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Dedicated to exposing and reforming the clandestine reinvention of slavery and the hidden tyranny sometimes called mind control

I've learned a lot (including how much I and we all still don't know) during my own nearly thirty year hell in the Virtual Guantanamo of Mind Control (aka the Game, aka The Wall, aka the Dope Show, aka A Place Called Vertigo, aka a whole lot of other ambiguous junk substituting for an official NAME).  Thanks for your patience. - 5/17/19

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I'd like to start by saying so long to ole Tom Petty.  We're told that he died of an accidental overdose.  Yet he made an album and called it 'Full Moon Madness'.  I will assume that the old gaming sign 'full moon' carries a doublespeak connotation relating to a lady's (or a man's if you prefer) lovely round ass in all its naked glory and not something like 'full of shit', which would be disgusting.  He also is quoted as singing "No I won't... back... down...", which I'll attribute to the Game, whatever the prattling and half-truth telling and oh so compromised news and entertainment media may attribute that lyric too.  And remember that curious look he gave us all in the film Waterworld and his role therein a probable 'pat on the back' of sorts.  It is my informed opinion that he was a TI and that he killed himself squarely within the context of the pressure, pain, madness, despair and hopelessness of the cursed Game, the Virtual Guantanamo - that first truly perfected tyranny that the world has ever (not) seen.  If Robin Williams and untold others (possibly also including approximately 37 million or so innocent mostly men and some women and some children) died under similar circumstances, only the Shadow knows at this point.  Stand by (doublespeak DEFINITELY intended).  And expect some of my own comedy failings and some playful (and hopefully illustrative) gaming of my own, if only to maintain my own sanity along the way.  Therein (but not here) I'll throw in some invention, some exaggeration, some gaming in a general way and let you decide what is real and what IS an illusion about me.  I'll not make their run-down of me easy for them.  But in this and other essays, I'm deadly serious.  But I have no one personally to attack, mock, sign or otherwise thereby.  I don't HATE anyone within the whole sad business of the game.  And I hope you won't either.  Are you geddon it?  I think you're (Arma)geddon it.  Better to burn out (and be myself)... than fade away (under the pit and pendulum of the Game).

Even though Bob Dylan would have us all believe "You know what he wants.".  No Bob, even after nearly thirty years and a MOUNTAIN of ambiguous prattle of all kinds (including your own), I STILL don't know what would appease that hungry beast, unless that be ALL that one has to give to the prosecutor within, even though the bee stinger prattles at me more or less constantly.  And no, neither the preacher man nor the rifle man has put down THIS jokerman quite yet (whose jokes are about to begin in ernest) and reports of his being sick and lame are, I believe, somewhat exaggerated.  And what the fuck is this hypocrisy about ass/moon, huh?  It's allowed in porn, in every shop, on the cable dial, throughout the internet even here in bible belt Atlanta, it's allowed for some, but not others.  I admit I find it erotic.  Come out of hiding, Bob.  Invite your peers out too.  Stand behind what YOU prattle so beautifully.  You were (at least in that tune) I must admit, clearer than most, where you listed a bunch of sins but no remedies.  Thank you for your relative clarity anyway.  Here's one judge that were twisted up in the web of her own hypocrisy or in her ignorance, while just going obliviously or knowingly through the motions, while we're all twisted up in the web of big brother's brilliantly diabolical and superpowered scheme.  Is there a God therein, a devil or just men and women whose ruthless intolerance is rooted in hate and who have access to power the like of which is nearly beyond belief.   Do you even know, sir?  Sneaking into people's minds for decades or lifetimes, hiding perfectly and prattling all the while, and stealing (believe it or not) our entire recalled life experiences to share with strangers like YOU to mock back at us in clever ways?  Good GOD man.  All I can say is, you BETTER have God on your side or woe to you and your own soul, if there is such a thing as a soul and a God.

Jokerman - Bob Dylan
Standing on the waters casting your bread
[The Jesus sign is common enough.  Jews have proven to be more willing to mangle the Jesus legend than Christians, I think.]
While the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowing
[They sent me the genie once - angry looking, glowing eyes in an email as I recall.]
Distant ships sailing into the mist,
You were born with a snake in both of your fists while a hurricane was blowing
[Sexual?  Blowing the snakes as it were?  And the Game as a kind of hurricane - newspeak I've encountered elsewhere?  'Birthday' is also doublespeak for the initiation of your virtual confinement, as I understand it.  Reference the film: The Game.  So, if you must take one snake in hand, I'd have to recommend not taking two, certainly with the Inner Party and their Game in the world.  I doubt I'm the jokerman referred to, but if I am, no, I've never had two 'snakes' in my 'fists'.]
Freedom just around the corner for you
[Sometimes seems that way.  Never is until you give in and serve it in one way or another in my experience.]
But with the truth so far off, what good will it do?
[Sorry sir.  Can't give youze guyz answers that I think I don't owe you or the Thought Police (aka Big Brother, aka the Inner Party), certainly not under these circumstances.]
Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune,
[A bit of a reach, but, hangs out all night in the clubs maybe?  A night lifer and all that entails?]
Bird fly high by the light of the moon,
[Get high and fuck each other up da butt or masterbate to anal porn?]
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman
So swiftly 'the son' sets in the sky,
[Yep, we TI's have been referred to as setting sons too.  And unpersons and the dead, hence the zombie thing and oodles of other names - somewhat undeserved, I think.]
You rise up and say goodbye to no one
[Yep, it's a lonely life for the TI, particularly we who foolishly try to fight the damn thing.]
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,
[Maybe a little exaggeration there on both sides.  But yes, with the total anonymity of bee stings or even the anonymous graffiti or the cough in passing on the street or the sign in the song or the TV show or the film, the Davids can certainly badger the Goliath to the Goliath's destruction, like being covered in fire ants.]
Both of their futures, so full of dread, you don't show why
[Mine is.  Well, a measured sort of dread.  It can literally crash a hard drive or crash a car.  Lucky for my game-time, it's been more measured than wreaking that much havoc.  But there's always the fear of many forms.  Always under threat.  And who knows what other TIs have been forced to endure.]
Shedding off one more layer of skin,
[Here are a few more layers for you and your fellow angels, sir, as payment for the quality of your signage.]
Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within
[And he means literally within.  How they do it and keep up the chatter all the time, I don't know.  Maybe somewhat crowd sourced.]
Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune,
[A note of interest.  That bird has a song so varied as to seem words in a fricking language, not just infinite repeats of the same riff like most bird species. Check it out at Wikipedia.  It's amazing ]
Bird fly high by the light of the moon,
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman
You're a man of the mountains, you can walk on the clouds,
[Never been sure of the meaning of the 'mountain' sign, beyond "mountain of one's sins", but it's common enough.  See 'Close Encounters' for a heavy use of that one.  Maybe one of you stars can enlighten me.]
Manipulator of crowds, you're a dream twister
[You too sir.  I just don't do it as well as you nor do I have nearly so large an audience.  Nor do I have any fans.  I just try to call it like I see it without all that poetic and other ambiguity that BB finds so necessary for obscurity factor.]
You're going to Sodom and Gomorrah
[Well.... blush.  Yep.  Just in porn these days though.  Sigh...  Thank God for those hot chicks!!]
But what do you care? Ain't nobody there would want to marry your sister
[That being a metaphorical generality, no comment on that of a personal nature.  Mine are decent enough.]
Friend to the martyr, a friend to the woman of shame,
[I do feel for TIs, particularly the chicks.  I see prostitutes as cashing in some of the great value of their beauty and allure particularly in their relative youth.  America is a market economy after all.  I can't blame them.  In fact, I thank them for their sacrifice, which has been so important for me and my lonely sexuality.  I went to a prostitute exactly once.  I liked it and her.]
You look into the fiery furnace, see the rich man without any name
[You're one of those, but at least you have a name, sir.  If he means the fiery furnace of porn, then yes, I do.  The Coca-Cola Corporation however, does not have a name.  CCC is mentioned specifically in Dr. Strangelove.  And here's how a TI driving a cab at all hours in Atlanta answers to the Coca-Cola Corporation.  Coca-Cola's game was at the time was the intimidation game, though the great majority of black folk that I've driven have been decent enough, most paid their fares, I was slowly learning to be more foregiving (particularly in the age of Uber and Lift), and a surprising number were generous beyond their means.  To some degree, it was I who had to mature to better serve them.  It would have been worse for me if good customer service weren't a thing that I really enjoyed.  Who would want to depart a fare with anger when they can end it with a smile and a satisfied customer.  Who'd want to fill their life with resentments and angers for a few exta bucks?  If a scrawny white guy could serve all neighborhoods at 2am each morning, then that speaks something for them doesn't it?  Just like anyone including me, they'd like a little respect, a good attitude and to not get cheated as so many drivers would and do, judging by the stories I kept hearing.  Even so, that billboard was below the belt in my opinion.]
Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune,
Bird fly high by the light of the moon,
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman
Well, the Book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy,
[I'll have to check out more of the Bible than just Genesis until the begats.  And Relations before I start to feel tangled up in symbolism that's difficult to interpret.  Maybe someone can enlighten me.]
The law of the jungle and the sea are your only teachers
[Those are your only teachers too.  The Game is the big invisible elephant in the room.  You and the power that you serve get away with this outrageous tyranny sometimes called the Game, because there is no stopping it, since it is so perfectly well hidden and powerful and because it has proven to be so good at capturing both people and opinions about itself.  Not because it and you are right and good and necessary, though youall have many convinced of that in the fuzzy and conspiratorial ways of the Game.  Youall are just the biggest predator in the jungle and the biggest cheaters who have departed farthest from law and constitution than even the mice you chase about, your prey.  Maybe it's good that the biggest predator in the jungle seems to be a moralistic enterprise, though a semi-brutal one.  I'm not sure what the sea symbolizes other than a big ole deep watery jungle including the occasional sea monster.  But in a sense, you're right.  We do what we can because our needs, desires, wants and foolishness drive us on.  In a sense, we hairless naked apes are all jungle creatures.]
In the smoke of the twilight on a milk-white steed,
[Might be a 'space cadet glow of smoking weed' sign combined with a beastiality sign.  Milk is often doublespeak for semen.  See the music video 'Losing My Religion' for the use of milk as a semen metaphor.]
Michelangelo indeed could've carved out your features
Resting in the fields, far from the turbulent space,
[Thank God I have a suburban fortress of solitude (and that I'm the type to like solitude) with relative peace with just the ever present bee stings and the presence coupled with it to annoy me.  I did say a relative sort of peace.]
Half asleep near the stars with a small dog licking your face
[Stars like you, sir?  Or do you mean the stars who are forced into big bro's service, having committed sins/crimes of their own, as I have, and who fear BB's exposure of their sins in a courtroom or on Entertainment Tonight or in the corrupt rag the National Enquirer or on the national news?  Shut down your/their careers should you/they fail to comply?  Cover them with mockingbird ants?  Are you one of those, yourself?  We're all sinners.  We've all made mistakes.  Has BB arm-twisted and rewarded you for cooperating and ultimately convinced you that it's best that BB invite itself into all of our minds and homes and lives and if you're like me, chatter at you all day every day, telling you do this, don't do that, can't you read the signs?  Or do the cooperators enjoy a relative freedom from the daily chatter, as Orwell suggested via the O'Brian character (i.e. the priviledge of turning off the two way TV).  Do they fear being considered crazy for daring to report BB's incredible power over us, as ('they'd think I was a nut') Peter Gabriel appeared to be, he who now appears to want to be BB's sledge hammer?  I can't seem to manage to become complacent with it as every one of you appear to be.  Have you/they forgotten your/their/our rights as American citizens and as human beings?  If you/they all got together, you/they could blow right past BB's strong but gossamer defenses, BB's house of cards inside a brick wall inside a sunken fortress, despite BB's enforced media blackout.  But youall never do.  And evidently you never will, so well has BB divided us all and evidently convinced you perhaps by force of its necessity.  Has your own collective propaganda hypnotized you?
Or do you lay suggestive sin-bricks in your own little portion of the Wall willingly, volutarily, considering it a moral duty, perhaps as a moral Jewish man?  I have no fight to pick with you.  As is clearly the case, you are one of the greater artists out there and a poet.  I find a deep reluctance in daring to try to describe and translate instances where the artists appear to have self-inlaid their own bricks into their own musical works or as actors in others' works, lest I wind up hurting them by clarifying it all as I have sought to do, a fear much assisted by BB's warnings in my own mind to stop doing so and only pour out my own sins.  But the very fact that the thing's snuck into my mind at all and my life and home and associates forces me to try anyway.  This is not a life.  It's outrageous.  I have no wish to hurt anyone including you, but I wonder why you artists are all so damn comfy with it.  What a diabolical plan BB has cooked up.  In the official news, we're just now hearing about exciting new research that may soon allow thought to be translated directly into text.  And yet, the tools of the game are orders of magnitude beyond that paltry technology.  Do they just convince you that it's all for the best?  For the children?  For the future?  That it must be kept secret?  Do you see Kubrik's bubble fetus at the end of 2001 and just say, well, guess it's for them, for the future.  It seems to me that tyrannies are made in such ways.  What am I missing, damnit?  What am I failing to see?
Anyway, a co-worker named Chris Knerr whom I THOUGHT was a friend slipped me a floppy with three beastiality images, I not knowing what was on them, till I got home.  I hadn't been thinking and fantasizing about such things.  Wasn't in any danger of stealing someone's horse or dog or pig and having my way with it.  The bastard was seeking to entrap me.  Afterwards, he asked me to join him for lunch.  He asked about them.  I told him they were kinda  gross.  Someone seemed to be listening from an adjoining booth.  At least I met a treasure of a worthy young lady at one of his Wiccan wife's get togethers slash classes.  I fucked up that relationship too.  I should have held on to her for dear life.  She gave me a Tarot reading.  First card that showed was the devil card (upside down).  I thought her Wiccan faith a bit silly, but if it floated her boat, who was I to question it?]
Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune,
Bird fly high by the light of the moon,
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman
Well, the rifleman's stalking the sick and the lame,
[Ain't that that the truth in a sense, but I protest that although I may be lame, I'm not sick.  Some surely are though.]
Preacherman seeks the same, who'll get there first is uncertain
[Yep, the Game seems largely about moralism.  Can you see the film by the same name and not think otherwise?  For me the issue revolves around perpetual slavery in forced ignorance to powers unknown.]
Nightsticks and water cannons, tear gas, padlocks,
Molotov cocktails and rocks behind every curtain,
[I think he's referring mostly to the angel's arsenal and doing so metaphorically.  There is however the occasional mass murder and violence and prisons and protest.  Fortunately for me, I'm the peaceful type.  It's served me better than any other ally.]
False-hearted judges dying in the webs that they spin,
[Goodness.  How... generous.  The words misguided, complicitous and even lazy are the words I'd apply to Judge Orlinda Evans (see below).  I think that if she had endured a single day of the mind-slavery, as I've known it for nearly thirty years, ordered about in her own home, in her own bedroom, in her own courtroom and office, she'd have had a little more to say than nothing at all.  And if she'd had anyone close to her die in the HIV epidemic, she might have looked a little closer at the gaming film material I offered that showed an uncanny relation to the issue before the first published reports of it.  False is the nation that does this to its own citizens, regardless of what the hiding powers are after, and its laws meaningless.]
Only a matter of time 'til night comes steppin' in
[I've taken to begging the presence for death via some Quiet-Us, the virtual kind, which I know it's capable of.  I tried to drive my cab several days in a row only to see some needed equipment not work each consecutive day.  I finally gave up stuggling to make a living and fighting the hidden monster that plagues me at least for now.  Angry and dejected once again on my way back home, I'd say, "Can't fight a super-criminal".  On the other side of that coin, just remember that night has been steppin' in at least since the post WW2 era and Orwell's benchmark novel 1984, though maybe it's a war that must be fought perpetually.]
Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune,
Bird fly high by the light of the moon,
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman
It's a shadowy world, skies are slippery gray,
[In a sense, both sides are, mockingbirds are slippery as hell.  So often are their quarry (us).]
A woman just gave birth to a prince today and dressed him in scarlet
[Eek.  Hence Beatrix Kiddo?  And yea, some of those 'stars' go a little too far in porn, advancing the bogus 'mother/son' fantasy thing.  I usually just turn off the volume and look at them as a younger man and a cougar when they even bother to choose one to look younger than the other.  I usually just play my own fantasy of mowing the lawn of a neighbor lady as an adolescent, hoping she'd invite me in to play.  SNL recently did a suggestively incestuous bit.  It was hilarious.  Have you noticed that SNL is always about the business of the Game?  Incest shouldn't be allowed, but neither should lifetime mind-slavery, theft of memory and virtual interrogations that never end, in my opinion.]
He'll put the priest in his pocket, put the blade to the heat,
[Now Dylan's adding some heat to his blade.  I assume Dylan's referring to sex offender priests and "he" a metaphorical devil at the moment.  I assume most of that is bounce-back from the lifetime requirement of chastity.  In America, that would be difficult.  My but isn't the poetic form both fuzzy and flexible.]
Take the motherless children off the street
And place them at the feet of a harlot
[Ugh.  I hope he's not referring to child sex slaves domestically and internationally.  That's bad.  That's where angels are needed, though angels is something of a misnomer in my opinion.  Sells the Game well, though.  I do think children should be safe and inviolable and I believe in the 18 year borderline.  Dylan, by putting a bunch of provocative sins in our ears does a great job of selling the game, and you the reader being stupid, will assume reflexively that all of us TIs look just like that and will assume that anything whispered in your ears conspiratorially and uncontested is true about us of course.]
Oh, Jokerman, you know what he wants,
[See above.  No, it's not as clear as you might think, sir.  How far to go in appeasing some anonymous oppressor's demands?  Or God if God would be such a small god.  But the presence doesn't come across to me as God.  It has no grace.  It seems more of a drill sargeant, a trainer/interrogator by force that's excruciatingly hobbled, itself (given only bee stings and deniable pain and pressure so as to convey no actual information or proof of its activities.]
Oh, Jokerman, you don't show any response
[One learns not to, sir.  One learns not to.  The fear fades and is replaced by a dull resignation to continue fighting to the bitter end.  Fighting for one's freedom and rights as a citizen and human being.  Why would I allow some anonymous, hiding fiend that has invited itself into my home, my life and my mind for thirty years and pretends not to exist to squeeze anything out of me at all and uses people like you in part to do its angelic dirty work, while it hides behind you too?  Would you be so willing?]
Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune,
Bird fly high by the light of the moon,
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman
[And no, I don't think that tune was written specifically to mock me nor that Dylan would ever see this essay except through the Game-vine.  Dylan was, by the way, what Key was referring to in Children of Men obviously enough.  Hope Dylan doesn't mind accepting some of the wages of my own sins.  The angels sometimes refer to themselves as a bank and we their captives in debt to that bank.  And no, these aren't just my interpretations.  These are more or less exactly what Dylan intended to convey, he being very much in the know.]
Here are some of my comedy failings.  Why?  I have a silly side that's been itching to get out like a Rotweiler that's been left indoors for ten years and has ten years worth of need to get out and comedy pee.  Eventually, one decides to be oneself.  And eventually the Game infests us all, I suppose.  I assume the jokerman thing is sheer coincidence, or maybe many of us resort to jokes in the pressure cooker.
Comedy Failings (I sincerely apologize for the low quality of the humor)


I have completed a civil case in the Northern Georgia District Court available through the PACER system:

17 JACKSON, TED GRAHAM 1:2008cv02810 09/08/2008 
Jackson v. Federal Bureau of Investigation et al

And here is a slightly modified (and hopefully improved) version in the hope that it may be useful to other targeted persons someday:

Initial Complaint (Free Downloadable Version)

Exhibit A - FOIA Letters

Exhibit B - Personal

Exhibit C - Represent

Exhibit D - Methods of Attack

Exhibit E - Sensations

Exhibit F - Druid Valley

Exhibit G - Other Victims

Exhibit H - CSEL

Exhibit I - Opthamologist

Exhibit J - Supporting Documentation

Exhibit K - General Media

Exhibit L - Reports of Bee Stings

Exhibit M - Broken Bookcase

Exhibit N - Computer Attacks

Exhibit O - Yankovic

Exhibit P - Music Industry

Exhibit Q - Timeline

Response to Defendant's Motion to Dismiss

Presented with a habeus corpus petition, the honorable Orlinda Evans ignored it.  Asked again, she again ignored it.  Presented with a host of circumstantial evidence of the defendant's old techno-social abomination (sometimes called 'the game', 'mind control' and other names), she ignored that too.  She did not indicate if she had even reviewed all of the evidence put before her, although she was asked TWICE.  She was fed the same old denials by the defendants, which she then proceeded to treat as gospel, surely knowing that those were false.  She then used that lie to deny several motions seeking clarification of the defendants' powers and the laws (if any) that enable them to secretly and continuously subject peaceful persons who have been convicted of no crime to the regime of concerted mental cruelty and even physical torture for the rest of their lives without explanation.  She used the defendants' lie to (you guessed it) ignore a request for an accounting of the number persons that the game (in one way or another) has already quietly put to death in decades past.  And the number is surely many.  And finally, she used that lie to allow the defendants to dispense with the case in its entirety.  She refused to offer any opinion on the substance of the case or any of its exhibits, except to label one component of the case delusional, offering nothing substantive to support that claim.  I wonder if she even understood how profoundly she both failed me and betrayed the nation and the law.  I wonder if she bothered to think at all.  She made the law look like just one more of big brother's clever facades.  And now the talk is about tossing out 'activist judges', evidently just one more code for liberal leaning judges and judges who are truer to the law and not just to the conservative agenda.

