Letter sent the 'United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner' in response to the call for input from the 'Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment' pursuant to General Assembly resolution 74/143:
The so-called "Game" aka "clandestine harassments" aka "the CIA state" aka "the machine" aka "hell's gate" aka "hell's magnet" includes (as fantastical as it does indeed seem) the remote, sophisticated and anonymous surveillance of human thought and thus recalled memories (RNM - remote neural monitoring) and neurobiological harassments of all kinds (RN) including so-called 'bee stings', 'voice-to-skull' and outright induction of physical discomfort and pain, other forms of harassment like 'haunted house' effects (the generation of tap and bump sounds from source unknown, frozen frames on television screens, blips of noise on radios at suggestive moments, equipment that malfunctions or temporarily ceases to function, etc) that are applied in complement to RNM, a social/conspiracy aspect that relies on 'newspeak'/'doublethink' (the dual or multi-interpretation of words and symbols) which mocks TIs (targeted individuals) in a general way (for example the familiar doublethink name 'Beaver Cleaver') and specific TIs individually and sells the Game amorphously by osmosis throughout the creative media in highly concerted/orchestrated ways, both by its devotees and by its captives as 'penance' to big brother in exchange for their big broadcast media voices. It relies on ALL of those aspects specifically to be unprovable as existing at all, to control the narrative about itself as 'cartoon news' and to keep the tyranny perpetual including the unstated belief that it is good and right, an impression that is regularly reinforced most directly in the labeling of TIs as delusional, mentally ill and schizophrenic, particularly when they have reacted with generalized violence. The bulk of TIs being peaceful are rarely heard from or about at all and we languish in little private hells. It's perpetuality is also enhanced by the sheer inability to prove the means involved and has become through the decades cliche. The dilemma is similar to trying to prove that you are being cooked by high power microwaves from the other side of a locked door. It cannot be done by the naked human animal, can only be attempted with the assistance of technological means, and any intention towards doing so is readily detected via RNM long before the intention could possibly reach fruition and can thus always be circumvented.
An outright tyranny that strategically relies on all of the above has been designed and put in motion that is apparently at least six and a half decades old. And George Orwell's novel '1984' (pub 1949) dates back to the formation of the CIA (1951) and the immediate post WW2 era, further deepening the mystery of how it could possibly be by now so old. Orwell's two-way televisions may well have mirrored the CIA's 'Operation Octopus', a plan to surveill through normal television sets (or simply disinformation designed to induce fear), which was itself alluded to in the gaming film 'A Beautiful Mind' in the context of the starry night sky (umbrella and octopus). Orwell coined the terms thought police, thought crime, doublethink, duckspeak, unperson, and relevant those are. Three times in his novel, the OBrian character (previously broken inner party member, torturer) accurately reads the mind of the Winston character (outer party member, torturee, unperson and thought criminal). In 'backslider' Goldstein's i.e. OBrian et al's i.e. Orwell's epilog, the desire of the state to determine what a man is thinking against his will is entertained. Intended clues like a small herd of 3's and 7's appear on the first few pages (meaning obvious). The 39-93 code appears three times in different forms (righteous-not). 'IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH' decodes basically as "Your ignorance is our strength" and true it is. 'WAR IS PEACE' as "the kind of war that to all outward appearances appears to be peace" and true it is. 'FREEDOM IS SLAVERY' as "the kind of slavery in which one is free to get up and walk around" and true it is, the ultimate 'undisclosed location' being wherever you happen to be, and that includes the entirety of the continental United States even while traveling at highway speeds at a bare minimum. Orwell also included an 'Anti-sex League' and a mandatory 'ending the orgasm' class, Winston visiting a prostitute and Julia being from the 'porno district', and Orwell did so for strategic reasons in that the real thing has most commonly portrayed itself as being for interrogating and forcibly reforming human beings, particularly in a sexual context. But that 'cartoon news' which regularly paints its own picture of itself in a domain with no standards of accuracy, appropriateness and justice offers only simplistic half-truths at best. "Unlike those earlier hedonistic regimes, this time we know what we're doing." - OBrian i.e. Orwell. And true it is.
What it is without question is a very dangerous asymptote of near absolute power with zero accountability. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Naturally enough, those who hold its reigns are very determined to hold on to that asymptote indefinitely and that sort of power without responsibility would be seductive indeed. Politicians and law makers never mention it and have no political responsibility for its existence and few probably even know its stark reality. Courts can't cope with the unprovables and accept the lies of the CIA and FBI as gospel as to their ignorance of it, as I personally discovered. And its dead (usually by suicide and occasionally by generalized violence) are always swept under the rug and their deaths attributed to other causes followed by the inevitable news media calls for more gun controls and the monitoring and evaluation of the mental 'health' of individuals. No surprise that complaints of the influence itself are themselves always regarded as evidence for psychiatric treatment and have been woven into the DSM criteria for the diagnosis of mental disorders. TIs (and there are tens of thousands at least), no matter how long they share their very similar experiences and protest for change are always ignored and disregarded often on the basis of pretended incredulity, proving that if no one is willing to apply the laws that would protect citizens from the state and from each other, then those laws don't effectively exist. It is a super-cheat.
