, whittled down to the singularity of a single note on a keyboard in God's symphony or something like it.  I've bounced back off of 'the religion' and still believe the Game and its extraordinary means to be the work of just men and women, but I could admittely be wrong.  Should I shut up until I have all the facts?  Hell no.  Fuck that.  Noone ever will have all the facts.
What happend was this.  I spoke a few words only to hear them repeated word for word on the TV a moment later (watching 'The Ten Commandments' of all things), and then the phenomenon repeated itself a day or two later, then on the radio.  That ability alone should frighten the bejesus out of us all, particularly in that it is my strong belief that they don't need implants or anything deliberately planted inside one's body to do so and that anyone's mind is probably remotely manipulable in such ways at any time.  I mentioned a similar effect before as an ability to make some totally uninvolved person's nose itch (requiring a brief innocuous, reflexive scratch or rub as humans do when they have a similar itch or feel the need to do a quick bugger check).  You all know exactly what I'm talking about, although such things are never discussed in polite society, and are just part of life as an intelligent, civilized critter in a complex social society.  Anyway, it could be done such that someone being run-down (particularly in the initial stages of seeing their world turned upside down) is lead to believe that the person with the itch were deliberately signing (after exposure to some of their signage and forced re-perception training), which could in some cases lead to a fight that the poor fellow with the itch did nothing consciously to provoke.  I mentioned it in the context of the film 'Close Encounters', which gives the nose a lot of attention as a Pinnochio, liar, and artificial-to-real metaphor, which Spielberg entertained similarly again in his later film 'AI: Artificial Intelligence'.  A TI like me finds that the whole notion of individuality is being swept away and replaced in a sense by a kind of collective mind - a hive mind of sorts.  I know it sounds fantastical.  I also know that it's real.
To be a TI, as far as I can tell, is to be totally encapsulated, one's mind laid literally bare for anonymous others to examine continuously and anything useful found therein shared about with other cooperators throughout the US (at least) to toy with.  Our emails and phone calls can be surreptitiously redirected and faked.  I can't even be sure that my reasoned, quite sane essays and appeals like this one are even visible on the internet, except to myself to fool me into thinking that they are visible to all, so sophisticated is the degree of encapsulation, involving, it would appear, some of the most sophisticated psy-ops tools out there.  Would they do that for just one person?  Of course not, but they would build such an infrastructure to control many.
I can't assume that I'm a typical TI.  For one thing, the Inner Party has invested a huge amount of their creative media in my run-down and all that entails for decades now, since I was just a boy.  I seem to be an 'open house' case probably to help sell the game as being a beneficial thing intended to recreate a person from the bottom up and whittle away all of those aspects of their personality, predispositions, habits and failings that prevent a person from being all that they can be and to dig out admissions and spill those out (a level one reset as 'The Adjustment Bureau' put it).  That's precisely the premise that Spielberg was selling in his film 'Back To The Future' where the father transforms from being a coward and a peeping tom in a tree to a well rounded, large and in charge dad by the end of the film.  Hasn't really worked out very well for me.  Maybe I just coped with it stupidly.  In any case, I'm wary of the possibility that they could well advance an impression about the Game through me far and wide and still represent a much darker influence in the lives of many others.  So, please be wary of 'open house' factor like I am.  I might have been doing really great by now, if I'd been an obedient slave to its dictates and the will of the hive mind, but I could never get past the ignorance, being used, mind slave in my own home, and tyranny factors.  Evidently many big artistic voices in the creative media have survived it and done well.  Others it seems have not, including the poor fellow who in the film 'Network' gets shot in the end, Tom Petty, Robin Williams and others.  Watch that film and hear for yourself whether at one point the dialog doesn't match nearly word for word the description of the Force in Star Wars, which debuted only a year later, the Force itself having begun as 'the art of mind control' in early black and white casting footage from the mouth of Mark Hammil himself.