Judge Evans could not defend her misjudgement, except on the pretext of a weak technicality.  So she did not even attempt to.  No doubt she has received many quiet and ambiguous pats on the back from other members of the network (now sometimes calling themselves 'the family') for her betrayal of myself and of the law.  In fact she already has, including the recent and typically simplistic and misleading 'buyer beware' courtroom commercial.  The CIA (who, along with the FBI, have become in some respects the ultimate gangsters and mob bosses) was recently told in no uncertain terms before a congressional investigative body that, after calling itself a 'family' to that body that they are NOT a family and have no business referring to themselves as such.  Maybe they need to be reminded again.  Of course, by implying it this time through their many formal and informal enthusiastic media contacts rather than stating it outright, they joined the word to their traditional formula of ambiguous suggestion (referred to by one author as 'newspeak'), which as we know, renders the real message practically unprovable, yet still quite legible to many.  When I stated that I would be willing to confront any aspect of my past in a fair courtroom setting with whatever evidence obtained from whatever source the defendants cared to produce rather than endure a lifetime of the defendant's cruel machinations and those of their large and unregulated network, you guessed it - that was ignored too.  Like so many others already, I looked for justice there and found exactly the opposite.  The fool missed a great opportunity to finally help right some great wrongs - an opportunity that may never come again.  Justice is clearly dead in Judge Evans' courtroom.  I have no doubt that she has similarly tossed aside every similar complaint that has landed on her docket as well.

Judge Evans' court proved to be the modern day equivalent of an old deep South court whose decision is a forgone conclusion before the trial even begins and which is more responsive to carefully and endlessly cultivated and unstated popular opinion and cleverly expressed hatreds than to the law, although she would certainly deny that too if asked directly.   I also submitted a motion requesting that she voluntarily subject herself to some of the technological aspects of a typical persecution, including the super migraines (even if only briefly and only to the degree of discomfort), which she promptly denied, as I knew she would.  I can imagine how radically her opinion would have changed had she actually experienced them!   I would have also been quite pleased to literally pore through her memories (acquired over time during the process of unexpressed stream of thought) and mock back to the entire nation anything embarassing found there extending as far back in her life as her memory still extends, while (according to formula) never directly stating what those actually are (to her at least), and embelleshing and exaggerating as I please within the safety of the formula of suggestion just as my own persecutors have done since I was a boy.

As one of the few remaining dissenting artists recently said, "It's an invasion.  An occupation."  And he was right.  I'm amazed that the song even made it to the airwaves at all.  In ten years, it may well not.  And that depends only on how arbitrarily exclusive the many people having positions of control within the news and creative media are willing to be and how much abuse the few remaining dissenters who dare to speak up loudly and clearly receive from their peers who are in the 'family'.  Whether formally or informally, the defendants now own the media - lock, stock and barrel - even Laura Flanders and Amy Goodman, who are fairer in their treatment of terrorists and accused murderers than peaceful Americans targets.  The network is regularly and systematically being fed leaked information (either directly or indirectly) from federal sources, and who then proceed to mock it back to the nation within their broadcasts, information which, based on the content of that mockery, is woefully exaggerated, incomplete and sometimes simply invented.

Miss Flanders and Miss Goodman appear to care if the torture and mental cruelty occurs in only one place.  Just not if it occurs anywhere and everywhere and any time.  Those persons (and many others) make damn sure never to reveal exactly what that information is and are willing COINTELPRO functionaries.  The number of those functionaries are SO numerous that for all practical purposes, the media is owned, although Miss Goodman and Miss Flanders are also of course free to dessiminate other news information as they please.  Some of those mockers (particularly within the advertising and creative media rather than the news media) appear to be mocking back information derived from stream of thought rather than actions or spoken word.  Those are NOT equivalent and should not and can not be considered as such.  And yet, those appear to be effectively treated as such for the purposes of mockingbird.  The very presence of that COINTELPRO relationship already compromises the integrity of those two journalists, who also never investigate and report the other aspects of these private hells, which incorporate such powerful and hidden technologies and means that few subjects are MORE deserving of investigation and reporting.  Who knows if Amy Goodman's recent eye affliction were not just one more incarnation of the regularly applied (and signed) dead eye neurological attack tactic?  One thing's for sure - a doctor is incapable of distinguishing such an induced affliction from a natural one.  And neither is she.  The danger is that it COULD be.  Perhaps she was being punished for being a political headache to some.  Perhaps not.  Those will be the perpetual dangers in this post war era of surreptitious and sophisticated neurological influence.  Do you really WANT a government that is both so powerful and so hidden and immune?  I expect that Miss Goodman and Miss Flanders don't give a damn about me, but what if it were their own children who were under attack?  And yes, Miss Flanders, they ARE in our minds now, just as you briefly noted.  Too bad you were unwilling to go any farther than that.  And yes, the FBI and CIA are indeed willing to tear minds and lives apart to further their agenda and to keep their secret torture chambers both hidden and intact, yet obvious to the minds of all involved.

Ladies, please don't provide the FBI and CIA perpetual immunity for their own crimes through your silence.  Nor allow them to sell themselves through their network and forever perpetuate only the point of view they want to sell.  They have created a perfectly virulent meme that has found the perfect camouflage.  Strip it from them with a little actual information.  Every induced suicide that goes unreported helps to lull the public into thinking that the FBI/CIA's game is far better than it is.  Every reflection of the game within the trappings of a hospital setting does the same.  If you are in the business of covering up those long drawn out murders, then just maintain your silence.  Now they have a clever little series called 'Dexter' to leave the public with more of an impression that WE are often murderers, when I am certain that that is rarely the case.  Your silence is helping to build a kind of wild west of right wing vigilantism.  You owe us only fair and unbiased reporting.  You owe the FBI and the CIA nothing at all.  Fortunately, Guantanamo left a record of its evils.  Imagine one that never does and leaves only a record of what they want you to believe.  Don't allow them to consume entire lives that might have been saved.

In the meantime, the media continues to spew its endless stream of ambiguously grotesque suggestion in a general way to help keep popular opinion boiling and to mock targets like me.  "Till you up and die", said another artist, never knowing just how far he has been mislead, but all too ready to pass judgement anyway.  HIS motives have no journalistic integrity at all.  And then his broadcast feeds the next artist's diatribe.  And on the cycle goes.  From so-called "Bad Robot Productions" to "Spyglass Entertainment" - you can see the black hand of the CIA in those venues too, hiding in plain view, just as they want you to, so long as you are able to go no further than that by way of proof.  And just because a production house calls itself 'Bad Robot', doesn't mean that all of the CIA's robots are necessarily bad.  It seems to me that all those artists who endlessly spin out big brother's line in their various forms are the robots and we, their targets, who still try to think freely and indepently.  Learn to distinguish propaganda from actual information.  And learn to distinguish the very presence of propaganda in the first place.  They can allude to the profound ways that they are able to influence the mind all they like before the faces of millions.  Yet, journalists just stand aside silently as though their feet were in concrete.

Meanwhile, the history channel recently aired one of its occasional strategic mirrors of 'mind control' itself, presenting the subject as though it were only some near future plausibility, rather than the long established reality that it is, even including a bit about the monster Jim Jones by way of implied justification, although most probably read that bit as only describing a kind of mind control itself, which of course it was.  You should keep that example in mind, remember that your opinions are also being continuously controlled through the media (particularly the advertising and creative media), and that forcing helpless and peaceful persons to suicide is part of the current regime as well.  And you can find THOSE signs in everything from Orwell's razor blades to "The Wall's" razor blades ("The Wall", curiously mirroring Orwell's 1984 in several respects) to the mysterious suicides in Shyamalan's 'The Happening'.

Whether the Beatles' "Teddy Be Good" was a personal or transitional mirror, I don't know.  Since I would have been about three and a half at the time, that would make my being chosen to be mocked so publicly and tortured so privately in the game within a hell of ignorance to be a totally arbitrary choice.  Whether or not that is true, I am quite sure that it extends as far back as the film 'Airplane' when I was age thirteen (expounded upon within the civil case complaint and exhibits above).  Certainly, 'The Truman Show' signs that birth itself is/was the moment of onset, attempting as it did to fool you into believing that the game is all somehow sweet and humane at its core, while dropping the usual astronaut and other familiar signs.  In seeing the historical abundance of 'Teddy Bear' and 'Jack' symbolism among the media signs, it may be that my name alone served as the primary pretext for my long crucifiction.  Maybe they seek a Ted for public slaughter each generation to seamlessly continue the previous generation's signage and to keep the machine fueled, which I later assisted somewhat with my own sins, mistakes and opinions.  I'll never know for sure, nor will you.  Such a strategy may not seem to make sense to you, until you learn to think like they do - social strategies with long term pay-offs encompassing years and decades rather than days or weeks, subtlety, deniability, ignorance (yours and mine anyway) which you assist with your silence, presumption, suggestion and above all the enduring gullibility of human beings.  Oh, and lies.  Lots of lies and distortions.  It's a right wing free for all upon their helpless slaves.

In reference to The Truman Show, perhaps the most provocative question that the defendants have worked to suggest in your minds (or at least within MY mind) is:  Who is the girl pictured behind the bars?  That turns out to be the spitting image of my big sister in the Tri-Cities Tennessee Barter Theater production of Hansel and Gretel when she was little during a dress rehersal.  And no, I have never imprisoned a little girl (although I often wanted to imprison my big sister as a little boy).  My mother still has the picture in a box also similar to that pictured in the film.  I'll try to get a copy over Thanksgiving and post it here.  Yes, that entire scene was a 'mirror', as was the scene picturing Truman in the metal suit (a reminder of the radioactive sources I supervised in the two laboratories I used to manage at Georgia Tech, which are both quite safe and still in their respective labs as far as I know).

Consider how they've managed to capture popular music and slowly but surely bend society such that it is now cool to sign and wage subtle and often very personal warfare there too.  I'm not sure, but I think that, for example, 'Queens of the Stone Age' roughly translates as, "You're history, fags".  Often a band's name these days is representative of the OPPOSITE of their political views and ambitions - just one more example of the subtle ironies of signing.  'The Gutter Twins', for example.  I'm sure that that band has a bogus alternate explanation for their name.  In any case, I do finally understand the meaning of 'Tuesday's on the phone to me' and that the Brits regularly share information with their American counterparts about their targets.  American intelligence has fewer rules about spreading disinforming in foreign lands.  Thus, the bold lies of Mr. Seth Green of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the British Guardian newspaper about the nonexistence of remote thought surveillance are probably actually allowed.  But such close cousins in terms of language and culture are we that THEIR disinformation is also OUR disinformation.  And I understand just how vicious and vile both nations are willing to be.  Young artists used to be a force for freedom and change and a check upon governmental power and abuses.  Now that those young artists have been co-opted, they've become just one more component in the service of those powers.  And they may be selling out their own futures too along the way.  Whether the films 'The Invention of Lying' or 'FlashForward' are helping to usher in a new and larger phase of 'the game' is anyone's guess.  Probably just more of the same - perpetually deniable television assisted interrogation (often employed in conjunction with so-called 'bee stings') and public perception management.  The film 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' will be doing exactly the same thing.  Now, if it ever had to be literally translated as 'The people who make their captives suffer while portraying themselves as anything they care to for the consumption of themselves and others.  If someday they are numerous enough, then they can simply march openly in the street and smash down windows and doors as happened before and make no further pretense of hiding (in this case - behind words) at all.  In terms of a conspiracy as large as this one, that will be the perpetual danger.  But this time there is no America on the horizon.  This time, it has already absorbed America.  Thankfully, this is a nation still somewhat in flux.

Even after all these years of harassment and interrogation and creative media insinuation, they STILL have not succeeded in killing me, forcing me into psychiatry or manufacturing a case against me, even though they implied that they could have sent me to jail within 'Tales from the Darkside: The Impressionist', nor have they suceeded in forcing me off of the internet, although they may be preventing others from accessing my offerings.  They're great at threats, intimidation and slander.  Not so good at actually making good on those threats.  In 'Tales from the Darkside: Ursa Minor' they dredged up moments from my very young boyhood (out of context and exaggerated as usual) and some provocative suggestive inventions with which to enhance them.  So, having utterly failed through decades of effort, they're just going to continue to spin it all as a vast media event, the game as a hospital and me as a sicko, having no better option available, and just let the public believe what they will from all of their ugly signage.  If the FBI and CIA actually had to be responsible for the signage and whom they attack with it, I'm sure those organizations would have to be much saner and truer in their attacks upon me and the others currently being held hostage, persons apparently being held simply because those persons once knew me or showed me a little kindness or whom I happen to be fond of.  Those persons should not believe that they are being tortured because they deserve it.  Those people are being tortured because the FBI and CIA feel themselves and their precious game to be under the threat of being understood and possibly proven and to convince me to stop pressuring them in describing their ruthless and illegitimate techniques as I have found them, and to continue the attempt to crush my use of my right of free speech.  They will not succeed and hopefully will someday have to drag around the chains they have forged for themselves in hell, if there is any fairness in the universe after all.

This web site is dedicated to the exposure and reform of the system of clandestine and high-tech psychological coercion, virtual interrogation and torture in the US.  If the very real possibility of finding your or your loved ones'  electrical service or computer being interfered with remotely, your home repeatedly entered without warrant, your being hit with pain or unwanted mocking semi-communications (click messaging, bee stings, etc.) within your own home from source unknown and/or suddenly finding conservative/evangelical vigilantes cleverly mocking aspects of your or your loved ones' personal and private life drawn from surveillance back at you/them in public or the workplace AND being unable to determine whether your loved one(s) complaints of such harassments are fact or delusion and being unable to help them in any way, then I urge you to sign the following petition and to get involved.  If you don't like the thought of suddenly waking up one morning with a kind of invisible, high tech collar permanently locked around your neck and a world of misery ahead, your privacy perpetually forfeited to the state without notice (even privacy of thought itself), no questions asked, no explanation given, noone to ask why, no real expectation for the change and your questions and complaints ignored and denied, then please add your name.  It only takes a moment.  Please don't allow justice to be carefully and quietly replaced by a kind of post-Orwellian nightmare, very much as Orwell himself knowingly signed it.  Please don't allow leave-no-trace technologies and the politics of hate to reinvent slavery.  Think it's science fiction?  Think again.  Think that something like that couldn't possibly happen to you?  So did I.  I was wrong.  If you're waiting for some governmental admission or some document containing indisputable proof to surface, then you'll be waiting forever.  If you're looking for circumstantial evidence of that reality, then you've probably already seen it and just didn't recognize that those numerous reports of people inexplicably going berserk or relating bizarre harassment experiences for what they were.  As a targeted individual, you can spend your life in misery over matters that a legitimate court of law wouldn't give you a single day in jail for and for basically anything and everything on the conservative agenda, continuously beaten up by people who take pride and satisfaction in hurting people who never wished anyone harm.  The fundamental philosophy behind that system is a determination and an ability to thrust persons deemed unfavorable over which the state has no legal case into jeopardy anyway or to otherwise make their lives perpetually miserable, to do so in such a way that no one need ever be held responsible for doing so, to rule public impressions about those people and that system itself amorphously and to shield that system and participating individuals from public accountability, to suppress and disregard the voices of targeted people to whatever degree is possible and to build and maintain a culture that supports that system.