I who write this am a man of perfectly sound mind and abilities with an electrical engineering degree, who puts no faith in conspiracy theory and who speaks entirely from personal experience of nearly thirty years (and in terms of the accounts of other TIs in only a general way). And I know for an absolute fact that it is real, albeit a strategically unprovable fact. I once put up bumper stickers attempting to draw eyes to my website that addresses these issues and found those ripped down within a couple of days. All appeals to leadership have failed or have never been responded to as is typical. In writing reasoned, dispassionate essays like this one for decades, I have gained a readership... of several. The tyranny itself has proven to be quite resilient and impervious.
It is a thing quite capable of literally slipping into even a powerful and influential person's mind, loitering there long enough to determine all of his or her secrets, shames, crimes, fears and regrets and then popping up (internally) with so-called 'bee stings' which an RNM surveillance 'presence' is well able to use effectively as a form of semi-communications that forcibly, inescapably and inherently 'entrains' the mind to 'doublethink' (and thus find the creative media 'cartoon news' and mockingbirding readable hiding in plain view, sometimes personally so complete with name dropping and semi name dropping in a process that could be termed 'implied identity defamation), then blackmailing, fear-mongering, threatening, prattling endlessly, cajoling and ultimately using carrot-and-stick diplomacy to all but force that person into its service, complicity with it or at least silence and denial, all without leaving the slightest trace of clear evidence.  Thus its bargaining hand is an enormous closed fist.  The life of a TI can include endless debilitating moments that no one else will ever see and can never be proven. For example, a harmless moment watching some televised crime drama (or commercial promotion thereof) in which a character points (and possibly) fires a gun at the view can become an anonymous death threat with the simple addition of a well-timed 'bee sting'.
Quite the novel way to control people they've created and the ultimate coup with no one to ask why or hold accountable and no way to escape or stop it. Even were the RNM presence and its bee stings to go altogether silent, the TI must assume (that being a quite reasonable assumption) that it is still there until death with anything said, done, thought, heard, seen, enjoyed (if possible), and any interaction with anyone readily surveilled and anything interesting shared about within a large conspiring 'goody mob', along with its potential to pop back up at any time thereafter with it's/their babble, mockery, harassments and tortures. In my own experience, love, friendships and family are obsolete and impossible in the face of it. It is tyranny perfected and one that will probably persist forever and a kind of living death, all (including the UN) being either powerless or unwilling to do anything about it, although the UN is just beginning to wake up to the obvious - that in a modern world there are many ways to surveill and harass deniably and there are many who know full well how to exploit that fact.  The UN has addressed issues from nuclear weapons to biological weapons to tyranny to human slavery.  Now it must at long last embrace and include within its Universal Declaration of Human Rights the reality the issue of a new form of human slavery - the direct, remote and surreptitious invasion and harassment of the mind itself, particularly in view of the fact that the CIA (or whomever) has cultivated a culture that is going hog wild with that power and appears to have no limits in their abuse of it.
It seems to me a thing so potentially dangerous to democracy and representative government that it surely must be known for the fact on the ground that it is. The paragraph requesting input at the UN website would in some sense appear to have precisely that regime in mind. Being so perfectly well-hidden, unaccountable in any domain and self-advertising, where oh where might it drag society to? The full-blown Orwellian tyranny 'mirrors' the real thing as by now so many other examples do from the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' with its dozens of so-called subliminals and its hapless citizens being psychically summoned to Devil's Tower with similar visions to films like 'The Matrix' series, 'Field of Dreams', the 1976 film 'Network', the Kubrik films '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'Doctor Strangelove', 'The Adjustment Bureau' and by now many, many others.  It's grip on the televised media is extravagant.
The CIA has long been known to have infiltrated the news, printed and cinematic media since the cold war days and those were/are often key in toppling foreign regimes and promoting societal movements and unheavals. What shouldn't be underestimated is their influence upon the USA's domestic televised and film media, which are working at full speed in their service to this very day. For example, ALL of the major insurance companies are regularly gaming/mockingbirding with their commercials. And those amusing commercials are not simply funny bits to entertain and sell insurance. Those are crafted to serve a dual purpose. Those contain mocking/knives/triggers that leverage highly personal information drawn from highly invasive surveillance. For example, the man on the phone late at night with another man who is caught talking about 'insurance' by his wife. It is part of a media culture that has been grown to such a scale that it is pervasive throughout the media and is virtually all readable as between-the-lines and in support of the so-called Game. And that is a fact, not conspiracy theory, albeit an unprovable fact by design, just as the vagaries of language, symbol and art are often ambiguous, a fact that is being exploited to the fullest.