I must assume I'm being allowed to write this (and they could easily crash my hard drive to stop me or maybe they're just not quite that ruthless yet), because my doing so will allow the Inner Party to preserve their damn deniability as to their very existence as a force in our world, which is the fundumental reason why they are able to remain a perpetual fixture within it, and thus have no provable association with me and my writing.  My hard drive could crash at any time and I'd be left to wonder with excruciating frustration and ignorance - "Was it them?!  Was it them?!"  I'm not working for them.  I'm working for TIs.  I'm trying to work for any poor slob like myself who would just assume not spend the rest of his or her life in a virtual hell with no one to ask why.  I particularly hate it when they hit women.  That's my hope anyway.  Maybe the Inner Party hopes that some of those suicides, some of those endless hours that we spend trying to expose, reform and stop them, some of those mass murders of rage can be avoided, if a little more light is shed on the matter than just ambiguous lyrical babble from artists, from their TV and film passion plays and moral parables, from silly commercials (including the recent ostrich and mirror) and so forth.  So, if I'm a tool, as at least one mockingbird has called me, ok then.  I can live with that, if I can help some TIs understand why they're being persecuted, how unavoidable their persecution is going to be and understand, no matter what we try to do, the Inner Party and their damn Game probably isn't going anywhere any time soon, just as Orwell signed through the mouth of O'Brien.  I hate it too, but I am realistic about it.  And you'd better be too for your own sake.  Don't get me wrong, I encourage people to believe the facts that I'm writing about and to protest against the damn Game, since their Game is so fundamentally contrary to this nation's laws and constitution.  They're GOING to have their cake and eat us too and no one's going to do anything about it.  Might as well acknowledge that fact and try to help anyway.
If these issues are ever discussed openly in the news media plainly and matter of factly, I'll breathe a long held sigh of relief.  I'll consider my job done.  If there were a single informed and capable person in this world that I could discuss and debate these issues with, it would be an enormous relief.  I looked to my formidable father for that and only discovered another mind controlled zombie, who will always deny any knowledge of anything and will only talk about it (if at all) in doublespeak / quantum language.  His choice saddens me and has sealed the breech between us.  The cluelessness and/or complicity of the rest of my family seals the breech with them too.  The absolute worst thing that any of them could be thinking would be, 'Well, I wouldn't want to hurt his woddow feewings by saying I think he's deluded.", which would just keep THEM deluded and offer me no opportunity to prove any of them wrong.
I'm going to analye REM's song and the video 'Losing My Religion' as best I can and hopefully turn the pathetically though beautifully incomplete lyrical form and ambiguous symbolic video into some sensible information.  REM could, the next time they're before a large crowd use their microphone to take a moment to say that these issues are real, but sadly they will not and that's not what their audience paid for and will only say in effect, "Yea, that's me" but only between the lines.  Every one of their similarly captured artistic peers are just as captured by their own self-interest and the opinion of the higher mind too.  It disgusts me.  I apologize to the band in its entirety (since they're all credited for its lyrics) for excavating and stripping them of cover, and my issue is at least as much with the video's director as the song and its lyrics.  I'll also acknowledge that they may well have been mockingbirding me, since hundreds of their fellows have done so too, although if so, it's probably a typical example of dual mockingbirding (both themselves AND others).  I'll assume that they are rich, successful and secure enough by now that they can weather my doing so, even though one or more of them have endured some hell already, and I hope they know that it is not my wish to add to it.  If they like, they can stop by Avondale Estates on their way back home to visit Athens someday and kick my ass, if they want.  Some think I could use a good ass woopin' anyway.  Actually, I'd prefer a bullet to the head and I'll say right here and now that I requested precisely that right here, if saying so would help them by way of legal liability in terms of a requested assassination.  They can even call me a crazy nut in court, I who damaged their brand and defamed them, if they want, and I won't mind, as long as they kill me first, otherwise I'll fight them in court and I'll win, even if the false judgement were against me, and they would know that they would be lying if they did so, because I am dead on right and they know it.