Petition to Expose and End Electronic Weapons Torture

Video Studies at YouTube

Mind Control and the Media (currently down): Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

The Execution of Emily Rose (currently up): Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

The Subliminals of Doctor Strangelove and the case for HIV being either a created or an allowed 'plague epidemic' (Close Encounters - 1977) / 'super flu' (The Stand - 1978) / 'doomsday device' (Dr. Strangelove - 1963) in support of a ruthless moralistic agenda.  I do hereby accuse Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and Dan O'Bannon of having knowledge of that disease for at least a decade and a half before the first published medical report (which was itself a denial) and, rather than warning the world and saving lives, only 'signing' about it - the equivalent of knowing that a bus is barreling down on a crowd of people and doing nothing, or fiddling while Rome burns in the anticipation of using the cleared land for an ambitious new building project.  Having known about it for so long, it is likely that the disproportionate ethnic/racial effect of that disease were known as well.  Undoubtedly, the powers that be are STILL dragging their feet and only providing the appearance of concern for the benefit of public relations or using the disease to encourage abstinence and discourage promiscuity and sodomy, which appears to have been part of the original intention.  The signs clearly indicate that the network despises such behaviors as sodomy and that those are a regular part of their work.  Why would the network not appreciate a natural or semi-natural self-propogating assistant in their... work?  Related factoid:  Anyone remember a certain astronaut being told that he is going to die up there from the mid seventies?  Hint:  She wasn't talking about outer space.  She was announcing plague epidemic in but one more vague song singing its praises in the usual provocative, self-serving and oh so deniable fashion of creative media 'mind control'.  Related factoid:  Remember Captain Peter Graves reading a magazine titled 'Modern Sperm' at the moment that another actor is directed to bend over prominemtly in front of the camera, as a call arrives from the Mayo Clinic, soon seconded by talk of a virus and wasted jelly?  Hint:  He wasn't talking about the in-flight dinner menu.  So clever is the presentation that, being the typically stupid and gullible US citizen that you are, you will find yourself laughing and quite forgetting that HIV (the gift that keeps on killing) kills women and children too and can be contracted through vaginal intercourse as well as sodomy.  Sensing your mistake, you will then take refuge in apathy and disbelief, confident that they would not be so ruthless.  Look around you.  They WOULD be so ruthless.  You should be crying.  Or you will take refuge in hatred.  Also look for the cleverly, self-servingly and deniably inlaid 'signs' and 'duck-speak' within the films Heavy Metal ("There was just one problem".  "Come." and the moments immediately preceding it) and 2001: A Space Odyssey ("His back went bad on him again.  Happy birthday, Frank!").  Look close and read between the lines.  Within Close Encounters, look for the suggestive camera sweep over the words 'virus', 'Devil's Tower', 'something so scary', an actor directed to prominently cover his nose in that scene, etc.  I recommend looking at only OLD copies of those films, since their makers can subtly re-edit those films in order to hide evidence of their knowledge of the past crimes of 'the network'.

"My instructor was Mr. Langley.  And he taught me to sing a song..."

By all means, don't believe me.  Let Mr. Langley's own duck-speak duck-speak for itself.

Doctor Strangelove study at YouTube: Part 1  Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5  Part 6

The network apparently saw to the removal of Part 6 from YouTube (probably for suggestive symbolic reasons) and are preventing its replacement (at least until I finally tired of attempting to upload it), so I have substituted a low resolution version direct download above.  If you experience problems downloading any of them, I won't be surprised, and neither you nor I will ever know exactly why.  As far as '6' symbolism goes, that is one more old effort by the network to capture ambiguous symbols and put them to use, much as republicans attempt to paint Democrats as 'liberal' at every turn, by capturing and coloring words (and numbers) to their advantage.  Now, they have learned how to hide (sometimes in plain view, sometimes behind a virus that's lost its parents) and portray themselves as angels and their enemies, devils, exclude competing voices almost entirely from the scene, and work with emotionally charged suggestion rather than information - the creative and advertising media being the perfect venues for that vehicle.  Of course, some behaviors and people are more 6 than others.

"Haven't you heard?  It's a battle of words, the poster bearer cried."

I believe you can add 'The Pelican Brief' to the list of films that appear to demonstrate some insider knowledge of the subject, but since that one arrived well after the event horizon of the disease, it is useless as proof of much.  Particularly fascinating to me is the prelude classroom scene (and the content of the argument entertained therein) followed by the brutal slayings of the supreme court judges (one murdered in an adult theater).  Also fascinating is the Gray Grantham reporter character, which would seem to be a possible mirror of my middle name 'Graham', much like the 'Moonlight (a frequent metaphor) Graham' and 'Shoeless Joe Jackson' mirrors from 'Field of Dreams', the threat of assassination, and the brief itself.  Nothing represents an exact duality.  I see some other parallels, but those would take too much time to describe here. I have no idea what the writer's motivations were.  Currently, my own 'brief' is now in the CIA's and FBI's hands, ironically, and is now sadly out of the public domain.  You had your chance, people, just as I did.  I missed the brief thirty day window for an appeal, not being much of a lawyer.  If I hadn't, I would have charged Judge Evans with judicial misconduct.

Symbol Compilations:

All videos: All


Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man's Mind!

By David Hambling 
July 1, 2009

Late last year, James Walbert went to court, to stop his former business associate from blasting him with mind-altering electromagnetic radiation. Walbert told the Sedgwick County, Kansas panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with jolts of radiation after a disagreement over a business deal. Later, Walbert said he began feeling electric shock sensations, hearing electronically generated tones, and getting popping and ringing sounds in his ears. On December 30th, the court decided in Walbert's favor, and issued a first-of-its-kind order of protection, banning Redford from using electronic means to further harass Walbert. No, seriously.

I recently took part in a BBC Radio 4 program, which took a light-hearted look into the the real Manchurian Candidate — and examined whether there is any truth in stories of mind control. It gave me a chance to talk about exotic non-lethal weapon concepts like the so-called telepathic raygun, the system which beams sound directly into your skull, and the voice of god talking fireball. Most of these projects are just lab experiments, or examples of Powerpoint engineering. But in some legal, policy, and business circles, electromagnetic brain assaults are being taken seriously.

Walbert's cause is supported by Jim Guest, a Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives. He's working on proposed legislation to addresses electronic harassment, including a bill against the forced implantation of RFID chips.

The U.N. is also now taking the possibility of electromagnetic terrorism against people seriously. And for the first time this year's European Symposium on Non-lethal Weapons included a session on the social implications of non-lethal weapons, with specific reference to a privacy-invasive remote interrogation and behavioral influence applications.  Those who believe they are being targeted are getting a bit of official recognition.

For some, this opens up a new business opportunity. There are already quite a few companies out there offering Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, or sweeps to determine if you are the victim of electronic harassment. As well as detecting the usual bugging devices, they can check if you are being covertly bombarded by microwaves which may be the cause of headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears.

Much of this trade may come from people with symptoms caused by something less exotic than high-tech military hardware. But companies will no doubt be willing to sell them expensive protection measures, anyway. And as awareness of these developing technology projects increases, we are likely to be hearing a lot more about electronic harassment, gang stalking and the like over the next few years.

And there is also likely to be what folklorists call Ostension, or acting out. Now that there are so many websites explaining how easy it is to harass people by zapping them with a modified microwave oven, sooner or later someone is bound to try it.

I've got news for you.  In general, it is infinitely more organized and sophisticated than that - not just some isolated persons using converted microwave ovens.  And much older (sixty years or more - see the linked 1984 analysis below).  The heart of it is a system that is much like a modern cell phone network, only this one is both quite invisible (i.e. no external components) and can both surveill and manipulate the brain with great sophistication and convenience and transmit neural information to other brains invisibly and unavoidably from coast to coast and beyond.  Sorry, no natural psychic powers or angels or aliens are involved.  I wouldn't have believed it myself, before it visited itself upon me too.  Also included are several other forms of directing and manipulating energy (explained more fully elsewhere) which complement that system, often in terms of various other forms of leave no trace semicommunications and harassments.  Obviously, such a system would be capable of a great deal of criminal mischief, which federal and military powers along with the willing assistance of many thousands of (mostly conservative) private persons (often assisting in gang stalking and other forms of organized social harassments) are currently exploiting to wage a continuing war (or more properly - a series of dastardly sneak attacks) against generally peaceful and helpless citizens.  Recall that Orwell 'signed' that that war is intended to be continuous, at least until they have succeeded in eradicating and nullifying (or otherwise transforming to their liking) all persons and behaviors being warred upon) - an end game which will probably never be truly reached, human nature being what it is. 

What they have created is the modern day equivalent of slavery - only infinitely worse.  The chains are invisible, their beatings can be administered around the clock literally for a lifetime and with absolute anonymity and convenience, the slavers can even pretend to BE slaves and sew suspicion and distrust between actual targets (and even between families and friends), and they can and do regularly hide their many subtle speeches on the glories of slavery (as they see it anyway - for example within the film 'Independence Day') in every nook and cranny of the media.  And they often portray their slaves as monstrous and prevent them from ever reaching the large-scale media to air their own points of view or even as the overt heroes and the between the lines villains.  And worst of all, they can know about a slave's plans to agitate for his/her freedom the very moment that the thought occurs and disrupt the effort in a variety of ways.  In Orwell's words - this time, they know what they're doing.  The coup has already occurred.  We are now simply living (and dying) in the aftermath.

Unless you're prepared for a lifetime in hell, then I don't recommend that you fight them at all.  Just be a good docile slave and do what you're told.  Sad but true.

Excerpt from recent airing of '60 Minutes':

How Technology May Soon "Read" Your Mind

"There are some other technologies that are being developed that may be able to be used covertly and even remotely. So, for example, they're trying to develop now a beam of light that would be projected onto your forehead. It would go a couple of millimeters into your frontal cortex, and then receptors would get the reflection of that light. And there's some studies that suggest that we could use that as a lie detection device," Wolpe said.

Remote thought surveillance is decades old already, which reads with about as much sophistication as your own conscious mind reads itself.  I know this for a fact.  It does include creating headaches, itches and other pains.  I know that for a fact.  I know both matter of factly from years of personal experience.  I would never have believed it before I experienced it, even and particularly as a very down-to-Earth, non-religious, non-superstitious electrical engineer.  They can make you yawn and induce other such behaviors, which one is forced to assume to be one's own natural behaviors, if one does not know better.  Just how far it goes is impossible to be sure.  If it includes inducing more sophisticated behaviors or creating urges or desires, only they could say.  In any case, their power is already horrifying, particularly their control of popular views and beliefs via the media and otherwise, which has always helped complement, sell and hide their other powers.

The following article excerpted below is most likely just one more effort to knowingly, wrongfully (and perhaps criminally) dismiss the valid complaints of many targeted individuals in the usual delusion theory.  You will notice the dropping of common triggers like 'mirrored' (see above) and 'chicken and egg' (sodomy metaphors to be found in the film Doctor Strangelove and elsewhere).  What one or more of these authors are doing is ironically sewing a CULTURE-WIDE delusion that the complaints of targeted individuals are not real.  YOU are the people that they are deluding (or alternatively inviting to join in the 'signing' game, if you believe that you begin to understand the game and the symbols).  I'm just surprised they didn't bother to drop a high-calibre 'baby and bathwater' metaphor.

This clever game of theirs is part of nothing less than the ultimate tyranny - extraordinarily sophisticated where-you-go-it-goes surveillance and electromagnetic/neurological harassments/tortures and conspiratorial social harassments that leave no trace and show themselves only to their targets, a tyranny that deludes the general population into disbelief spiced with ugly implied metaphors, that hides the identities of insiders (or otherwise affords them deniability), but which may ultimately be leading to the ultimate tyranny, while (by design) most never feel its creeping presence at all, even if all of its prattling salesmen in the media appear to have forgotten that simple fact.

By Sarah Kershaw Published: August 29, 2008 

Culture of surveillance may contribute to delusional condition

Psychosis in the 21st century looks something like this: You think your every move is being filmed for a reality television show starring you, and that everyone in your life is an actor. 

Or you think you are under intense surveillance by an army of spies, whom you refer to as the "www people," as in the World Wide Web, and they wiretap your furniture and appliances. 

Or else you refuse to drink water because you fear that another cup drawn from your faucet will, once and for all, deplete the world's water supply.

Those thoughts are from three case studies of what psychiatrists interested in the intersection of mental illness, culture and society are calling, respectively, Truman Show delusion, Internet delusion and climate change delusion; all of them a window, through madness, into the modern world.  [The Truman Show was one more sales campaign.  Notice the moment when the crowd is hit by something like tinnitus - one of the common neurotech tactics that, you guessed it, is designed to emulate neurological disorder.  Or the way the eye shaped field of view implies that Truman's eye is the camera itself, which was also employed within the film 'Being John Malkovich'.]

If you have delusions of grandeur in this century, you are probably not Napoleon, but you may be Bill Gates. 

The Truman Show delusion, or Truman Syndrome, has drawn attention in recent months, in the United States and Britain, as psychiatrists in both countries describe a small but growing number of psychotic patients who describe their lives as mirroring that of the main character in the 1998 film "The Truman Show." 

Played by Jim Carrey, Truman Burbank leads a mundane existence in the suburbs, starting from the time he was in the womb, while being filmed for a documentary television show that he cannot escape. 

Everyone is in on it, including his wife, and no one will believe Truman when he discovers clues that his life is being chronicled all the time by cameras. 

With Internet delusion, patients typically incorporate the Internet into paranoid thoughts, including a fear that the Web is somehow monitoring or controlling their lives, or being used to transmit photographs or other personal information. 

The delusions are fueling a chicken-and-egg debate in psychiatry: Are these merely modern examples of classic paranoia fed by the cultural landscape, or is there something about media like reality television and the Internet that can push people over the sanity line?

"Most likely these people would be delusional anyway," said Dr. Joel Gold, a psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York, who said he saw five patients at the hospital from 2002 to 2004 with Truman Show delusion. Gold and his brother, Dr. Ian Gold, the Canada research chair in philosophy and psychiatry at McGill University in Montreal, came up with the term "Truman Show delusion."


[What amazes me is the sheer number of lies that we are all being fed by people who should know better (and what a lie psychiatry itself is, at least in some respects).  I wouldn't trust ANY statistic associated with the words delusion, paranoia, depression, suicide or schizophrenia these days.  Nor would I trust a psychologist or psychiatrist to tell the truth about 'the game'.  And shrinks NEVER undertake any serious investigation of our complaints nor ever ask victims themselves to contribute their own insights and observations (except on the presumption that we are crazies).  That is probably because many of them are a long established part of the game, themselves.  Now I can also be confident that my former friend's psychologist father's yacht was bought partly with targeted individuals' blood.  After mentioning a former patient of his who was making similar complaints, when I asked if he believed that the man's complaints were real rather than imagined, all I got was the typically wishy-washy and evasive 'maybe' and then an obvious sign for good measure.  Never a straight answer.  The man was referring obliquely to an ancient and isolated sin that was a decade and a half old as though it had just happened the day before.  Since he would only sign and not talk, I have no way of knowing if he has been lead to BELIEVE that it had.  Even though he and his son have been friends since I was a boy, he injured that old friendship in a heartbeat.  Is it any wonder that I am deeply distrustful of shrinks?  Even after fifteen years posting online, I've never been asked to contribute anything by any journalist or researcher.  And I surely never will.  It's as though the nearer power approaches absolute, the less journalists and researchers are willing to write about it.]

[Excerpts from "The Revolution in Military Affairs [RMA] and Conflict Short of War" - July 25, 1994]

Major General William A. Stofft

Director - Colonel John W. Mountcastle
Director of Research - Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr.
Authors - Dr. Steven Metz and Lieutenant Colonel James Kievit

The use of new technology may also run counter to basic American values.  Information age--and in particular information warfare--technologies cause concerns about privacy.  For example, the individual position locator raises several thorny issues: Would Americans overseas be forced to wear (or worse have implanted) such a device or would its use be voluntary? If forced, would it apply equally to those employed overseas and tourists? Will Americans accept the fact that the government might, by access to the NEO locator data base, know every move they make? If a locator device could be remotely activated, how could Americans be sure that activation was only effective outside the United States? How would they know that "wrist radios" were not used to monitor personal conversations? Similarly, military use of television against foreign adversaries raises the specter of domestic applications. Even if domestic use was never contemplated, its possibility might cause greater public skepticism regarding television appearances, reducing the impact of one of the American politician's greatest communication tools. Deception, while frequently of great military or political value, is thought of as somehow "un-American."

American values also make the use of directed energy weapons against suspected narcotrafficking aircraft technologically feasible but morally difficult, perhaps unacceptable. The advantage of directed energy weapons over conventional ones is deniability.  Against whom is such deniability aimed?

Deniability must be aimed at the American people, who do not sanction the imprisonment, much less execution, of individuals without a trial (and execution is how they will perceive it--the argument "we only disabled the aircraft, it was the crash which killed the pilot" will carry little weight). [But the magic of an electronics disrupting directed energy attack is that it leaves no forensic trail either with the disabled aircraft itself or back to the source of the attack.  Directed energy attacks don't necessarily burn holes in things.]

American values and attitudes thus form significant constraints on full use of emerging technology, at least in anything short of a perceived war for national survival. Overcoming these constraints to make a RMA in conflict short of war would require fundamental changes in the United States--an ethical and political revolution may be necessary to make a military revolution.

[When Spieberg includes a scene in Close Encounters in which a group of people in red jump suits are told that angels will watch over them and Roy Neary is followed, bewildered, fired, divorced and harassed all the way to Wyoming to ultimately volunteer for military service, or Jennifer Lopez literally chases a killer around in his own mind while comforting his inner child in 'The Cell', or Will Ferrel is dogged each day by an unwanted voice in 'Stranger than Fiction', the screenwriters of each are working either directly or indirectly with one or more federal agencies (often weaving in material derived from the lives of actual living persons of interest) to prepare the public at large for precisely that future - a future in which targeted people are surveilled, tormented, humiliated and destroyed invisibly while their government hides in deniability.  There have been hundreds of similar examples over the years and decades, which represent far more than simple creative expression.  In fact, they, with perhaps the very best of intentions, though perhaps without an understanding of the bigger picture of which they are an active part, are slowly priming the public to feel comfortable in an extremely well managed way with nothing less than the surreptitious surveillance of thought itself 24/7, harassments like so-called voice-to-skull, remotely induced migraine pain and numerous other forms of harassment that are part of a system that allows such things for as long as a lifetime without a single day in court or official word of justification offered at all EVER.]


[Metz and Kievit included the following scenario that projects plausible events occurring between approximately two and fifteen years from the year in which they wrote this paper in 1994.  Only the authors can say what secretive and conjectured realities their scenario actually draws from, though all of it apparently falls within the realm of possibillity.]

The revolutionaries first task was to recruit proselytes throughout the government and national security community. Initially the revolutionaries, who called their new strategic concept "Dynamic Defense," were opposed by isolationists who felt that new technology should be used simply to build an impenetrable electronic and physical barrier around the United States. Eventually the revolutionaries convinced the president-elect following the campaign of 2000 that Dynamic Defense was both feasible and effective--a task made easier by his background as a pioneering entrepreneur in the computer-generated and controlled "perception-molding" systems developed by the advertising industry. The President was thus amenable to the use of the sort of psychotechnology which formed the core of the RMA in conflict short of war.

The first step in implementing Dynamic Defense was reshaping the national security organization and its underlying attitudes and values.  Technology provided opportunity; only intellectual change could consolidate it. With the full and active support of the President, the revolutionaries reorganized the American national security system to make maximum use of emerging technology and new ideas.

One of the turning points of the revolution came when its leaders convinced the President and key members of Congress that traditional American ethics were a major hinderance to the RMA. This was crucial:  the revolutionaries and their allies then crafted the appropriate attitudinal vessel for the RMA. Through persistent efforts and very sophisticated domestic "consciousness-raising," old-fashioned notions of personal privacy and national sovereignty changed. This was relatively easy since frustration with domestic crime had already begun to alter attitudes and values. In fact, the RMA in conflict short of war was, in many ways, a spin-off of the domestic "war on drugs and crime" of the late 1990s when the military, as predicted by William Mendel in 1994, became heavily involved in support to domestic law enforcement.  The changes in American values that accompanied that struggle were easily translated to the national security arena. Once the norms concerning personal privacy changed, law soon followed.

With values changed, technology then opened the door to profound innovation. Vast improvements in surveillance systems and information processing made it possible to monitor a large number of enemies (and potential enemies). In the pre-RMA days, psychological operations and psychological warfare were primitive. As they advanced into the electronic and bioelectronic era, it was necessary to rethink our ethical prohibitions on manipulating the minds of enemies (and potential enemies) both international and domestic. Cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology also provided tools for national security strategists.

Sometimes the revolutionaries found it necessary to stoke the development of technology designed specifically for conflict short of war. Whenever possible, profitability was used to encourage private and quasi-private enterprises to develop appropriate technology. For example, much of the lucrative technology of surveillance, intelligence collection, and attitude manipulation used to solve the domestic crime problem was easily adapted to conflict short of war. The same held for new weapons, especially nonlethal biological ones and advanced psychotechnology. Only when there was absolutely no expectation of profit did the government directly sponsor research of cutting-edge technology, often with funds freed by disbanding what were seen as increasingly irrelevant conventional military forces.

The actual strategy built on the RMA was divided into three tracks. The first sought to perpetuate the revolution. Its internal dimension institutionalized the organizational and attitudinal changes that made the revolution possible, and pursued future breakthroughs in close conjunction with business, the scientific community, and local law enforcement agencies--the core troika of 21st century security. The external dimension actively sought to delay or prevent counterresponses by controlling information and through well-orchestrated deception.

The operation officially began when the President transferred the Cuban portfolio from the Conflict Preemption Agency to the Conflict Containment Agency. An existing contingency plan with implementing software provided the framework for quick action. Immediately, all electronic communication in and out of Cuba was surreptitiously transferred to the national security filter at Fort Meade. This allowed full monitoring, control, and, when necessary, manipulation of private, commercial, and government signals. Potential or possible supporters of the insurgency around the world were identified using the Comprehensive Interagency Integrated Database. These were categorized as "potential" or "active," with sophisticated computerized personality simulations used to develop, tailor, and focus psychological campaigns for each.  Individuals and organizations with active predilections to support the insurgency were targets of an elaborate global ruse using computer communications networks and appeals by a computer-generated insurgent leader. Real insurgent leaders who were identified were left in place so that sophisticated computer analysis of their contacts could be developed. Internecine conflict within the insurgent elite was engineered using psychotechnology. Psychological operations included traditional propaganda as well as more aggressive steps such as drug assisted subliminal conditioning. At the same time, Cubans within the United States and around the world were assigned maximum surveillance status to monitor their physical presence and communications webs. 

Since all Americans in Cuba had been bioelectrically tagged and monitored during the initial stages of the conflict, the NEO went smoothly, including the mandatory health screening of all those returning to the United States. Coast Guard aircraft and hovercraft stanched illegal refugees. The attitude-shaping campaigns aimed at the American public, the global public, and the Cuban people went quite well, including those parts using computer-generated broadcasts by insurgent leaders--"morphing"-- in which they were shown as disoriented and psychotic. Subliminal messages surreptitiously integrated with Cuban television transmissions were also helpful.  In fact, all of this was so successful that there were only a few instances of covert, stand-off military strikes when insurgent targets arose and government forces seemed on the verge of defeat. U.S. strike forces also attacked neutral targets to support the psychological campaign as computer-generated insurgent leaders claimed credit for the raids. At times, even the raids themselves were computer-invented "recreations."  (These were a specialty of the Army's elite Sun Tzu Battalion.)

Many of the difficult-to-detect drugs and psychotechnology developed for use in conflict short of war have appeared on the domestic black market and, increasingly, in American schools and workplaces. Perhaps most important, Americans are beginning to question the economic, human, and ethical costs of our new strategy. A political movement called the "New Humanitarianism" is growing, especially among Americans of non-European descent, and seems likely to play a major role in the presidential election of 2012. There are even rumblings of discontent within the national security community as the full meaning of the revolution becomes clear. Since the distinction between the military and non-military components of our national security community has eroded...


Advances in sensors and other elements of information technology may bring great benefits to conventional, combined-arms warfare, but will have less impact in conflict short of war, which is most often won or lost through the manipulation of images, beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions.  These things rather than troop concentrations, command and control nodes, and transportation infrastructure are the key military targets in conflict short of war. This makes psychological technology much more important than strike technology. Ways must be found to use emerging technology, including advanced artificial intelligence and information dissemination systems, to help military strategists develop, implement, and continually improve methods of influencing opinion, mobilizing public support, and sometimes demobilizing it. There is also the potential for defensive pyschotechnology such as "strategic personality simulations" to aid national security decision makers.  To date, most analysts feel that the RMA has not generated adequate advances in such "soft war" capabilities or even the promise of such gains. But ultimate success in applying the RMA to conflict short of war hinges on the development of psychotechnology. As this emerges, it could be tested for political acceptability by using it first in non-lethal operations other than war like humanitarian relief and nation assistance.

Today, two RMAs may be underway simultaneously. The first (and more mature) is electronic.  Its manifestations are improved C4I and precision strike systems. The second (and  potentially more profound) RMA is biotechnological, including genetic engineering and advanced behavior-altering drugs.  Because of the compression of time and the shortening of historical patterns, the biotechnical revolution is totally enmeshed with the electronic. It may ultimately be the combination of the two that proves truly revolutionary.

Mind Games by Sharon Weinberger of the Washington Post

New on the Internet: a community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds. They may be crazy, but the Pentagon has pursued a weapon that can do just that.


"It's undeniable that the technology exists," Girard says, "but if you go to the police and say, 'I'm hearing voices,' they're going to lock you up for psychiatric evaluation."

And that is a big part of why it is being done at all.  The number of people being harassed in such ways are relatively few.  The people involved in the stalking have been convinced that targeted people are sick, immoral or otherwise dangerous and are much more numerous.  Many participants in the creative, news and advertising media work to enhance and exploit that impression and that the subject is just traditional folklore (or is taboo) and inhibit reports by targeted individuals from the news or spin them as crazy talk.  The tactics and technologies are transparent and leave no trace.  And that is the skeletal outline for a system of harassment and control that has persisted for decades and may well be permanent.  The only problem is that it is also desperately unfair.  Targets become perpetual slaves to location independent surveillance presumably involving implants, their fate apparently sealed, their only choice to obey without question.  It's wonderful, as long as it's happening to someone else.

HARLAN GIRARD SAYS HIS PROBLEMS BEGAN IN 1983, while he was a real estate developer in Los Angeles. The harassment was subtle at first: One day a woman pulled up in a car, wagged her finger at him, then sped away; he saw people running underneath his window at night; he noticed some of his neighbors seemed to be watching him; he heard someone moving in the crawl space under his apartment at night.

Girard sought advice from his then-girlfriend, a practicing psychologist, whom he declines to identify. He says she told him, "Nobody can become psychotic in their late 40s." She said he didn't seem to manifest other symptoms of psychotic behavior -- he dressed well, paid his bills -- and, besides his claims of surveillance, which sounded paranoid, he behaved normally.


This man's ambitions

The paper was titled "From Psyop to Mind War:  The Psychology of Victory" and it presented a Machiavelian scheme for waging perpetual psychological warfare against friend and enemy populations alike and even against the American people.

[General] Aquino's thesis stated that enemy populations could be subdued by inflicting a state of psychological terror and feelings of eminent destruction, shock and awe in other words.  He discusses the use of psychotronic weapons or electronic weapons that influence the mind.  Capitulation could be induced without firing a shot by using signals piggybacked on broadcasts of radio, TV [possibly readable as innuendo, metaphor and such] and microwave communications to influence through subliminal suggestion, holograms, voice-to-skull and silent sound technologies to manipulate the feelings and thoughts of the target population.  During the 1960s he was prominent in the Church of Satan.

In the late 1980s, Aquino was accused by the San Francisco Police Department of being involved in a Satanic child molestation ring centered on a Presidio military base where Aquino was stationed at the time.

He is now one of the highest ranking officers in the NSA.

Whether the satanic thing is some weird psy-ops facade or not, the paper he wrote is still real and corroborates what targeted people have been screaming about for years.  Bombs and bullets leave some forensic trail back to the persons who fire them.  Some forms of directed energy weapons leave no trace evidence that they have been employed at all.  And that simple fact is the deadliest weapon of all.

I myself am a target of just such a campaign (see below).  It has involved over ten years of surveillance and harassment of myself coupled with constant, unwanted, mocking, ridiculing, hyper-critical, debilitating, deceptive, dishonest, discouraging, confusing, depressing, pro-MC, leave-no-trace semi-communications at home and elsewhere so as to needle me for useful information and outbursts, to attempt to provoke a pretext for entry into psychiatry or prison and to keep me in perpetual pain and in a state of depression and hopelessness.  It has involved the use of numerous participants in the creative, advertising and news media who parody (and other private individuals who otherwise spin) aspects of that material in way that is favorable to the orchestrators of that long operation (presumably the FBI) so as to sway the opinions of a growing subset of the public while conveying no unambiguous facts whatsoever, essentially building a mountan of insinuated heresay that is designed to be impossible to prove as being oriented toward myself.  It has involved a quiet effort to link me to that material behind the scenes via word of mouth and to encourage me to effectively take ownership of those parodies by refuting them publicly in order to effectively assist their effort in linking me to it, while never mentioning my name and excluding me entirely from that media carnival all the while and preventing any legal recourse.  The result seems to be that they have created an artificially ugly and exaggerated image (primarily of their own manufacture) and insured that no fair contest will ever take place.  The news media has never had ANYTHING to say and National Public Radio in particular, instead of reporting the fact of the matter, has had a great deal of fun participating in the carnival over the last few years.  Their participation is not without precedent - after all, veteran reporter Daniel Schorr chose to act as a kind of virtual hired hitman in the movie The Game.  Fascinating.  I'm not the only one and I'm not the first.  It is part of a larger and older trend to achieve a variety of goals that leaves the FBI, CIA and other federal agencies and participating private citizens free from responsibility for their own actions and the technologies and tactics employed perpetually insulated from accountability that some refer to as 'mind control'.

The Manchurian Candidate
Paper or plastic? (7.5 meg video) - This moment from 'The Manchurian Candidate' I take to be a trigger (point of provocative self-association) and a fairly obvious one.  The harassment at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology where I was working was at about its hottest around the time this movie was being filmed.  'Paper or plastic' was one of the pressures (and frequently heard terms) that the paper industry was facing (and still is), one which was very much on all of IPST's employee's minds, so it is readily recognizable to me.  The comments "Pardon me, is this seat taken?", "road less traveled" and "reach out and touch someone" comments are apparently sexual metaphors and may reflect being a targeted individual, of which there are apparently a relative few out there.  "Road less traveled" is apparently also an implicit reference to the book by M. Scott Peck (A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth) and the Robert Frost poem of course, though if the pictured context and the larger context of so-called 'mind control' is love, then I suppose love must be all about war, mockery, denial and conspiracy these days.  The headline in the newspaper "Mob Kills Muslim at Yale University" appears to mirror the harassment which lead to my termination at IPST, though, since I'm still physically alive, it has to be taken figuratively.  The bullet hole may imply a murderous intent on my part while under attack (and be intended more for YOUR consumption than my own) and/or mirror fellow employee, Miss Kenisha Collins (if only briefly), and the moments of anger in being harassed and triggered at IPST, though it is not particularly accurate either, as Miss Collins was a bit less cruel than some of the other harassers on the Tech campus and I've never wished Miss Collins harm.  In fact, she did the 'pens on the table' thing (with a pair of nail clippers), which kind of won my faith in her - A bit of cool air in an oven can feel remarkably good.  Maybe the moment was intended to provoke paranoia or some useful emotional outburst or comment in viewing it (particularly if I had viewed this film in a theater with cough messagers in abundance).  Perhaps it initiated a dynamic that Battlestar Galactica apparently developed not long after.  Surely it's intended to advance conspiracy theory with more semi-fictional mirrors of the actual reality.  If only more Americans understood how much of their thinking is being molded and clouded by the deliberate intentions of others, particularly in the media.  Oh well, at least Denzel Washington had the presence of mind and courage to publicly state a certainty on one of the late night talk shows about the use and existence of implants out there.  His peers in the media (who are targeted and I don't assume that Mr. Washington is) are too interested in protecting their precious careers to do anything other than what they're told. Anyway, I expect that the film contains triggers for lots of other targeted people too, triggers that I'll never be able to identify, since they tend to be so self-specific and personal.  I used to have a hopeful feeling about the remake of Manchurian Candidate, though now it appears to be just more of the same spin going on out there in creative media MC, clouding the reality and serving other purposes.  By the way, remember how the senator's son character goes into 'program fulfillment mode' when his full name is spoken?  In my (very limited) experience, such a phrase in and of itself does NOT start some brain program running or plunge one into a kind of hypnotic state.  However, if the speaking of one's full name were somehow associated beforehand with some fear, embarassment, feeling of guilt, soar spot or shame, THEN the speaking of such an arbitrary phrase CAN start a program running in a sense by simply recalling what the trigger is associated with (and causing the heart to race, the skin to sweat, etc.).  THAT tends to be more what triggers actually are - methods of causing pain, inducing stress and fear, enhancing paranoia and twisting arms that leave no trace and/or are unprovable as such.  In any case, some aspects of so-called 'mind control' are quite real (including the astonishing surveillance of thought, manipulation of dream content, etc.), whether or not those actually involve implants.  And there are other forms of programming, like bombarding a target (or even the public via the media) with endless suggestion, threat, mockery and endless prattle until targets see no choice but to be good slaves and obey every command.  I don't know anything about programmed assassins except for what anyone can read in Dr. Colin A. Ross's book Bluebird.  But I do know that it's possible to manipulate someone until they're so frustrated, disappointed, furious and effectively trapped that they become murderous, either toward specific individuals or toward society in general.

"And if mind control has its way.
Will there be but one road left someday?"

Before disregarding the claim that a headline in a newspaper prop or an inconsequential line or two of dialog was designed so as to be a personal trigger, consider first what its makers have to lose in including it, which is nothing whatsoever.  Then consider what they potentially have to gain, which could be supporting evidence for a diagnosis of delusion (among other purposes).  Most targets are all too easy to disregard. Some are not.  Those sometimes warrant special 'attention'.

The Devil's Advocate

Devil's Advocate 1 (9.8 Meg)
Devil's Advocate 2 (13.2Meg)

The names Kevin, Eddie, Melissa, Pam, Jacksonville, Georgia Tech and the mention of a half sister are all dropped in the film.  I have two friends in this world, one named Kevin and another named Eddie, I worked at Georgia Tech for a decade and a half and I have long reported being harassed there and elsewhere in several clever ways for nearly that many years since before this film was released, some details of which roughly correspond to the film in a general way.  Kevin is just about the most normal, honest and decent person I have ever known, has never gotten into any trouble and now works at Oak Ridge, managing sofware developers for the military.  Beyond the dropping of his name, I can't find a hint of him anywhere between the lines there.  Eddie IS the most honest, decent and ordinary person I have ever known, has also never gotten into any trouble, works for a small town interior decorator and doesn't even smoke cigarettes.  My half sister Melissa is a tad on the wild side, but is otherwise pretty harmless and one of her old friends' last name is Leamon.  I have a cousin named Diana.  I know of two Pams from my home state of Tennessee who are targeted individuals, both of whom I met years after this film was made (Prophecy?  No.  Planning and manipulation?  Probably.) and who correspond to the manipulative Pam character in name only.  My father is a retired trial lawyer and a good one, though I don't believe he ever took part in a murder case and beyond being a fool is only slightly more evil than your average lawyer.  Kevin Lomax's mother appears to mirror (if anyone) the very religious mother of one of the women I once loved.   My big sister's middle name is Alice.  Variations on the name 'Christ' are a hallmark of creative media MC.  Jackie may represent a variation upon the name Jackson.  Triggers tend to be hidden in the clever language and symbolism (such as Keanu Reeves being directed to hold a red cylindrical cushion in such a way as to suggest both the color red and something phallic) and generally do not correspond to the overt imagery and storyline of the film, which (along with the Milton character and the demons) mirrors MC itself more than anything else, though it does sometimes appear to mirror me, for example in the dropping of the term 'humanist' (though not in the details of dialog from that evil character, which I do NOT assume responsibility for).  There are some truths embedded into the film and some embarassments and shames for me and others to swallow, though the general context is entirely fictional.  There is no one-to-one correspondence between any real world individual and any character in the film, although the filmmakers have taken the sins of several people (some I have never met and/or know of only by having chosen to observe and thereby partake of) and embodied those into one or more individual characters from the film and, by associating the character with an actual person (by word of mouth or uninformed assumption), allowed others to assume that those lumped sins belong to that person - just one of the reckless aspects of the mockingbird technique.  In at least one situation, I noticed a totally innocent wish by an old love to have children, a wish thwarted by ovarian cysts, presented in such a way that the simplistic and vague reference to it in the film could be interpreted as a reference to sin.  I.e. When you know (or think you know) how to read mockingbird, whenever you notice the word 'baby', you are likely to assume something bad.  Now I find myself literally surrounded by street mockers apparently reacting to the reckless signs and vaguely parroting them back at me.  I hope some of those people that I have known are not suffering the same fate.  That's war for you.

Although the CIA, the FBI, the NSA or whoever the real devils behind my long clandestine persecution actually are and who orchestrate the efforts of MC screenwriters and directors with information drawn from surveillance, the filmmakers may either have been making an effort to slander/defame me and my friends, old loves and family within the context of that film or perhaps to lead me to think so as part of other pressure tactics and mind gaming of which this film is a part.  By the way, I have never met either a triple or a single murderer to the best of my knowledge, so the screenwriter is either triggering one or more people that I have never met and/or are just adding some horror to the mix both for strategic reasons and, of course, in the need for an entertaining and emotionally charged storyline to sell tickets.  The choice of the name 'Mary Ann' partially represents a marijuana trigger for people who enjoy marijuana (which I was at the time and before this film was made), just as the title of the television series 'Painkiller Jane' is intentionally suggestive of the pain reduction properties of marijuana (also known as 'Mary Jane').  The change in hair color from blonde to black may well be an odd entrapment tactic that has been in the planning stages for years. You'll notice the tongue and nails metaphor (a forced to silence symbol not unlike the sealed mouth moment in The Matrix and a self-serving transposition of a collection of real-world conservative attack tactics into a fictional criminal defendant) and the cough messaging attack tactic with which it is bound up (which, again self-servingly, is a voluntary behavior rather than a result of some voodoo nonsense).  There is the standard mirroring metaphor and green and red color symbolism.  Of course, MC attackers don't literally turn into demons as pictured.  Instead, they drop 'triggers' and turn into hypocrites and only SEEM like demons to the people they psychologically needle.  And yes, they can literally turn normal people into mental cases and thrust them into institutions, suicide and violent outbursts under false and contrived circumstances.  And yes, they do pretend innocence of their own actions.  Notice the clear suggestion of COINTELPRO style use of the mediato defame, slander and apply pressure.  The Weaver commission (i.e. to weave together) thing represents MC itself (and amusingly seems to imply that MC is orchestrated by the devil himself).  Voice-to-skulland dream manipulation technology that is perceptible to a target and to noone else are hinted at.