I hope REM knows how weighty the issues are and that they're prepared to show some courage rather than hide in self-interest.  If I could expose every single cooperating individual in the creative media within the Inner Party's hive mind by way of building a preponderance of evidence of the reality of it to save the future, as I see it, and possibly redeem tens of millions of the murdered in cold blood in terms of the HIV epidemic if that turned out to be the case, I probably would.  I hope the band feels the same.  The issues include nothing less than a future of thought police, mind slavery and virtual assassinations (of one degree or another) not at all unlike that presented in Orwell's 1984.   Who, how and why we fuck each other are issues that are paltry in comparison in my opinion (barring Weinsteinian issues of coercion, control, manipulation and even slavery), and sadly most disregard any issues but sex where the Game is concerned.  But the Game is slavery too of a very real kind.  The 'presence' quietly threatens (in such a way that no one else can hear of course) that I have no economic future if I don't cooperate with it too, and it has already whittled away my economic future down to a mere flake already whether by deliberate intention or fate.  My own sins are paltry, and if the Party would try to raise them to a semi-public crescendo anyway, well good.  For my part, I'll keep them to myself until I get bloody satisfaction.  My own captors could be far more ruthless and shut me down completely at any time and could do so at any point in the future.  That is at least a mark in their favor that they haven't, at least not yet.  But what will it morph into in the future?  Who and what polices them?  The presence coupled to the bee stings has claimed to be God.  I can't bring myself to believe that, even as REM's beautiful video encourages the impression that it is by its end.  The presence is capable of all kinds of uncannys, but nothing that could be considered an outright miracle.  The 'presense' appears to have no actual grace whatsoever.  Would not near absolute power combined with near absolute denial and deniability have a ferocious potential to corrupt, even as it whittles away our own little corruptions and turns us into virtual slaves to surveillance and fear, boring into our very minds and memories?
Wonder what the founding fathers would have made of it.  Literal thought police sneaking into our homes and minds, pretending not to exist, while filling the media with ambiguous propaganda demonstrating otherwise, yanking us by invisible chains attached to invisible collars to force us come to them as it were.  The 'We will fill your minds and lives with harassments until you come to us.' theme was an underlying premise of 'Close Encounters' by the way.  Talk about cruel and unusual.  But I keep forgetting, no constitutional guarantees need be observed, if our oppressors can hide well enough and make a good enough ambiguous cartoon case against us in their media and through conspiracy.  The ingeniusly bad idea of the Game.  Maybe government and the most zealously (sexually and otherwise) conservative elements of our society just plain can't do everything they would like to do to some of us, just because they want to and happen to have an ingeniusly diabolical way to do so.  Smoke on them apples.  And I've got to try to give everyone thirty years worth of doublespeak training in a single read to try to prove the fact of it!  Anyway back to the analysis (no doublespeak intended).
First of all, the band's name, REM, is intended to suggest RIM or rimming, the sexual practice of literally kissing ass, one of those sins the Inner Party don't allow to go unpunished and use as an excuse for the kind of slavery described herein.  You'll find similar doublespeak in Steve Tyler's kissin' (presumably her) sassafras while goin' down on an elevator.  The tails that cat could tell.  Considering how the Game works in binding into service, punishing and using actors/artists, I wouldn't be surprised if the dude who looked like a lady were Steve Tyler himself at some point in his past doing a little self-mockingbirding and adding to the 'library' at the Inner Party's demand.  Tyler also helped sharpen BB's blade with Aerosmith's tune "Janie's Got a Gun".  You'll notice if you look that the Inner Party leveraged the band's name REM via Inner Party member Steven King (and via the director of The Stand, Mick Garris) by having the Frannie Goldsmith character dart her tongue out of her mouth momentarily while the band REM is being specifically discussed therein - details always missed by the untrained.  Not to worry, the moment occurs fairly early within that long televised film, if you care to look for it.