The network self-servingly likes to call MC a 'test'.  MC can be a frame-up, a psychological attack, a run down, a pro-MC propaganda and disinformation campaign, a form of continuous brutal interrogation, a long and drawn out kind of esoteric murder, a kind of slavery to constant surveillance and harassment, a form of social warfare and sometimes all of those at once.  But the one thing that it is not is a test, unless it were a test of a person's ability to withstand hardship and cruelty.  Does the Mary Ann character appear to be undergoing... a test?  And what recourse would she have other than to go violently berserk or commit suicide as pictured?  Unfortunately, her engineered demise is no great exaggeration and is a fairly accurate portrayal of the persecutions that many real world targeted individuals are forced to endure.  Trivia buffs might notice the dropping of the name 'Gaff' and the Chinese merchant which harken back to the movie Blade Runner, another creative MC work.  In this film, the references to green refer to both sins/transgressions and to marijuana and dates back (in terms of the Mary Ann character at least) to several years before the movie was even released back in 1997, so that is old and inconsequential history.

The network's line 'Acquital after acquital after acquital!' (ironically dropped by the devil himself) is probably the network's best argument in the film (as well as the inclusion of the triple murder premise, of course).  Yes, the court system is clogged and inefficient, lawyers (damn them) do (or should) fight tooth and claw to defend their clients just as they are obligated by law to do, and guilty people do sometimes go free.  Playing the devil's advocate for a moment, I'll respond to that argument.  Every advance in technology and government secrecy, whether it be genetics, forensics, surveillance and information management, sharing and storage or the astonishing technologies and tactics of MC itself almost invariably benefit the state and conservative culture to the exclusion of the defendant and the privacy and rights of citizens and more liberal and dissenting culture.  Unfortunately, the state is also assuming the right (with no legal means to stop it or to prove that it is doing so at all) to literally surveill, manipulate and harass targeted persons 24/7 for years or decades on end and to do away with courtrooms entirely and evade its own responsibilities to those citizens, at least in some situations.

On a personal basis, if I committed suicide tomorrow, the news media would report nothing at all except for a wink and a smirk for the benefit of the network to say "Job well done!"  If I went violently berserk, the news soundbyte would read, "Crazy delusional writes rambling letter!  Thinks he's Keanu Reeves!" and little else, while carefully failing to draw anyone's attention to AFAFA at all.  My long persecution began well before this film was released, shows no signs of ever ending and has never included one single official word of explanation or day in court.  And it never will, unless of course I were to go berserk, in which case, my reports of the persecution itself would be simultaneously denied AND used to support a diagnosis of mental disorder.  And so it goes.

Also, the by now huge (though still clandestine) media and COINTELPRO snowball (of which this film is an inner layer in time) surrounds a nucleus of sin that (I believe at least) is so small in proportion, that the snowball is by now the only thing that really matters in this long esoteric situation and it behooves my persecutors to keep the actual reality (and my voice) out of the picture as much as possible, to fill the space with as much spin and repetition of those sins as possible and to disallow any legal confrontation whatsoever.  There is simply too much at stake for it to be otherwise and they have far too much to hide, not the least of which are their numerous means of social and psychological strangulation.  Soon enough, I'll be gone and the snowball will have won and will echo its message through the airwaves for years to come.  In fact, they have been suggesting suicide quite frequently lately (via electromagnetic bee sting for maximum cover) to finally free the snowball of its human umbilical for good.  And they who own the present and the past will monopolize the future too.  And neither my nor any other (still free and talking) targeted person's full name will have been uttered even once.

Almost always, the network, as part of its media mockingbird psychological warfare against me, peels off much of the truth from the rind, and then proceeds to refill the rind with their own message, implicitly sticking the bad implications to me.  Time and time again.  The Ad Council's bigot in the restaurant commercial is one good example.  I used the phrase 'No behindo, comprende?' in reference to another subject.  They mock it back in that commercial.  I am and have always been one of the most polite persons in the nation to strangers of any and all races and nationalities whom I have not met and have no prior impression about, particularly working people, (DESPITE the hundreds of people of any and all races who have sought to pick fights with me as part of my fight club persecution) and everyone who knows me knows it.  Ad Council, you are a clever LIAR and you KNOW it.  And everyone who thinks they know how to read the material just eats it right up, because Ad Council's voice is loud and professionally produced, their fellows are many, and their overt commercial message is usually moral, virtuous and/or sensible.  Those readers (some of whom I have trained to read by taking note of these things and identifying their mockingbird association to me) are more manipulated than I am.  And that is saying a lot.  To be a 'Manchurian candidate' IS to be used.  Yet, so gossamer and ambiguous is its association to me that they can always deny these facts and claim delusion.  The black magic of mockingbird.

You might notice the Melissa Black character and her line about having "heard weather coming on the news", a character that in part references Miss Melissa Block of National Public Radio and her own role as a mockingbird.  She is far from the only mockingbird at NPR.  I think it's fair to say that they spend as much of their time and talent designing clever signs than investigating legitimate news.  Just consider their recent bigfoot story (August 20, 2008).  The bigfoot wasn't real.  The hoax wasn't real.  The people (including a supposed cop) who promulgated it were posers clearly acting on behalf of the network.  The news story wasn't real.  And the NPR signers knew it.  Nothing but a way to play up the monkey/bigfoot thing.  When the network creates and disseminates its OWN fake news in its own interests, then a new stage has been reached.  Like Orwell's Julia character said, "None of it is real."  Good God.  

Although many, most or all of NPR's staff do know a great deal about me personally (and believe whatever degree of lie about me too, which I'll never get to know or be told) and never has and never will air any of my complaints or any of those of the other mind controlees, they did recently air some woman quoted as saying, "That's MIND CONTROL good", using mind control as an adjective.  Thus, NPR offered a completely unsupported VOTE over the air.  NPR should call its evening news program "Only One Point of View Ever Considered - OURS", so cruelly and stupidly unbalanced and conspiratorial are they in terms of MC.  With so many in the news media conspiring in such a clever, integrated way, it should be no surprise that anti-war voices are kept from the major news media and investigation into and reporting of clearly stolen elections are kept to a bare minimum.  After all, just watch as they all take pains to ignore the 'plague epidemic' / 'super flu' / 'doomsday device' origins issue.  Not even an implied/'signed' word.  Now, THAT'S rare. They ARE owned by federal powers.  Period.

On the subject of 9/11, in addition to oddly sitting for seven (?) minutes after getting the news of the disaster in progress, what was president Bush doing?  He was reading children's books.  Note the presence of 'children's books' as a crystal clear sign (uttered at the moment that nudie pictures are thrown down onto the publisher's table) within the film 'The Game' released in 1997, approximately four years before 9/11.  And what specifically was he reading?  'My Pet Goat'.  Recall that MC media artists and advertisers like 'Orbits Gum' have been developing the goat symbol.  If a Presidential sign to vaguely associate with 9/11, what sign could be better?   Now, Miss Block and at least some of her NPR colleagues are very sophisticated and experienced signers and the plausible interpretation of the President's location at that critical moment as a sign would spring immediately to their minds, although they might disregard it as coincidental.  Will they go anywhere near the probability (other than simply extending the sign by doing some story that mentions children's books)?  As always, the answer is no, even considering the gravity of that disaster.  Many others within the network would see the plausible interpretation as well.  It is as if they are able to live comfortably with the contradictory double-think of "Well, so what if the buildings (including one smaller building that was NOT filled with jet fuel and HAD no jetliner run into it and HAD no obvious damage to its exterior and HAD no visible pile of debris on its roof and DID go straight down from the bottom up like a professional demolition job) may have been destroyed so as to provide a Pearl Harbor to launch a (perhaps necessary) forray into the Middle East, to justify the continuing erosions of civil liberties and the building of a surveillance state. It's also for the children.  The good went to heaven, the bad went to hell and that's vaguely good enough for us.  Their sacrifice was necessary.  And we enjoy the power in that surveillance state."  I'll never really understand the network, although I can understand some of their semi-secretive priorities or at least those strongest vague arguments that they like to float in front of your faces the most.  Keep in mind that it is a proven fact that the US military leadership has included the deliberate killings of uninvolved American citizens in the furtherance of larger goals for decades or perhaps centuries as part of its contingency planning.

The Mothman Propaganda
Reading the Reader (6.9 meg)

There are the early accounts of the Point Pleasant, West Virginia citizens who report have seen a red eyed flying creature.  There is the book by John Keel.  There is the film 'The Mothman Prophecies'.  And there is the growing mythology that is a product of all three.

From Peter Rogerson's review of "Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend", "The so-called TNT, the disused ordnance depot and manufacturing plant area, had become a sort of playground for local youths, for sex and drag racing and such, like a sort of  permissive zone outside the town limits."  By now, I know the trappings (no pun intended) of MC well enough that I just did a search on 'Point Pleasant'+'sex' and knew that an inkling of the real truth behind the mythology would quickly pop up, if the suggestive aspects of the film weren't enough to expect as much.  And that quickly lead me to the review.

Anyway, in view of Rogerson's observation, it's pretty clear that the sightings were probably an effort to scare people away from the area and to break up the activity going on there and in other parts of the town and more importantly to experiment and apply some of the ever evolving techniques of so-called 'mind control' in a nice out of the way region of the country ( that may have been related to a counter culture movement that was flourishing in the western Virginia area in the mid sixties).  MC is always dressed up in mythology, indirection and other forms of subterfuge like act of God, mysticism and alien and ghost mythology.  Keeping the public incredulous and half believing such things is a major component of the old black art of MC.  Another aspect of MC is to terrify and the reports of a fearsome, red-eyed, car chasing, dog mutilating 'creature' fit that template well.

I believe that there are two possibilities concerning John Keel.  One is that he was a targeted individual at some point prior to 1966 and incorporated that experience, which he did not fully understand, into a growing fascination with UFOs, ghost and parapsychological phenomena.  Many, perhaps most targets, are pummeled cruelly and relentlessly over their sins, even to the point of suicide.  After all, that appears to be what MC is designed to do, as well as to be extraordinarily resistant to being legally or factually pinned down in any way.  It also makes optimal use of ignorance.  So Rogerson's words, "Mothman Prophecy seems an ideal post 9/11 story, with its sense of vague menace and apocalyptic imagery of urban breakdown and some coming event of mass destruction." and "Keel's vision of terrorism and urban collapse" appear to support that possibility.

The other more likely possibility is that Keel were part of the pro-MC network from the start and went down to Point Pleasant to deliberately assist in weaving a legend around the events there and to add mystical spin and lies to cloud the actual truth.  If so, he certainly succeeded.  In either case, the events there are and always will be clouded in mystery and myth and MC is better covered thereby.

In any case, it is certain that director Mark Pellington's and screenwriter Richard Hatem's version of Keel's version of the events in Point Pleasant most certainly IS a prime example of contemporary creative media MC.  Its conformity to the events in Point Pleasant is minimal at best.  For example, there was no Washington Post reporter or author named Leek, both characters loosely conforming to John Keel, himself.  Mary Kyle, the Point Pleasant reporter, was transformed into a police officer, and many of the details were modified.  For example, the number of people killed in the bridge collapse was changed from 46 to 36 in order to adorn the number with religious numerology overtones (i.e. 666) and to drop clever lines like "36 people died" (i.e. bad people).  Other hints at such numerology pop up here and there within the film as well (see below).  Also, there was no prophecy involved.  Occasionally, MC insiders will attempt to emulate prophecy by planting suggestions, signs and other phenomena and later spin those events or engineer other events that relate back to the earlier ones so as to appear to have been predicted by them.  Miss Kyle's recurring dream of finding herself surrounded by Christmas presents while drowning may actually have been an example of artificially induced dreaming, perhaps an effort to hammer her for accepting improper gifts or other things of value as part of the nefarious psychological warfare going on there.  She did not dream, "Wake up, number 37." [more numerology] as portrayed in the film.  One must begin to wonder if 'based on' is a meaningful term at all in modern filmmaking.

Several current day people and probably a few historical ones are most likely being needled/mirrored in the film in the usual way of creative media MC, which is also useful in a general way.  Recall that Mark Pellington also directed 'Arlington  Road' about a fictional suburban engineer terrorist wannabe, which obeys the usual formula of creative media MC.  Some of the many known attack tactics that are still being applied as part of contemporary MC are included in the film, some of which were probably also applied in and around Point Pleasant.  Those include:

A pattern melted into a steel grille, loud beeping noises, creaking and howling sounds, manipulation of images on television screens, mysterious phone calls with no answer or mechanical sounding voices on the other end that, when analyzed, appear to have characteristics of electrical impulses, 'men in black' running around doing weird things and asking weird questions, a phone ringing that is not plugged in, a car that shuts down for no apparent reason, migraines, perception of hearing voices, induced hallucinations and the ability of persons unseen to literally read one's mind and recognize words that one is reading from a book.

Although many of the phenomena appear very different, they may all be myriad variations upon one single known technology - the ability to focus energy upon (and measure the presence of energy within) highly localized points in space from a distance, which can be rapidly modulated, scanned, steered, etc.  And so-called 'crop circles' (not appearing in this film)?  Probably just one more variation upon the same technology.  Or more simply, just crops knocked down by hand by a few members of the network with many others also within the network willing and able to bounce the lie of crop circles around and around within the media and elsewhere and thereby delude the large percentage of the population that is easily deludable, often under the guise of semi-legitimate documentary.

Standard creative media symbolism and suggestions in the film include:

"A little after 6" (numerology), "This'll really make them sweat.", "Big house" (a euphemism for prison), making out "in the closet", "There's something wrong with me", red tumor in the brain scan, "The universe points at you and says, ah, there you are.", "She was drawing angels.", ruin in the drawings, "Parties are demonizing each other.", suggestion of communication through the wire, cat picture on the wall, "Smallwood" - a phallic suggestion and a derivation of the name "Woody", Avalon, Ohio state line (suggested in Close Encounters as well), "She's my gal" mural on the wall, 6302 address (numerology), "Year old reports" - "Embarassed to be bringing it up", "really weird feeling", 35s (suggestive of 555, a number that appears in "The Devil's Advocate" and whose meaning I do not know), making out in the back seat, blood from girlfriend's mouth possibly suggestive of fellatio, bleeding eye possibly suggestive of marijuana smoking, a look in the mirror, "not my reflection", cat scan, indians shooting buffalo pictured on the wall, "like dreams", Christmas presents, letting herself sink, "trapped in hellish death realms", "They cause disasters.  Why would they need to?", burdened statues, "If there was a window washer up there and a car crash happened, I'm sure he could see it.", "Have you ever tried explaining yourself to a cockroach?", A child figure that peers suggestively, Christmas celebration, "Do you remember the last time you were happy?", "This is your wake-up call.", the bogus name "Indrid Cold", mirror sybolism, death by exposure to the cold, an image in a mirror that doesn't match the original, flashing red light on the phone, "Crossroads of America", "One day I started hearing voices", "We're not allowed to know", dilated eyes on the bridge, "36 people" (numerology), Jesus, "Your father lived in a green house on Monroe St.  You don't remember how your mother looked.",  "Ok, you got my attention.", Cherry Flavored Chapstick, "A broken smile beneath her whispered wings." (cut to a police car speeding toward the camera).  "It depends who's looking."

Finally, the catastrophic collapse of a steel bridge that leads to scores of deaths is a rare thing, certainly when there is no clear explanation like a jetliner flying into it, major design flaws or particularly bad maintenance.  Also, people who find themselves targets in MC operations even today discover just how ruthless their persecutors are willing to be, as long as they need suffer no consequence themselves.  In view of those facts and the conjunction in time with the other events in and around Point Pleasant that are clearly MC oriented, it is reasonable to assume that the bridge was brought down intentionally.  If so, a mass murder, a crime more profound than any other activity that went on in that small town still remains to be solved.  Perhaps they were experimenting with ways of frightening an entire region into conformity and filling both the town's inhabitants and numerous other people with a belief in psychic, ghost, angelic and other phenomena that would persist long after.  After all, the film does clearly suggest religious symbolism and numerology, suggesting that the moth 'creature' were actually a winged angel or that there were an angelic component to the events in Point Pleasant, which of course there was not.

Will suggestive insinuations like the film and the myth substitute for facts in the minds of most Americans?  Yep.  As long as they're entertained.  And Americans prefer a good movie, a good mystery, gossip, rumor and the astrology column to boring facts anyway, a tendency that the network is only too happy to cultivate.  And while the center busies itself about the business of singing that between-the-lines song, you and they will forget that they are helping to build the ultimate tyranny around us all and selling the future out directly to the far right - babbled heresay and suggestive propaganda substituting for information, leave-no-trace tortures and harssments, a media willingly serving as conduits of their intentions, very real, literal thought police and massive conspiracy.  Actually, that is exactly what you sheep deserve, if you would sit back and allow it to happen (feeling safe and happy to see it destroy others or clinging to some vestige of disbelief, yet responding emotionally (and gastronomically) to their often ugly 'signs').  Considering the way that the network is controlling the flow of information about itself and that tyranny and even cultivating cultural delusions centered around everything from aliens to big foot to angels, the generations to come will probably never know that there was a better way - exactly as Orwell (prescriptively/descriptively/architecturally rather than imaginatively) described it.  Yes, he was part of the network too (see below).  In that sense, we are already the slaves of the far right, although most of you will never feel its presence at all.  As Orwell suggested safely within the context of semi-fiction:  This time, they know what they're doing.  And they do.  Hate perfected at last.  Don't even try to prove it.

'Air Force Plan:  Hack Your Nervous System' at

The brain has always been a battlefield. New weapons might be able to hack directly into your nervous system.

Details of this emerged in a heavily-censored document released to Ed Hammond of the Sunshine Project under the Freedom if Information Act. Called “Sensory consequence of electromagnetic pulsed emitted by laser induced plasmas,” it described research on activating the nerve cells responsible for sensing unpleasant stimuli: heat, damage, pressure, cold. By selectively stimulating a particular nociceptor, a finely tuned PEP might produce sensations of say, being burned, frozen or dipped in acid -- all without doing the slightest actual harm.

The skin is the easiest target for such stimulation. But, in principle, any sensory nerves could be triggered. The Controlled Effects document suggests “it may be possible to create synthetic images…to confuse an individual' s visual sense or, in a similar manner, confuse his senses of sound, taste, touch, or smell.

'Moscow's Remote Controlled Heart Attacks' at

The American military may want to attack the nervous system, with pain rays and laser plasma pulses. But they're not the only ones. The Russians have long studied such systems, too -- including one weapon that could, in theory, remotely trigger heart attacks.

Technologies of transparent manipulation and messaging are far more advanced than what a few hapless public domain reporters and scientists are digging up and writing about.  Targeted individuals have known it for years.  In fact, we are some of the guinea pigs for those developments.  Some of those technologies are well beyond the development stage and are in actual operation, including the ultimate technology - nothing less than the sophisticated surveillance, decipherment and manipulation of brain activity at a distance, whether that involves implants or no in-body intermediary at all.

Former NSA Employee John St.Clair Akwei vs. NSA Ft George G. Meade, MDEvidence for the Lawsuit filed at the US courthouse in Washington, D.C.

(Civil Action 92-0449)

My knowledge of the National Security Agency's structure, national security activities, proprietary technology,and covert operations to monitor individual citizens. A subject's bioelectric field can be remotely detected, so subjects can be monitored anywhere they are. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a person's brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance.

NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMF Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950's, which included neurological research into "radiation" (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as "Radiation Intelligence," defined as "information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in the environment, not including radioactivity or nuclear detonation." For electronic surveillance purposes, electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.

Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject's brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes.

There has been a Signals Intelligence network in the U.S. since the 1940's. The NSA, Ft. Meade has in place a vast two-way wireless RNM system which is used to track subjects and non-invasively monitor audio-visual information in their brain. This is all done with no physical contact with the subject. RNM is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence. Speech and 3D sound, and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject's brain (bypassing the ears) and images can be sent into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject's perceptions, moods, and motor control.

Speech cortex/auditory cortex link has become the ultimate communications system for the intelligence community. RNM allows for a complete audio-visual brain-to-brain link or brain-to-computer link.

Perhaps some forward thinking reporter out there will someday think to ask Lieutenant General Alexander if the NSA does in fact consider the electromagnetic emanations from the brain to be technically a 'broadcast' signal, if it has the capability to surveill them from a distance and if it considers such emanations fair game for surveillance domestically.

US report foretells of brave new world
By Nathan Cochrane
July 23, 2002
Next Magazine

A draft government report says we will alter human evolution within 20 years by combining what we know of nanotechnology, biotechnology, IT and cognitive sciences. The 405-page report sponsored by the US National Science Foundation and Commerce Department, Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance, calls for a broad-based research program to improve human performance leading to telepathy, machine-to-human communication, amplified personal sensory devices and enhanced intellectual capacity.

People may download their consciousnesses into computers or other bodies even on the other side of the solar system, or participate in a giant "hive mind", a network of intelligences connected through ultra-fast communications networks. "With knowledge no longer encapsulated in individuals, the distinction between individuals and the entirety of humanity would blur," the report says. "Think Vulcan mind-meld. We would perhaps become more of a hive mind - an enormous, single, intelligent entity."

[They are already creating structures like that.  The only form I know about is a kind of virtual concentration camp such that you are left entirely ignorant except for knowing that your conscious stream of thought is laid bare for anonymous, hateful persons to pick through at their leisure who are free to shower their hatred down upon you via the anonymous methods of 'bee-stings', click messaging and in other ways. which on the giving end may seem like something of a hive mind - sort of a sophisticated cell network in which insiders can communicate between each other without speaking aloud and in complete secrecy.  The government will never reveal the horrors that they are designing and have inflicted upon numerous people and will only offer up hints with the most positive spin.  Seeking relief from it is a legal impossibility.  Lawyers, being more interested in money than justice have nothing to offer (and no courage to challenge that system).  If that is the future, then I hope that God (or anyone else who is willing) burns this nation to the ground first.]

Armies may one day be fielded by machines that think for themselves while devices will respond to soldiers' commands before their thoughts are fully formed, it says. The report says the abilities are within our grasp but will require an intense public-relations effort to "prepare key organisations and societal activities for the changes made possible by converging technologies", and to counter concern over "ethical, legal and moral" issues. Education should be overhauled down to the primary-school level to bridge curriculum gaps between disparate subject areas.

[The kindly, beneficent, mind reading aliens from ‘AI: Artificial Intelligence’ are oddly enough a part of that suggestive public relations effort.  The intelligence community has long had tendrils within the entertainment biz and Mr. Spielberg is one of those.  What you’re not shown is how the actual reality (on the receiving end at least for an unlucky relative few) is a kind of surveillance and harassment hell on Earth.]

“Concentrated multidisciplinary research thrusts could achieve crucially important results. Among the most promising of such proposed endeavors are the Human Cognome Project to understand the nature of the human mind, the development of a “Communicator”(synthetic telepathy) system to optimize human teams and organizations, and the drive to enhance human physiology and physical performance. Such efforts probably require the establishment of networks of research centers dedicated to each goal, funded by coalitions of government agencies and operated by consortia of universities and corporations.”

Implant Victim Refused Help by 'Humanitarian' Physicians

The Boston chapter of PHYSICIANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (PHR) last month refused to examine or treat government implant victim Brian Wronge, against the protest of some of its members.

Further examination revealed miniature radios implanted in the membrane of Wronge's eardrums, according to a research biologist who examined Wronge with a OTOSCOPE. Use of such radio implants by CIA-funded experiments had been rumored since the 1960's, when individuals testified that institutes in UTAH had been using them on prisoners in that state without the victims' knowledge.

Requests through the Freedom of Information Act to obtain documents on the UTAH experiments, to this date, have not been complied with.

A federal Eastern District Court Judge, Justice REENA RAGGI, has Wronge's lawsuit against the state of New York pending, instructing Wronge to find a surgeon to remove one of the implants. However, in the three years since the May 1991 lab reports, no surgeon would remove the implants, usually citing FBI RETALIATION as the reason.

On July 21, a staff member stated, "No one here is allowed to speak with you. I was told to say that," mentioning that the director gave the silence order prior to a vacation.

The tense atmosphere at PHR following the Wronge denial was also evident among board members who refused to discuss details of the behind-the-scenes dialogue, although two of them revealed through various conversations that they were subjected to INTENSE CAMPAIGNING BY COLLEAGUES NOT TO SUPPORT PURSUIT OF THE ISSUE. Dr. CAROLA EISENBERG, vice president of PHR, was eager to help Wronge in late April but, in May, was discouraged from doing so after a conversation with STOVER.

The PHR decision was highly controversial, considering the group's documented statement of purpose - the basis on which it is supported by their large MEMBERSHIP. The statement includes the following mandates:

Since PHR's inception in 1986, it repeatedly has rejected suggestions to address medical misconduct by government agencies. "We may have a case of a group that is not pursuing the very issues its membership is MAKING LARGE CONTRIBUTIONS to see rectified," said one member of the Boston group.

Mr. Roger Hutcheon
The City Sun Newspaper

Charles Schlund vs George W. Bush - Part 1
Charles Schlund vs George W. Bush - Part 2

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' clear understanding that the sophisticated and complex electronic surveillance and other electronic [devices] can be ‘used in tandem with surveillance technologies' and ‘other electronic devices' or ‘other sophisticated electronic surveillance devices ought not be permitted in a free society." (Id. Koyomejian)

The Supreme Court has issued prior decisions which support the issuing of injunctive relief for Plaintiff Schlund which involve a wide range of scientific and other electronic force technologies admittedly used not only by the United States Government, but others as well. See, Central Intelligence Agency v. John Cary Sims and Sidney M. Wolfe, 471 U.S. 159, 85 L Ed. 2d 185 S.Ct. 1881 (1965).

In the case before the bench, Plaintiff Schlund has been and is pretextually and judicially branded as a criminal and was set-up by sloppy, dirty, and corrupt government agents who got caught by the Honorable Federal Judge Lacey who held they committed "outrageous" acts of fabrication of evidence, witness tampering, obstruction of justice and other severe and repetitive acts of immoral and grossly unethical conduct under color of authority and office. The officials themselves were radical and uncivilized criminals violating federal law. They should have been jailed.

The Honorable Federal Judge Lacey after acquitting plaintiff while standing and beating on his desk demanded that the corrupt federal agents be arrested for perjury and yelled that no one commits perjury in his court.

The corrupt agents nearly ended up in jail themselves on sua sponte contempt charges vigorously voiced on bedrock of anger by United States District Court Judge Lacey. The judge's clear expressions were in essence that the corrupt and dirty cops were the actual criminals not Plaintiff Schlund who was merely painted as a criminal in the bogus and fabricated proceedings marshaled against him by the DOJ and DEA. (Id.)

Plaintiff Schlund's statements have been consistently reliable for over twenty-five (25) years since he was acquitted. He has passed two (2) independent lie detector tests, despite the proof is not admissible in court. Also, his Verified Complaint is construed as an affidavit, which is acknowledged under Rule 56(e), which can be relied upon for purposes of granting injunctive relief.

As to the nature of the technology and the raw reality of the government torturing its citizenry, here for Plaintiff Schlund, as bizarre as it may seem, the reality of torture has been firmly recognized in the Siderman DeBlake case supra. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals expended great effort to give strong and credible weight to the factual reality of torture of citizens by the government under its reliable pattern of always denying it.

The government has no interest in trying or convicting Plaintiff for any purported crime, the government's only interest is to torture plaintiff to limit his freedom of speech and whistle-blowing activities. To imprison Plaintiff would look like the government was imprisoning him as a political witness. In fact Plaintiff Schlund would be a political prisoner of the United States. To give the illusion of freedom Plaintiff Schlund is allowed to appearingly remain free while in reality he is held prisoner electronically and controlled to a degree more horrible then possible in any prison without the use of the electronic implants used to torture Plaintiff Schlund.

- Chuck Schlund

Author's note:  Chuck Schlund is now dead as of 2009.  Don't make the mistake of thinking, as most of the signers (including NPR and its - "clear", "life online", "after school learning opportunities", "constant contact" (each pronounced "deniable slavery through constant surveillance and other aggressive means"), "healthier lives" (evidently pronounced simply "dead" or "dying"), "the art of winning" (pronounced "the art of cheating") and their other signage in a commercial context would wrongfully have you believe as part of their endless suggestive propaganda campaign, that he (or I) was either trained, perfected or healed.  Chuck, like all the rest of the active and critical targets, was slowly killed and thrust aside and his own voice more or less silenced.  Ultimately, like me, that successful business owner didn't have a chance, either to drag his hidden harassers to an admission of the destruction of his life or to prove to you the reality of the torture that he endured (but long complained of).  They just hide too well.  And his harassers aren't about to come forward to do so themselves, including, like NPR itself, the news media.  The only proof that he left behind is that he did have the courage to speak out about that long horror.  And the inner party aren't about to allow any truly viable competing points of view to complicate their decades-long mission.

* The frequent "hospital" and "life improvement" signage bothers me more than other forms of signage, recently taking the form of "ICU" (subtly suggesting "Intensive Care Unit" <> "I see you"), including the evil watching eye of Sauron in LOTR, a gentler "I see you" from the mouths of the Na-vi leads in Avatar, and others who have also bounced it around of late).  Guess this is the only ICU that does its utmost to kill you without being responsible for killing you.

Meanwhile, a few states like my home state of Georgia have put up a charade for the benefit of the ignorant that they are passing laws against the surreptitious use of implants (an effort lead in Georgia's case by two 'Chips' from the Georgia General Assembly - evidently a kind of inside joke hiding in plain view), but otherwise take no steps to enforce those laws nor to address the grand conspiracy of the game itself, which clearly breaks and circumvents numerous laws.  No, that will require comprehensive congressional investigations lead by an independent council having subpoena powers over the FBI and CIA.  Whether there will ever be sufficient political will to bring THAT about is YOUR responsibility, as the political animals in congress will never spontaneously find that will within themselves.  And the media will forever make sure that neither you nor they ever find that will, a media that includes all the cowardly artists who have been targets themselves and have either made deals with big brother to save their own asses by joining big brother's parade of signers or who are just self-righteously gung-ho about the game and find it to be a good vehicle for self-advancement, or have seen their minds and attitudes slowly bent to willingly serve big brother's will.  After all, it isn't called mind control for nothing.  If given half a chance (and they are), they will sell both their own souls to BB and the collective soul of the nation as well.  Heck, they already have.  Just consider the sheer, endless VOLUME of the between-the-lines junk they and others have thrown at us all both currently and through the decades and tell me it's not, in one sense or another, controlled.  To the band "Guided by Voices" (who quite expectly received top billing on Atlanta's Variety Playhouse video marquis space recently) - Hey, why don't you call yourselves "Misguided by Moronic Fools" or "Ten Thousand Conservative Maniacs" instead.  I'm sure you guys will go far.  How I would LOVE to apply the super migraine to every one of these clever scheming bastards who cunningly preach the preservation and continuation of these hells (nearly ALWAYS dropping the horrors of the torture chambers AND dropping the role of big brother and trying to paint a pretty picture, pop music naturally having a positive, happy feel), most of whom never been forced to live in them and who remain perpetually deluded by each others' mumbled half truths and simplistic metaphors.  "A sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare" indeed.  It's a nightmare alright.  But there's nothing beautiful about it.  I think the cruelty and ruthless unfairness of mind control is better encapsulated by Dr. Who's "Die all you want to.  I've got the key." or 1984's "Death! Death! Death!" speech.   This is what happens when absolute power meets absolute deniability, and the voices of the persecuted are so completely dominated by the voices of their persecutors - hell on Earth.  Do you think you've seen this formula before?  No, the Nazis were rank amateurs and yet, in the long run, they appear to have been victorious after all.  Our media are now infinitely more sophisticated and the mind is "an infiniely malleable thing" to borrow Orwell's knowing terminology.  You people are like the WW2 era German public, who just stood by and let it all happen.  From What Dreams May Come - "Here there is REAL danger - of losing your mind."  Each of these quotes are intended by their creators to be relevant to mind control.  Ironically, probably only the thought surveillance means themselves could ever dig out the actual INTENTIONS within the minds behind those words, perhaps with the addition of the super migraine.  Imagine a real anonymous villain or villains who have decided to secretively (and quite literally) move into your own mind alongside your own, intend to secretively taunt your own mind forever, steal whatever they can find that is useful to them and their fellows, and intend never to leave, yet can share anything they find there with whomever they wish behind your back in the real world.

Elsewhere, in Great Britain, a man believed to be a targeted individual recently died after putting himself in front of a train.  And as I write this, the pain at the base of my neck just increased for a moment dramatically for some mysterious reason.  But will they knock me off the internet again through sheer attempted avoidance of physical pain?  Hmm..  (update - Since I wrote that, they effectively took away my computer for three months by causing Windows to fail to boot on all three hard drives.  GIM Computer here in Atlanta said the hard drives were dying and had to be replaced.  The hard drives are perfectly fine, as I knew they would turn out to be.) 

Still elsewhere, like the films 'The Fugitive', 'What Lies Beneath' and 'The Game' all did, Martin Scorcese dropped the name Ted in his new film 'Shutter Island', and unlike those three films (which didn't bother to actually include a character named 'Ted') made his Ted the leading character in his film (along with a supporting character named 'Chuck') and then proceeded to transform that Ted into a psychotic delusional and floated some other implied lies along the way, which I may eventually respond to.  I'll respond to just two for now.  What about your network's OWN self-defense mechanisms, Scorcese?  The real story is in THAT.  Withdrawal from WHAT exactly, Scorcese?  Who exactly are these dead children in the lake and what do they represent, Scorcese?  The media side of mind control is like the worst of the attack sensationalism that American politics ever had to offer.  Mr. Scorcese will undoubtedly be rewarded for his work.  Oh well, my own father included an anal knife murderer of a small child in his as yet unpublished novel 'Two Roads To Paradise' (about a real HELL of a psychiatric ward not unlike Shutter Island itself and a nurse's cruel and diabolical revenge against its already unfortunate inhabitants) and he called that character Ted.  He denies (like so many of his other recent implied lies to and about me) having had any intentions (diabolical or otherwise) in doing so and pretends dumb innocence, although he did later suggest that I am to be a modern day Jobe and claims that I am a delusional (according to the usual rules of the game).  And I've never so much as slapped anyone, although I've often wanted to in recent years, as you can imagine.

My mother (and his ex-wife) refused to so much as hear the sound of his voice before her death as a result of her own interractions with him over the decades.  Like me, she knew that he is a clever and loathsome liar.  I've found that he evades so artfully when confronted - distracts, minimizes, denies, etc..  She just doesn't understand the vile culture that he's a part of.  He claimed she was crazy.  I know she's wasn't.  The daughter of his dead sister has also abandoned him for similar reasons.  He's busy paying for the love of my two sisters by buying them houses (or promising to anyway).  I refused his blood money (and the control he would have presumed in return for it) and instead chose a much harder and laborious life as a cab driver - a default labor camp, signed in 'Heavy Metal', 'Airplane', 'Taxi Driver' and elsewhere.  In that camp, they can waste your time and money with frivolous no-shows and cancellations or get in your cab and preach at you between their lines with you being a captive audience, and big bro can use its remote neurobiologicals to instantaneously numb/deaden one (or even both) arms to give you a bit of a scare now and then.  Of course, I lost the engineering career to big bro years ago.  If Scorcese was as inventive with whomever he was evidently mockingbirding back then as he has been with MY image, I doubt those guy(s) were nearly the bastards portrayed therein.  Of course, for Scorcese and the other mockingbirds, it's the drama and of course the fat paycheck and selling the game that matters most, not the truth.    But I digress.

Anyway, that's one of the most worrisome aspects of the game, it seems to me - when you become used to lying (particularly the implied kind) and you yourselves used to being deluded by entertaining bullshit, the clever manipulation of others, and conspiracy and become convinced that those are virtuous when used against your helpless enemies, rather than interracting and dealing with people you hate in any fair and courageous way.  That philosophy kind of pervades your life eventually and you surely carry it with you in your interractions with others too, just as happened with my corrupt father.  He's probably deluded himself into thinking that he's an angel too or in his own words, a mason (with a lower case 'm', he is quick to note).  How sad to find that your own father is a died in the wool (pun intended) inner party man.  My father is a complex and clever man.  He's good at chess.  Like all players/gamers, he can twist up your mind with clever wordplay and knows how to use people, particularly with the benefit of information that does not belong to him and which he has no right to have (and techniques for employing it while denying that he has it, although that information does NOT include the anal knife murder of ANYONE).  He would have made a good mob boss.  Really.  When you finally sense without a hint of doubt that you're dealing with that kind of man, the urge is to get as far away as possible from him and never look back.  I am so, so, SO glad to be a simple kind of man, innately incapable of those sorts of levels of cleverness, deceit and gamesmanship that are now so common and popular.  And I hope that I always will be.  I now understand exactly how my mother felt and a little about how she probably reached that point, although I know little of what actually transpired between them.  I only know that, despite her faults and shortcomings, she was at least an honest woman.  By the same token, Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Colbert, Mr. Scorcese, I wouldn't want to be like you either.  I'd rather be sniped at by all of you than be one of you.  By the same token, bee-stinger, you who taunt and torment with absolute anonymity and steal thought itself and put it to similarly clever uses; you are more corrupt than you know.  I wouldn't want the power you evidently have.  I wouldn't want to be like you, either.  I'd rather be made to wince in pain or itch all day by you than be one of you.  I suppose that such men are used to dealing with real monsters sometimes.  I suppose that's the rational that brought them and their extraordinary tools into being in the first place.  Certainly they all in their respective ways imply as much and regularly do so through the Spielbergs, Colberts and Scorceses out there.  In a sense, it seems to me, they have all become even more monstrous than many of those they persecute in the process of exercising their power.  They seem now more in love with that power itself than doing any real good with it, just as Orwell unabashedly told us under the cover of fiction - that power is an end and not simply a means and that power is tearing human minds apart and putting them back together again in shapes of your own choosing.  Winston (forced by O'Brien via several forms of relentless pain) may have been trained to believe that O'Brien can float just because he has been forced to believe it (amidst all the slogans and posters in that nightmare world).  Back in the real world, the Spielbergs, Colberts, Scorceses and others willingly collaborate in building the newspeak dictionary and covering the walls with their slogans and posters.  Those are precisely what Orwell was actually suggesting/signing between his own lines way back when.

You can even see hints of the 'wife' weapon (particularly within the film, which uses visual imagery in a way that the novel doesn't) that they have tried so hard to compell and cajole ME (and amuse each other) with over the years (an old tactic, evidently).  The wife can be used in a variety of ways.  They can use someone you've known to work you themselves or suggestions of someone you've known or know.  They can use one or more celebrities that you feel a fondness for, they can use musicians and other artists to play their gaming up with melodic suggestions using either airing well chosen historical works or even newly made ones from cooperating artists who can add that personal touch.  They can pretend you've hurt or figuratively killed 'her', are holding her 'captive' (when in my experience, it is essentially they who are do that or pretend to) or have betrayed her, that she loves you and that if you just do what they tell you then she will be with you, that she is angry, disappointed - whatever.  They can attempt to work you back and forth with combinations of the above like one breaks a piece of metal in an attempt to drag you around and slowly weaken and break you and perhaps to destroy your ability to feel at all (see the end scene between Julia and Winston from the movie in which they're both emotionally dead, the scene in which she is shot dead in his arms, when she is standing beside O'Brien in the torture chamber and says she loves him, etc).  The wife weapon is one of the most cynical and evil of their methods in my opinion.  And of course, they have tactics for sewing dissension and distrust between couples, spouses, families and friends, precisely as Orwell prescribed.  And as suggested deniably by Netflix to the dead tired zombie, "They can keep you as long as they want.", although I really doubt that the law supports that deniable suggestion.  If so, what IS that law?  Huh?  Since they can never produce even any law that supports their apparent criminality (or even acknowledge the issue directly at all), I feel supported in that conclusion by their sixty years of silence and evasion.

Now, go watch 'The Event' and be entertained and hypnotized, fools.  Is Obama happy with his Obama-fax, or like President Clinton in the context of the film 'Contact', does he not entirely appreciate having someone else's words put in his mouth and/or placed in a false context?  I assume Obama-fax is being made to order at Obama's own request (and that he enjoys having a mouthpiece that he has to assume no responsibility for).  You and I will probably never know for sure.  Could Obama win an implied identity case over that one, as Miss Lohan attempted to do over the 'milkaholic' commercial?  Another note about 'The Event' - As far as answers are concerned, the CIA is not looking for answers.  They can and do steal those directly from the minds they target and float those around deniably in creative enterprises like 'The Event'.  No, it's the American public and their media they're looking to capture (well, at this point - keep) and to make their targets so exhausted, poor, lonely, harassed, misunderstood, tortured and hopeless that they choose to shut up, do what they're told and even to serve as prosecuting attorneys (and good ones) against themselves and mouthpieces for big bro without the CIA themselves ever having to set a provable foot upon the scene or to admit to anything at all. 

But let's face it - with such a clever, self-sustaining, self-multiplying and disgustingly ambiguous (and often ambiguously disgusting) ownership of and salesmanship to the collective public mind through so-called newspeak/signing;

the sophistication and imperviousness (in terms of proof) of remote neurobiological surveillance and manipulation and (through those) the ability to burglarize (from either witting or unwitting minds, both being helpless to stop it) entire lifetimes from recalled memories;

the ability to quickly sense and squash dissent (even right at its very source and at the instant that it occurs within a given mind);

the ability to paint all (and hide the rest) of that with whatever brush and colors are desired through a willing, enthusiastic and conspiratorial (and I believe, woefully deluded) creative and news media;

the willingness of the CIA, FBI and judiciary to lie (and through denial and/or ignorance) to keep it all safe (just as Judge Orlinda Evans of the Atlanta Fourth District federal civil court recently did) and to use the word "delusion" as a flexible weapon;

the philosophy that lying (at least to and about TIs and the game) and conspiring is a virtue;

and above all the enthusiasm of so many people to sign rather than accuse or speak to targets and to believe what entertains them

- that hideous strength sometimes called the game, thought police, big brother, the party, illuminati, masons, (whatever they wish to call themselves these days) is effectively permanent.  So, like Winston, I send this letter (with no small satisfaction that your own descendents and not mine will have to live, suffer and die in that future) and not to the few of you who actually read this boring prose.  "To the past or to the future, to an age when thought is free, from the age of big brother, from the age of the thought police, from a dead man, greetings..."

It's not so much me they're after.  I'm just expendable ammunition.  It's the media they really want.  They want them to love big brother.  To become big brother and to serve him willingly with just a whisper in the ear and without being told.  I just wonder what they'll have the media target next.  A social war upon the nation of China?  Upon lesbianism?  Against Russia, already suspicious of American use of the internet to engage in social warfare?  Upon weed, which has been gaining ground?  This awful media that has made not one mention (that I can find) of the second holocaust mentioned above, I'm sure, will be more than ready for whatever big brother needs at the time, just as Orwell signed, himself.

Testimony of Dr. Alfred Lambremont Webre
Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Study of Social Policy 1977
Stanford Research Institute
Excerpt from "Disclosure" by Steven M. Greer

I continued my trips to Washington on other projects, one of which was a contract research project with the National Science Board on Technology Transfer.  Just prior to that, there had been hearings on the MK-Ultra program involving the use of non-lethal weapons on civilians within the United States, especially dissenters.  So I fit that profile because I had dissented from the suppression of this study.

I will recite three separate occasions on which I experienced non-lethal weapons of either an electronic or chemical form that were directed against my person.  They were intentional intrusions.

I am talking about what in common parlance is called mind-control weapons.  These are weapons of an electromagnetic nature which can be used against a target civilian which can stun them, be used to deter them, and which can be used to induce states of various panic and delusional states.

They are generally applied in an integrated fashion with ground personnel, such that, if you are a targeted individual, a dissident within the government or someone with knowledge that they want to keep private, they will target your profile.  And they will use an electromagnetic weapon to affect your mind while you are surrounded by ground personnel in the form of agents to induce paranoia in you.

Enough of that and a person can be destabilized economically and can be destabilized from a health point of view.  So I experience this in three separate instances following the termination of this project. The first instance was while I was on a contract research proposal trip to meet with an assistant secretary level person in the Pentagon.  I was escorted in by an Officer of the Pentagon and I was brought into the anteroom of the Assistant Secretary and told to wait there. I was there in a professional capacity.

Across from me was seated a woman, I wasn't sure what she was, the Secretary of whatever.  All of a sudden she takes a large placard and lifts it up like this and on this placard is a term calculated in the mind-control technology to induce what is called "cognitive dissonance", to shake up the target.  On that placard was written in large letters, "S-E-X".

Because of my years of research in this area I knew exactly what was taking place.  I was being tele-guided into a mind-control for the purpose of destabilizing me so that when I met with the Assistant Secretary I would be more shaken up - and if I told this tale I would be discredited, because how could this happen within the halls of the Pentagon?

Fortunately from my research, I knew exactly what was happening and I didn't panic, I just sat there and endured that episode.  The subsequent episodes became more serious.  I was on my way back to Palo Alto and stopped in New Orleans to see a brother of mine, but 'also had an appointment with Judge Jim Garrison on issues having to do with the House Select Committee on Assassinations in which the Chairman, Heary D. Gonzalez, had appointed me one of the public watchdogs.

My meeting with the Judge was at the New Orleans Athletic Club on a Sunday morning and on Saturday I went with my brother to visit the King Tut exhibit and all of a sudden I got physicallyt ill.  I went into massive hallucinations.  I was disoriented.  I was forced to change my schedule.  I could not meet with the Judge and I could barely make it back to the airplane Sunday night to go back to Palo Alto.  When I went to the airport I was surrounded by covert ground personnel, dressed in suits, like agents.

I knew from my professional research in the mind control area that these are mind-control personnel calculated to come in on a targeted individual in a weakened condition and induce paranoia and destabilize that individual.  Fortunately, because of my research, I was able to continue to Palo Alto and make it through this experience although it was very trying.

I went to the Pentagon and I was hit.  I got on the airplane to New Orleans and I was hit again.  Then, I got back to Stanford Research Institute and I was hit.  It was as though the order had been given out to take me out after the proposal had been terminated.

Although Dr. Webre was a believer in UFOs, that is understandable, as sensationalism surrounding UFOs was at its height in the mid seventies and was apparently being heavily employed as cover and disinformation for MC research and application.  So, those false beliefs are forgivable.  Otherwise, he was obviously an authoritative and lucid professional with enough presence of mind to understand his situation.


[*248] 33. On or about the 28th day of November 1996, at approximately 12:32 a.m. Plaintiff was admitted for a 3rd time at the Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Room, suffering from severe Abdominal Infection and high fever.

34. Plaintiff was examined by attending trauma physician, JONATHAN N. ADLER, M.D., who ordered, and caused to be carried out, X-rays of Plaintiff.

37. Radiologists RIEUMONT and KlM conducted x-rays of Plaintiff, the results of which were received by Plaintiff, through Collateral Litigation, and showed the following:

(A). No definite Pneumonia.
(B). On the lateral view, there is a "linear opacity" in the abdomen which most likely represents and "artifact".
40. At approximately 10:00 a.m. while exiting the Logan International Airport, the Plaintiff was confronted by several gun wielding individuals, claiming to be law enforcement agents.

41. Plaintiff was forced to lie down where he was searched, handcuffed and placed into custody by these agents.

42. Defendants GAMMEL, FARLEY, ROBERTO, KELLY, PETERSON, DESMOND,  CUNIFF, SOILES, QUIGLEY and several JOHN DOES AND JANE DOES, took part in the arrest of Plaintiff stated in paragraphs number forty (40) and forty-one (41) above.

43. While in the custody of agents, Plaintiff was approached by Defendant ROBERTO, who attempted to gain Plaintiff's authorization and signature on a document.

44. The document stated in paragraph forty-three (43) above was purporting to be an "authorization" for the surgical removal of an electronic device from Plaintiff's body.

45. Defendant [**9] ROBERTO, informed Plaintiff, that Plaintiff had been implanted with an "a microchip tracking device" and law enforcement (Drug Enforcement Agency/Federal Bureau Investigation) had been tracing Plaintiff since on or about November 25, 1996.

46. Defendant ROBERTO, further stated to Plaintiff that it was on "on loan" to Drug Enforcement Agency from the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) and was a sophisticated state of the art piece of equipment, cost a lot of money. Must be returned to the CIA.

47. Defendant ROBERTO, assured Plaintiff that he (Plaintiff) would be released on bail if Plaintiff would [*249] sign documents and consent to surgical removal of device.

48. Plaintiff refused to sign the consent forms. Defendant DESMOND stated "Nobody will ever believe we did this".

50. While being transported from the Logan International Airport to the field office, Defendant's FARLEY, and QUIGLEY, continued to entice Plaintiff to consent to the surgical [**10] removal of the device.

51. Upon arrival at the Field Office, Defendant FARLEY, directed Plaintiff's attention to an office door within the Field Office building that displayed the name plate of one "Dr. STEIN."

52. Defendant FARLEY, advised Plaintiff that Dr. STEIN was the individual responsible for conduction, or causing to have conducted, the surgical implantation of the device, in Plaintiff.

53. While at the Field Office, Plaintiff was subjected to identification process (i.e. Finger printing, Photographs, etc...). While there Defendant SOILES stated "The implant in you, the devices capabilities are tracking and listening. We used the Massachusetts General Hospital Medical Doctors and Nurses and our own physician to do a clean implant while you were under General Anesthesia". Defendant JOHN GAMMEL agreed and said we knew where you were from Boston to Nevada to Arizona. State of the Art Device.

54. Upon the completion of identification process Plaintiff was transported to the Braintree Police Station (Braintree) for housing.  Defendants: DEA Agents; KELLY & PETERSON Transported Plaintiff and [**11] also tried to convince plaintiff to consent to removal of Device.

55. While being taken from the Field Office to a vehicle for transportation to Braintree, one of the Principal Defendant's (possibly Defendant CUNIFF), informed Plaintiff that, "He (Plaintiff), was the only person with the device on the East Coast" and went on to mention another person implanted with the device on the "West Coast".

56. During the discussion stated in paragraph number fifty-five (55), above this Defendant further mentioned the source of "device" as the Central Intelligence Agency.

[*250] 61. During the Bond Hearing stated in paragraph number sixty (60) above; Defendant FARLEY, testified that he heard the conversation at Logan International Airport between Defendant Roberto, and the Plaintiff in which Defendant ROBERTO, informed Plaintiff about the Plaintiff being implanted with a "device" which monitored Plaintiff activities.

62. Defendant FARLEY, further testified that it was his belief that ROBERTO, was merely joking with the Plaintiff regarding the "device".

63. Upon adjournment of the January 6th Bond Hearing Plaintiff was returned to the Central Falls Facility for housing.

64. On June 14, 1999, a hearing was conducted (without the presence of Plaintiff) at the Federal Court Building Worcester, Massachusetts before the Honorable NATHANIEL M. GORTON, U.S. District Court Judge, at which time Judge GORTON, ordered Assistant U.S. Attorney's JEFFREY AUERHAHN, and CYNTHIA YOUNG, to ascertain whether or not agent's discussed a device being implanted in Plaintiff, and whether such implantation did occur.

65. As a result of Judge [**13] GORTON'S, June 14th Court Order the record reflects that certain Defendant's did in fact advise Plaintiff that a device was implanted in him, however, these Defendants were allegedly joking and there was no implantation of such device in Plaintiff.

66. On the 25th day of May, 2000, the Honorable JOSEPH TAURO, United States District Judge, ordered the government to cause to be affected and M.R.I. on Plaintiff to conclusively ascertain the existence of any electronic device implanted in the Plaintiff.

67. Judge TAURO's, May 25th Judicial order stated in paragraphs number 66 above, has to this date not been effectuated.

68. Plaintiff was under Federal/State investigation and surveillance, and monitoring at the time of and prior to Plaintiff's admission at Massachusetts General Hospital for gunshot wound.

69. As a product of discovery process conducted in a malpractice lawsuit against Massachusetts general Hospital, et al. (Case No: 99-5655H), Plaintiff has procured conclusive medical evidence that there did exist a foreign "artifact" inside Plaintiff at time of x-rays conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, as set forth in paragraph [**14] numbers 36 and 37 above. This device remains inside Plaintiff.

The federal defendants assert that plaintiff's claim accrued on December 15, 1996, (more than two years before plaintiff initiated this civil action) when Defendant [**23] Roberto informed plaintiff that "a microchip tracking device" was implanted in plaintiff, and requested plaintiff's authorization for its removal. The court, however, cannot at the same time credit federal defendants' assertion that plaintiff's claim about the planting of a "microchip tracking device" is frivolous and credit federal defendants' assertion that at the time of that incident plaintiff knew or should have known "the fact of injury" to the plaintiff.

Microchip Implants, Mind Control and Cybernetics by Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD - Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland, December 6, 2000

It is technically possible for every newborn to be injected with a microchip, which could then function to identify the person for the rest of his or her life.  Such plans are secretly being discussed in the U.S. without any public airing of the privacy issues involved.When a 5-micromillimeter microchip (the diameter of a strand of hair is 50 micromillimeters) is placed into optical nerve of the eye, it draws neuroimpulses from the brain that embody the experiences, smells, sights, and voice of the implanted person.  Once transferred and stored in a computer, these neuroimpulses can be projected back to the person’s brain via the microchip to be reexperienced.  Using a RMS, a land-based computer operator can send electromagnetic messages (encoded as signals) to the nervous system, affecting the target's performance.  With RMS, healthy persons can be induced to see hallucinations and to hear voices in their heads.

The mass media has not reported that an implanted person's privacy vanishes for the rest of his or her life. Thought signals and subconscious thinking can be read, dreams affected and even induced, all without the knowledge or consent of the implanted person.

This “silent war” is being conducted against unknowing civilians and soldiers by military and intelligence agencies.  Since 1980, electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB) has been secretly used to control people targeted without their knowledge or consent.  All international human rights agreements forbid nonconsensual manipulation of human beings — even in prisons, not to speak of civilian populations.

Are we ready for the robotization of mankind and the total elimination of privacy, including freedom of thought?  How many of us would want to cede our entire life, including our most secret thoughts, to Big Brother?  Yet the technology exists to create a totalitarian New World Order.  Covert neurological communication systems are in place to counteract independent thinking and to control social and political activity on behalf of self-serving private and military interests.

One reason this technology has remained a state secret is the widespread prestige of the psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV produced by the U.S. American Psychiatric Association (APA) and printed in 18 languages.  Psychiatrists working for U.S. intelligence agencies no doubt participated in writing and revising this manual.  This psychiatric "bible" covers up the secret development of MC technologies by labeling some of their effects as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.

Centre for Conflict Resolution - Department of Peace Studies
Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project (BNLWRP)
Research Report No. 8

Neil Davison, Nick Lewer
March 2006

For police and security sector services this ethical and social problem is not going to go away. It will, in essence, become a bigger issue, as the new technologies start to mature, and offer a wider range of technological opportunities (with associated socio-political implications) to those responsible for law and order. It will test potential linkages between the temptation of using such technologies for the ‘political control’ of populations, and the police-state relationship.

Neuroscience and the military

In early 2006 the think tank Demos and the Welcome Trust published a collection of essays entitled Better Humans? The Politics of Human Enhancement and Life Extension. In his contribution, Professor Steven Rose, a leading neuroscientist based at the Open University, warns of increasing military interest in emerging technologies that may enable the manipulation of the brain: the panicky environment of the so-called ‘war on terror’ there is increasing military interest in the development of techniques that can survey and possibly control and manipulate the mental processes of potential enemies.

He points to the use of electromagnetic energy to manipulate the brain:

...there is a long history of attempts by DARPA [US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] to develop techniques for focusing microwave beams to disorient or confuse opponents. Whether microwave technology is capable of achieving this goal is uncertain. More promising, however, is a much newer technique – transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This focuses an intense magnetic field on specific brain regions, and has been shown specifically to affect thoughts, perceptions and behaviours that are dependent on those regions. Currently usable only when a subject’s head is placed inside the relevant machine [actually, a means of surveilling and controlling the process of thought at a distance already exists and has for some decades], TMS at a distance is now under active investigation. So is chip technology, which might provide implanted prostheses to overcome sensory deficits or control behaviour.

Ostensibly DARPA’s interest in TMS is in enhancing the performance of US soldiers, as described on the web site of its Defense Sciences Office:

The goal of the Preventing Sleep Deprivation Program is to define and implement approaches to prevent the harmful effects of sleep deprivation, and to provide methods for recovery of function with particular emphasis on cognitive and psychomotor impairments. Among the approaches currently under investigation include novel pharmaceuticals that enhance neural transmission, nutraceuticals that promote neurogenesis, cognitive training, and devices such as transcranial magnetic stimulation.

However, given the current interest in directed energy and  suppressive/incapacitating weaponry, it is hard to imagine that this technique is not under consideration for use as a weapon. Other means of manipulating the nervous system using electromagnetic beams certainly are. In the ‘Directed Energy’ section of this report we describe research sponsored by the US Air Force that seeks to use electromagnetic energy to manipulate the nervous system by altering neurotransmitter release.