Michael Stipe was also made to wear a golden Mercury suit (winged shoes and all) on Saturday Night Live as you might recall as one of those weird punishments that the Inner Party deal out on their captives, even while giving them opportunities, particularly those in the arts, and one or more of the members of that band, like me, is or was surely one of their captives too.  No question about it.  His interview to the New York Times about the video includes a some doublespeak.  He compared the song's theme to the Police's "Every breath you take."  ["Every move you make.  I'll be watching you." - not mentioned, but certainly implied].  He also is quoted as saying the following.  "I've always felt the best kinds of songs are the ones where anybody can listen to it, put themselves in it and say, 'Yeah, that's me.'"  Take note of that.  It's not just innocuous babble.  Both are doublespeak and both have meaning and you should be easily able to see that meaning from the context herein.  I've only looked at the Wikipedia excerpt from that interview, but I may look at the whole thing later.
The Video is, like the song, exquisite and much deserving of the Grammy and other rewards that it got.  No argument there.  The video's director Tarsem Singh is clearly a Party man too (and a brilliant one) and you might remember his film 'The Cell', that was heavy on visual symbolism and is also a gaming film.  I suspect that, in addition to the video's beauty, Mr. Singh may have been partly responsible for it's Hindu aspect (and those lovely painted Hindu chicks).  The video begins with the band members running to and fro as though fearing some force from above, while one walks away from the scene (apparently indicating non-involvement in some sense, perhaps in terms of the sin aspect).  There is milk in a pitcher and spilled milk on the floor symbolic of semen.  You'll find the equivalent ice cream (with it's cold/icy symbolic twist) entertained in 'Close Encounters' and 'Dr. Strangelove' too.  Michael is seated looking a little dismal.
"The world is bigger.  It's bigger than you." Better pay attention to that one.  It is.  Bigger than all of us.  Including these facts that I'm relating here.  There IS a 'presence' that visits some of us with 'bee stings' and other means of harassment and semi-communications, there is a kind of virtual hive mind, and it CAN and DOES enter our very minds, can annoy and pester us with those for a lifetime if it wishes and either marshalls or is a tool of what I and at least one other person in the world have referred to as the Inner Party, though they have many other names too.
"What if all these fantasies cum.. flailing around."  You better pay attention to that one.  Stipe et al are speaking literally to us all.  And those fantasies may well come flailing around and WILL, if you wake up some morning to slowly find that you are a TI too, if you're not careful about how you live your life and literally what you fantasize about.  Yes, fear is the Inner Party's friend, as well as ignorance.  Fantasizing only within your mind and not in actual practice will be no defense for you then, because the mind is as transparent to them as your own hand is visible in front of your face.  Yes, it is fantastical.  Yes, it is true.
There's an old man (evidently serving in part the Daedalus/Icarus Greek legend of flying too close to the sun and falling back to the ground and evidently the death sentence of Socrates from Greek history), an old man who is shown with his wig/toupee removed, representing exposure and being shown that he's not so young as he thinks he is, his association with a much younger fellow also being intended, and of course he's being shown laughed at by his peers.  He is also shown with someone rooting around in his 'wound'.  Think these symbols and imagery meant nothing at all, did you?  They're meant to have stark meaning mostly just to the forcibly trained in doublespeak like myself, the director, apparently the band, and the Inner Party themselves, all of whom swim or drown in such doublethink.  There's a black fellow who's shown doing a little humping motion that is sexually suggestive of course.  I'm not sure about the Russian wings except that the Russians are often sexually randy themselves, as the dangerous Trump anomaly has helped reveal.  There is the Hindu component.  I'm not sure but I think it's evocative of the notorious Hindu temple(s) depicting all sorts of outrageous sexual acts.  I think that's what the Hindus are 'looking up at' (or to their gods).  Rather than the 'sultan' making a memorial to a wild party and a semi-corrupt society, I think it's probably more akin to medieval damnation paintings, an ancient Hindu 'Thou shalt not'.  I'm still waiting to hear of any real research on the matter of those temple(s).  Maybe NPR, reading this (and they will) may be kind enough to pop up with some news blurb on the subject and if so I hope I don't miss it.  There's the young boy shot with arrows.  I'm not sure what mythology that entertains, but it's probably evocative of things like 'circle jerks' and other randy boyish behavior that I'd heard tell of but never engaged in myself.  Or the boy 'scouting for boys' moment from one of Pink Floyd's albums, not to mention the 'far away laughter' that you'll find in the original 'Blade Runner' too up close.  Didn't know what those lyrics meant, did you?  I am, myself, corrupt and guilty of thought crime and acting against Party needs in thinking that adults willingly enjoying each other in whatever variation (note the recent 'Sling' commercials) in that uniquely odd way of sex is not as evil and dangerous as other forms of corruption in this world, though I am a believer in the 18 year borderline in so complex and dangerous a world as ours, just as the Party would have you fear a pedaphile waiting around every corner to snatch your child off the street as they did in 'Pay It Forward', 'Close Encounters' and other places.
I believe that consenting adults have every natural and human right to engage in sexual play of any variation, including everything from swinging to bondage to menages to oral sex to anal sex to toys to masturbation to whatever as long as lives are not in serious jeopardy and no one is being enslaved or coerced and of course children are not sexually involved with adults.  You'll read more into that statement than you should, but I don't care about that anymore.  Think whatever the fuck you like.  The fact is that if you are a typical American, then you've had far more actual sex than I ever have and none at all over the past twenty-five years.  If the religious or conservatives believe otherwise, then let them express their opinions, but they should keep their opinions out of our homes, minds and personal relationships in the direct and devious ways of the Game.  If you're a rabid conservative and Inner Party man and would say, "Well, there's your answer right there, fool.", then you're also saying that its ready available in every porn shop, on the cable dial and throughout legitimate adult sites is an entrapment device for the enslavement of peaceful citizens to the 'higher mind'.  And I would respond, "Admit it, fool."  Endangerment certainly includes actual rape and incest (though perhaps not solely in fantasy), and unfortunately includes unprotected sex in the age of their own (I believe) planned plague epidemic called HIV, even as we should all seek to put that disease to rest, and I and we should seek to bring to justice the creators of that disease, even if only posthumously.  It's my understanding that it's possible to bring a civil suit to a federal court that seeks a judgement on a matter of Constitutional law that doesn't name an actual culprit/defendant or seek to prove crimes against oneself in the context of the Game, which the Game is so damnably good at avoiding.  I think TIs should pursue that possible venue and seek to take the matter all the way to the Supreme Court.  That might not end it, but it would be a good place to start.  Government has no business whatsoever in our bedrooms much less our very minds, while attacking us in the devious and vile ways of the virtual Guantanamo, except in the most extreme of situations.  I believe that's one of the reasons why they've worked so tirelessly within their media and through conspiracy to paint me as an extremist, which I am not.  The Game is of course a big cheat, which protects itself and the Inner Party by hiding with near perfection and it tramples all over the Constitution, and it should be applied in only the rarest of circumstances or it should be considered forfeit to any and all (including me) who can succeed in exposing it as the cheat that it is, if any actually do succeed - our failures being largely a function of the perfection of the cheat, which almost always leaves mind slavery out of the well orchestrated media 'conversation'.  I believe that part of the aggression of the Inner Party is a desire to collect more bodies in the service of the Game to further the Game itself particularly in the creative media (a function of their absolute impunity for its consequences, which includes the quiet sweeping of the dead by it under the rug), and perhaps to get more individuals in the willing service of the intelligence services for actual spy work when possible, and in general to serve conservative goals in terms of what they consider a squeaky clean society.  I believe they've gone too far.  But back to the video.
Obviously, the underlying premise of the video is 'How high do you think you can fly before you're yanked back to Earth?' and the video ends with wings representing angels, bible and God.  Should you be free to do in your own bedroom (barring children and coercion and control of course) as you please, or should we have very literal thought police out there making sure we're all thinking only good and wholesome thoughts strictly according to Party needs, keeping us at the ends of very short virtual leashes that can be and are yanked at any given moment with migraines, anonymous bee sting prattle and public mockery as some of their hidden punishments?  Decide for yourself.  Or let the Party decide for you.
The Game is such a diabolically perfect cheat and immunizes itself so well, is so good at ALWAYS avoiding ANY fair confrontation of any KIND with its captives, and is so good at advancing impressions about itself without actual information (and has had so many decades to do so) that Mother Teresa herself could literally be thrown into the virtual Guantanamo and never get out again.  Her initial claims and complaints of thought surveillance, bee-stings and a surveillance presence of some sort coupled with it, TV and films 'talking to her', etc, sooner or later would land her in a psychiatrist's office and if she persisted, an institution.  Or she might wind up, being religious, thinking that God were displeased with her or a demon possessing her soul (which wouldn't be far from the truth - the latter that is).  And guaranteed - any psychiatric professional (I use the term loosely), whether deluded by his or her own sense of expertise or in outright complicity with the Game and having a vested interest in making money will and would never admit that thought surveillance, bee stings and so forth are even real and would naturally produce a diagnosis of delusion, schizophrenia or the like, probably prescribing some powerful psychoactive drugs in the process, all the while concerned about his or her professional reputation in daring to lend any credence to her very real claims.  And all the enemy (presumably in the FBI or someone in law enforcement, investigation or intelligence) need do is seem official, say something to the effect of, "Well, looks like she's been taking some liberties, if you know what I mean.  Don't say anything or you'll be liable for doing so.  She'll just lie and pretend innocence anyway.  Those animals always do.  Our Game must be kept in the strictest secrecy.  I have your word then?" and such babble.  There is no one in any official capacity to ask why one has woken up in hell one day and is left to stay there, even after thirty years or a lifetime.  Not anyone.  Appeals to the 'presence' to think about what it is doing even after decades are met with nothing but the same monotonic moronic babble that only convey the simplest of nonsense - "best", "shouldn't", "don't", "can't", "no", etc.  So much so that even if 'the presence' is not a machine running a program, since it could well be so with no way to tell just from bee stings, tap sounds on walls and the like, it might as well be a machine.  And the presence itself, even after thirty years during which time I've never been accused, arrested, tried or convicted of anything at all, is just as staunchly stupid in its mindles obedience and adherence to its mission that there is never any appeal to be made to it either.  I took my case to a federal civil court in Atlanta, the stupid judge just went through the motions, offered nothing whatsoever about her reasoning or justification for her judgement, just accepted the FBI's/CIA's letter claiming to have no knowledge of what I was talking about, saddled me with court costs and that was that.  I most certainly should have demanded a jury trial as was my right, where I could have at least looked the judge straight in the eye, and maybe been lucky enough to get at least a few reasonable people on the jury, and I would have if there were any attorneys that would take a case attempting to confront and gain information about the Game/mind control.  Believe me, I looked.  I should have risked it and represented myself pro-se in the courtroom too (knowing nothing about courtroom proceedure at all) and done so simply as a reasonably intelligent person, taught myself what I could about the law and just gone right on in.  The defendants (working in the same federal building as the judge) probably prejudiced the judge and a few were even mockingbirding me right at the judge's reception desk, and of course I never saw any judge at all - only her clerk.  And the defendants (or whomever is behind 'the presence') saw my civil complaint within my mind and intentions and labor in writing up my complaint coming months before it ever took place and, true to form, no one told me anything whatsoever about that either, including the stupid judge, herself.  No one is ever accountable to the captive for anything, and all you'll get by way of information is an ostrich that is obsessed with its own reflection in a mirror and deflections like that, funny but dumb.  So, yes, Mother Teresa could be thrown into this kind of hell and just be left there to suffer too for the rest of her life, so far has this perfectly self-insulated cancer upon the US metastasized itself.  The enemy always wins, never loses, and by now you can clearly see why.  Mother Teresa's great good fortune is that she would have little reason for them to come after her, unless perhaps her politics on behalf of the poor somehow got in the way of the interests of the powers that be and even then they probably wouldn't risk so public a lambasting as they've thrown at me.
Poor Pink, The Wall, the Supreme Court and a Certain Conservative in-Justice 
Sorry, but it's been a few weeks and my memory of it isn't particularly fresh, but I think the moment important enough in hindsight to comment on.
There was a moment in the news some weeks ago, when either a sitting Supreme Court justice (or perhaps a candidate for appointment to the court) in terms of the politics of the so-called 'swing vote' was doing a little doublespeak gaming, perhaps as a 'wink wink' deniable statement of personal opinion, as a conservative codetalk application for the job (common with Trump and at least one of his Supreme Court candidates), or even perhaps a deniable statement to the effect of "Don't expect me or perhaps the entire court to allow any case related to the questionable practices of the Game onto the court's docket any time soon".  And perhaps that justice/candidate was mockingbirding ME, in that among my relative few sexual history moments, I DID once try swinging (well, a menage) one evening with an older couple from Alabama after having had none for the previous several years.  I've also made remarks about the need to somehow against all odds bring a viable case to the Supreme Court on the issue of the Game, so I expected a response.  Sexual encounters of any kind have been few in my life, and I was happy to join the couple and it lasted about an hour or so.  I can thank the damn Inner Party for that at least.  A remotely induced intense headache ended the encounter (which at that point in ignorance I had attributed to there being a TV on in a dark room) and I left fairly abruptly to their mild surprise.
In hindsight, I know that my headache were precisely the same kind of headache that was alluded to by the makers of the film 'The Wall' wherein after an opportunistic groupie i.e. 'dirty woman' (visually coupled to one of the songs from that album more or less as a music video moment) gently and sweetly licks Pink's fingers (suggestive of oral sex).  Pink disengages from her attentions and rubs his temples suggesting that he were being hit with an induced headache.  Didn't know what moment meant, did you?  I DO.  Pink then goes absolutely ballistic in rage in being prevented from an evidently much needed and desired sexual encounter with her, after initially trying to reject her, perhaps knowing by then how useless to try, frightens her half to death and thoroughly destroys his apartment as part of his rage and frustration, ending with throwing his television out his window and leaning out the broken window still in livid rage at being so hurt once again by his unseen persecutors, yelling something like "Die fuckers!!!".  Good for him.  I hope the damn TV hit an Inner Party member on the way down.  I've felt the same impulse from time to time and in some sense they deserve our rage.  I'm sure Carrie-style revenge fantasies are common among TIs and the TV series Killing Eve (doublespeak for sure) may be entertaining precisely those sorts of fantasies in one or more of its leading female captives.  Villanelle twisted my neck vicariously through the screenwriter, showed a scar sign and the one-eye, dead-eye, cyclops sign again and though I still haven't cried in all these decades.  In a sense, screenwriter, youall are the pathetic wonders in my opinion.  If she'd ever talk openly and not deniably through doublespeak, she's probably just say, "Just doing my job, loser." and she already has in one way or another on that interesting TV series.  I must admit that I'm not only entrained, but quite hooked too, rather like the guy she strung up in the red light district and stuck a knife in while herself wearing a piggie mask, mocking both sides evidently.  Oh, and I've been to a prostitute exactly once and thoroughly enjoyed her, which you might notice the tune "Common Disaster" was mockingbirding.  Seems like delusions of grandeur or something, but it's not and I know what I'm talking about, and I always knew how little value there is in it with the mention.  See how mentioning it got an admission from me?  That's part of what that sort of gaming is really for.  My, what a lot of attention for so little reason, a hallmark of the Game as it has visited itself upon me.  They go after the more effective resisters with particular vehemence with their enormous population of artists.
Take it from me, that is what was really being suggested in that scene from the film (and the life of a man in the process of being driven mad rather than simply going mad).  Correct interpretations (like mine) of that moment in the life of that abused, destroyed and self-abusive character (and whomever the character then and now is useful as a tool of mockingbirding also including me but also quite beyond just me) are not allowed in the media such that you are unlikely to find any correct interpretation but my own in any clear way.  Most I think are just too ignorant to interpret the moment correctly as I am doing herein, I being a long time veteran of the Game and its tactics, who fortunatly being a peaceful man and having a suburban fortress of solitude to find some measure of peace within has lasted this long to learn and tell you about it.  Take it from me, what happened to Pink and what happened to me that night with the odd couple were the very same thing.  At least now you have it in proper context.
I'm somewhat less certain of what the justice or justice wannabe was up to, but I'm close on that too.  Scuse me sir, but I just cannot see consenting adults trying to find a little pleasure in each other's company in that one powerfully pleasurable way that nature endows us with to be any great evil in and of itself.  Oh sure, it can be a big factor in prostitution and leading people (particularly women) to dead ends lead by quick cash and cheap self-gratification.  But if you were as lonely and isolated as the Pink character was at that point (and I was that night), seeing your wife herself engaged in an affair, the melt-down of your marriage itself prompted/aggravated by the Game and its tactics (including many TV tactics shown therein artfully) and seeing your life being torn apart in that and other ways by well-insulated others as I have, given nothing but babble and ignorance in return, you might just go ballistic too, or even go so far as to murder others in your rage (the more so in a fall from a relative height of self-assured control of your life and confidence in the very laws that you are appointed to assure the sanctity of), since your real persecutors, being too well insulated from their cruel acts against you, are simply not available and more appropriate targets for your rage, which in terms of human psychology must find some outlet.  I hope the route I've chosen is better than your average mass murder.
Intuition and experience tells me that Bob Geldof of The Boomtown Rats in starring in that cult classic film was 'doing game-time' in taking on the role.  And yea, celebrities do often seem to be as much the objects of the Game as puppet players in it, beating themselves up as much as others like me.  The Game works in mysterious ways to, and the Inner Party at large is indeed that ruthless in its self-insulating ways in treating others they think deserving of their wrath.  Geldof was quoted as calling Pink an 'asshole' during an interview.  Since that film was released before I'd collected most of my own sins, it weren't mockingbirding me personally, unless it were perhaps doing so in an anticipatory way somehow, which the Game often seems capable of too.
Perhaps in reward for his role, maybe feeling some need to wash off the stinky Pink character from his persona and psyche, which for a time possessed him as a good actor's character would, or just entirely of his own initiative in wanting to do some good in the world (the only story we are generally told), Geldof took a leadership role in organizing the Live Aid concert raising money for famine relief in Africa and good for him.  I'd just add that a feel-good celebrity benefit is only supplying a band aid to deeper wounds and that China's infrastructure work in other parts of the world, even though those may have ominous strategic hidden intentions, and of course America's good works throughout the world from the Marshall plan onward, much of which Trump would terminate, are in many ways the better works.
As far as my own moment with the odd couple, it has been a source of exquisite sexual fantasy for me ever since that I've always found dearly erotic and will hold close to my heart (and balls), and I regret having disappointed them.  I and her husband had no contact, we both attended to her and her to us.  Bless their hearts.  I'll be myself, though the heavens fall and not some monkish fool shouting 'Praise Jesus, praise Jesus' forever at a wall, though I admire the Jesus model.  I just find that model too marble for the likes of me.  Love those who enslave and assault you like snipers?  Fuck that.