Russia is also conducting research into the use of electromagnetic radiation to manipulate the nervous system.

Bioelectromagnetic weapons

A final report on a three-year US Air Force funded project to study the effects of
radiofrequency (RF) energy on nervous system function gives some insight into an area of weapons development where there has been much speculation but little available information over many years. Two researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno, Dr. Gale Graviso, an Associate Professor of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine, and Dr. Indira Chatterjee, a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, have been investigating the use of RF energy to manipulate the release of neurotransmitters in the nervous system with a view to developing an incapacitating weapon. The research project, entitled Sensitivity to Neurotransmitter Release to Radiofrequency Fields, ran from 1 June 2002 until 31 May 2005 under contract number F49620-02-1-0306 with the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) for $357,652. The abstract of the final report136 is very clear about the purpose of the research undertaken:

Exploring the interactions between radiofrequency (RF) radiation and biological systems is essential for developing RF-based non-lethal stunning/immobilizing weaponry. To this end a research effort was initiated to identify RF parameters potentially capable of selectively altering exocytosis, the process underlying neurotransmitter release and hence nervous system function.

Experiments were conducted on nerve cells from the adrenal medulla section of the adrenal gland. The adrenal medulla controls release of the catecholamine neurotransmitters adrenaline and noradrenaline into the bloodstream. The main observation given in the final report on the research is that they found an increase in release of catecholamines from these cells as a result of exposure to certain frequencies of RF energy.

A second concurrent three-year research effort (‘Project 2’) being conducted by the same researchers, which began on 1 June 2003, has been funded by the ‘Department of Defense Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (DEPSCoR)’ and the University of Nevada, Reno with a total of $750,000. This project is not only looking at influencing the nervous system with RF radiation but also affecting muscle contraction:

The project addresses the long-term goals set in Project 1 funded by the AFOSR, i.e. investigating the feasibility of designing novel non-lethal stunning/immobilizing weapons based on non-thermal effects of RF/microwave radiation on neurotransmitter release from chromaffin cells. It extends the scope of Project 1 by proposing to conduct exposures at low levels of microwave radiation, as well as by using another type of excitable cell i.e. skeletal muscle cells, to investigate whether RF/microwave radiation will produce non-thermal effects on muscle contraction, thereby providing another strategy to design novel immobilizing weaponry.

Having learnt about these projects we looked for any announcements about the research at the time of the initial funding award in 2003, and we found a University of Nevada press release from March 2003 that is deeply deceptive. Not only does it omit any reference to the sole purpose of the research, i.e. development of “novel immobilizing weaponry”, but it also claims that the research is for beneficial therapeutic purposes:

As regards the broader issue of whether it is in any way acceptable to develop
bioelectromagnetic weapons that could have an incapacitating and suppressing effect on people by manipulating their nervous system or their muscles, the University of Nevada’s 2003 press release and its evident omission answers this question for us.


Dr Steve Wright - Director of the Omega Foundation
A Draft Paper Presented To The Expert Seminar On Security Equipment & The Prevention Of Torture
25-26 October 2002. London, UK

This paper covers the emergence of new sub-lethal, incapacitating and paralysing technologies and their coming role in the mass production of torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment. It grew out of the work the Omega Foundation has undertaken for Amnesty International (on electroshock, restraining and torture technologies), the European Commission, the European Parliament and Landmine Action. Throughout its existence, Omega has tracked technologies, particularly less lethal weapons) deployed by the police, military and security services to create human rights violations, including weapons used in torture.  However, such technologies have always been seen by us as multi-functional, weapons of flexible response rather than specifically designed just for a role in torture.

For many years the US used so called non-lethal weapons in its prisons, for crowd control and often in conjunction with lethal force during war such as the massive use of CS in Vietnam against combatants and non-combatants alike. A key strand of such work involved the creation of non-lethal weapons for interrogation or as Peter Watson has put it, war on the mind.  After World War II, many countries examined the use of chemicals for the manipulation of human behaviour and a rich seam of pharmacological work opened up to facilitate these needs and the creation of mechanisms to induce, debilitation, dependence and dread.

Directed Energy or Radio frequency Weapons using the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum are probably the most controversial area of development. They are discussed in Non-Lethal Weapon circles but little in the way of hard data is provided given their sensitivity. They are seen as offering a potential rheostatic or tunable response from less-lethal; to lethal. Already demonstrated is the ability to induce a heating effect up to 107 degrees F to induce an artificial fever. There has been much speculation but a dearth of hard data about such psychotronic weapons which are already worrying those concerned about bioethics. Such electronic neuro-influence weapons would be in breach of the recent EU resolution regarding technologies which interact directly with the human nervous system. Voice to skull technology has already been discussed in the literature.

We are supposed to believe that the major role of these disabling and incapacitating technologies is in creating harmless warfare. Work by the Omega Foundation in the past for the European Parliament reveals a pattern of such less lethal weapons being used both for punishment and for softening up dissenters before deploying lethal force. There is every expectation that the second generation of these technologies will find similar roles, especially if the companies making such weapons seek wider markets.

Without adequate international controls, we may end up with weapons of mass punishment, and gross human rights violation - taking torture out of the present tradition of 1 (or more) to 1; to a capacity where one person or group can torture or deliberately debilitate and punish 1-to many.

The debate on International Law and Non-Lethal Weapons is vitally important, if we are to establish the continuance of basic principles of what is and what is not beyond the limits of permissibility in the face of US attempts to define these weapons as lying outside such restrictions. They are not.

Some of the devices discussed above will find a future role in mass producing torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment. Other technologies will follow as governments find ever new mechanisms to quell dissenters, punish civilians who would migrate into their territory, as well force multiplying tools or as surprise devices to immobilise combatants. At both the UN and the EU levels, we should attempt to enhance controls on such technologies which are anticipatory in that they can be applied to new devices and inventions on the horizon rather than just the single function torture weapons of old.

Alas, good laws, export controls and regulations do not guarantee good practice. Whatever controls are eventually agreed, it is sensible to assume that loopholes will be found accompanied by traditional denials of government and corporate collusion. Taking this as a starting point, it would be prudent for the responsible authorities to re-examine the resources needed both by customs and intelligence agencies to adequately prioritize tracking of malfactors in the future. It would also seem prudent to put in place further field research and audit procedures to ensure that the information required to monitor the torture trail enables a more prophylactic approach.

House Resolution 1026

On September 20, 2006, US Representative Cynthia McKinney introduced House Resolution 1026:

For the re-opening of investigative hearings into the Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and other intelligence and law enforcement programs and agencies, and an expansion of those hearings to include renewal of previously curtailed abuses, and other activities sanctioned by the USA PATRIOT ACT.

Whereas the Congress condemns any abuse of human, civil, and constitutional rights undertaken by Federal, State, or local law enforcement agencies and agents;

Whereas the Congress acknowledges the violations of law perpetrated by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted under the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), and other intelligence agency and law enforcement programs such as CHAOS, GARDEN PLOT, CABLE SPLICER, LANTERN SPIKE, and others, which targeted the leadership of progressive social movements and implemented extra-constitutional aggregations of executive power or martial law;

Whereas the Congress recognizes the findings of the Church Committee which identified COINTELPRO and related activities as an illegal, extra-judicial effort designed to disrupt and destroy opposition groups and movements, and anti-war protest, among others;

Be it further resolved, That Congress intends to renew legislation that will end these abuses and fully protect the constitutional, civil, and human rights of all U.S. citizens and others who fall under the protection of our laws and international laws and treaties the United States is signatory to.

GNPR: "1996" [by award winning author Gloria Naylor]: Under the Watchful Eye of the Government - News & Notes with Ed Gordon January 23 2006 - Excerpt

(Full NPR Interview)

Although not as well known as 'The Women of Brewster Place', '1996' is Miss Naylor's most important work by far.  The amazing thing is that it could be written while under attack at all.

Use of Psychological Torture by US Forces - A Report by Physicans for Human Rights

"The administration has created a regime of torture" said Rubenstein. "Decisions by civilian and military leaders including Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld have permitted these types of techniques. It is a drastic departure from values laws and practices long enshrined and embraced by military and civilian investigative traditions.


Dr. Michael Persinger

Dr. Michael Persinger, a psychologist and neuro-scientist, "did research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the brain for a Pentagon weapons project".  He has worked in the field for 40 years and has been funded by the Navy and reportedly the NSA as well.  Persinger says brain processes can be circumvented by direct induction of this information within the brain…the basic premise is that synthetic duplication of the neuroelectrical correlates generated by sensors to an actual stimulus should produce identical experiences without the presence of that stimulus."  He is saying that virtually any mental state can be artificially injected into a human brain…from an exterior source.  The most frightening thing is that the means for doing this already exist in a fully operational form on a worldwide basis.

"The power levels for these amplitudes are similar to those associated with the signals (generated globally by radio and communication systems)… Within the last two decades a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now marginally feasible.  This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species…by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed." 

Persinger's message, minus the jargon, is that the entire human race can be mind controlled through the use of electromagnetic influence piggybacked on television and radio networks or other technical means.  (Kieth 207)

“Information Operations: A New War-Fighting Capability”
Written for the Chief of Staff of the Air Force

The paper asserts that "for continued success as a superpower" the key is "information dominance".

Part of this dominance will be the development of a space satellite-linked Information Integration Center, or IIC, which will act as a central information processing and control center.  The IIC will monitor people who have been implanted with a "microscopic brain chip…(the) chip performs two functions.  First, it links the individual to the IIC, creating a seamless interface between the user and the information resources (in-time collection data and archival databases.)  In essence, the chip relays the processed information from the IIC to the user.  Second, the chip creates a computer generated mental visualization… 

"Implanting "things" in people raises ethical and public relations issues".  In the future, "The civilian population will likely accept an implanted microscopic microchip that allows military members to defend vital national interests".   The paper goes on to note that "The California Institute of Technology has developed an energy efficient computer chip which emulates the analog thinking of the human brain…when this capability is fully mature, this chip could provide the baseline for a brain implant hooked to all the sensory segments of the brain, not just the eye".  (Kieth pg 223)

Excerpts from:

From “New World Vistas”
a book published in 1996 by the US Air Force Advisory Board

We will have achieved a clear understanding of how the human brain works, how it really controls the various functions of the body, and how it can be manipulated (both negatively and positively).  One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscle movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set.

It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction.  When a high power microwave pulse in the gigahertz range strikes the human body, a very small temperature perturbation occurs.  This is associated with a sudden expansion of the slightly heated tissue.  This expansion is fast enough to produce an acoustic wave.  If a pulsed stream is used, it should be possible to create an internal acoustic field in the 5-15 kilohertz range, which is audible.  Thus, it may be possible to talk to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.  (Kieth 223)

U. S. News
By Douglas Pasternak

Dr. John Norseen, a Lockheed Martin neuroengineer, is conducting research into reading and interpreting "brain prints," sponsored by NASA, DARPA and the Army’s NGIC. One possible application mentioned is scanning passengers’ brain patterns in airports to search for a terrorist’s (as usual) brain profile.

If this research pans out, says Norseen, "You can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it." But Norseen says he is agnostic on the moral ramifications that he’s not a mad scientist-just a dedicated one. Dr. Norseen said, "The ethics don’t concern me, but they should concern someone else."

“We are at the point where this database has been developed enough that we can use a single electrode or something like an airport security system where there is a dome above your head to get enough information that we can know the number you're thinking," he adds.

Dr. John D. Norseen
Systems scientist for embedded systems
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Marietta, Georgia

Mind Control With Silent Sounds and Super Computers
Resonance Newsletter of the MENSA Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group
Editor Judy Wall

U. S. Patent #5,159,703 dated October 27, 1992
Inventor Dr. Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia

Silent Sounds, Inc. states that it is interested only in positive emotions, but the military is not so limited. That this is a U. S. Department of Defense project is obvious. Edward Tilton, President of Silent Sounds, Inc., said, "The system was used throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully."

Far from necessarily being used as a weapon against a person, the system does have limitless positive applications. However, the fact that the sounds are subliminal makes them virtually undetectable and possibly dangerous to the general public.

These weapons were recently transferred from the Department of Defense over to the Department of Justice. Why?  There are international treaties that exclude weapons of this nature in international warfare.

In other words, weapons that are barred from use against our country’s worst enemies (not withstanding the fact that the US did use this weapon against Iraqi troops!) can now be used against our own citizens by the local police departments against such groups as peaceful protestors of U. S. nuclear policies.

The secrecy involved in the development of the electromagnetic mind-altering technology reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in it. Whoever controls this technology can control the minds of all men.

As recently as last month [February 1998], this stonewall approach of total denial or silence on the subject still held fast, even toward committees of the U. S. Congress!

NASA plans to read terrorist's minds at airports
By Frank J. Murray 
August 17, 2002

Airport security screeners may soon try to read the minds of travelers to identify terrorists.

Officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have told Northwest Airlines security specialists that the agency is developing brain-monitoring devices in cooperation with a commercial firm, which it did not identify.

Space technology would be adapted to receive and analyze brain-wave and heartbeat patterns, then feed that data into computerized programs "to detect passengers who potentially might pose a threat," according to briefing documents obtained by The Washington Times.

NASA wants to use "noninvasive neuro-electric sensors," imbedded in gates, to collect tiny electric signals that all brains and hearts transmit. Computers would apply statistical algorithms to correlate physiologic patterns with computerized data on travel routines, criminal background and credit information from "hundreds to thousands of data sources," NASA documents say.

The notion has raised privacy concerns. Mihir Kshirsagar of the Electronic Privacy Information Center says such technology would only add to airport-security chaos. "A lot of people's fear of flying would send those meters off the chart. Are they going to pull all those people aside?"

The organization obtained documents July 31, the product of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration, and offered the documents to this newspaper.

Mr. Kshirsagar's organization is concerned about enhancements already being added to the Computer-Aided Passenger Pre-Screening (CAPPS) system. Data from sensing machines are intended to be added to that mix.

NASA aerospace research manager Herb Schlickenmaier told The Times the test proposal to Northwest Airlines is one of four airline-security projects the agency is developing. It's too soon to know whether any of it is working, he says.

"There are baby steps for us to walk through before we can make any pronouncements," says Mr. Schlickenmaier, the Washington official overseeing scientists who briefed Northwest Airlines on the plan. He likened the proposal to a super lie detector that would also measure pulse rate, body temperature, eye-flicker rate and other biometric aspects sensed remotely.  Though adding mind reading to screening remains theoretical, Mr. Schlickenmaier says, he confirms that NASA has a goal of measuring brain waves and heartbeat rates of airline passengers as they pass screening machines.

This has raised concerns that using noninvasive procedures is merely a first step. Private researchers say reliable EEG brain waves are usually measurable only by machines whose sensors touch the head, sometimes in a "thinking cap" device. "To say I can take that cap off and put sensors in a doorjamb, and as the passenger starts walking through [to allow me to say] that they are a threat or not, is at this point a future application," Mr. Schlickenmaier said in an interview.

Both professors also raised privacy concerns.

"Screening systems must address privacy and 'Big Brother' issues to the extent possible," a NASA briefingpaper, presented at a two-day meeting at Northwest Airlines headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., acknowledges. Last year, the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional police efforts to use noninvasive "sense-enhancing technology" that is not in general public use in order to collect data otherwise unobtainable without a warrant. However, the high court consistently exempts airports and border posts from most Fourth Amendment restrictions on searches.

"We're getting closer to reading minds than you might suppose," says Robert Park, a physics professor at the University of Maryland and spokesman for the American Physical Society. "It does make me uncomfortable. That's the limit of privacy invasion. You can't go further than that."

"We're close to the point where they can tell to an extent what you're thinking about by which part of the brain is activated, which is close to reading your mind. It would be terribly complicated to try to build a device that would read your mind as you walk by." The idea is plausible, he says, but frightening.

At the Northwest Airlines session conducted Dec. 10-11, nine scientists and managers from NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif., proposed a "pilot test" of the Aviation Security Reporting System.

NASA also requested that the airline turn over all of its computerized passenger data for July, August and September 2001 to incorporate in NASA's "passenger-screening testbed" that uses "threat-assessment software" to analyze such data, biometric facial recognition and "neuro-electric sensing."

Northwest officials would not comment.

Human Brain Implant Research Suspended At Major University
By Andrew Brownstein Staff Writer The Albany Times Union 8-25-99

Albany -- Professor whose work is at issue has focused on surgically inserted mind-control devices 

The University at Albany has shut down the research of a psychology professor probing the "X-Files" world of government surveillance and mind control. 

At conferences, in papers and research over two semesters, Professor Kathryn Kelley explored the claims of those who say they were surgically implanted with communications devices to read their thoughts.

According to colleagues, Kelley has privately claimed the university is violating her academic freedom. She declined to discuss the matter with a reporter. 

Kelley's research and the controversy surrounding it echoes the experience of John Mack, a renowned Harvard psychiatrist who wrote the 1994 best seller "Abductions: Human Encounters with Aliens." By lending credence to the stories of those who claimed they were abducted and molested by space aliens, the book led to an unprecedented inquiry by the Harvard Medical School. A school committee eventually chastised Mack for engaging in unorthodox research and "affirming the delusions" of his patients. 

But unlike Kelley, Mack has an international reputation. He earns hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and won a Pulitzer Prize for his biography of T.E. Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia. And while Harvard challenged Mack's conclusions, the investigation at UAlbany is focused on methods. 

Last week, university spokeswoman Mary Fiess released this statement on the matter: "The university imposed the suspension because of serious concerns that the experiment did not meet the standards governing such projects on campus. While we're working to gather all the facts in this case, we cannot comment further." 

A memo sent to all psychology professors and graduate students last week instructed them to refer calls "looking for information on any psychological research conducted in our department" to the university's public relations office. 

According to three sources -- two faculty members and a graduate student -- the school's Institutional Review Board, which monitors human research, closed the project when a student complained late last spring. The student, sources said, was not allowed to leave a lecture that was part of Kelley's experiment. Refusal to allow a subject to leave an experiment violates National Science Foundation guidelines. 

Despite the inquiry, Kelley, a fully tenured professor who earned $67,000 last year, is slated to teach two graduate courses in the fall. 

The department became aware of Kelley's theories as early as the spring of 1998, when a note on her office door announced a lecture called "The Psychology of Invading the Self." 

The note described implant research funded by the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense with an annual budget of $2 billion. The "uninformed, unconsenting subjects" of these devices were typically "federal prisoners and political dissidents," the note said. 

At the same time, Kelley won approval from the review board to conduct research on "advances in technology that affect interpersonal communication." In a 16-page outline to the board, Kelley said she wanted to look at the uses of technology for "monitoring and control." She proposed presenting a lecture to research subjects and then having them respond to 60 questions about how the case study she would describe affected their views. 

The interest in technology marked an extreme departure for Kelley, a professor at UAlbany since 1979. Kelley, who earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University, was a professor at Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin before joining the psychology faculty at UAlbany. Her previous research dealt with issues like health, date rape and risk-taking. With her ex-husband, distinguished psychology professor Donn Byrne, she co-authored a textbook on gender differences. 

The shift in the focus of her research puzzled many. Gregory George, a graduate student who has since left the university, said he was part of a team assigned to lay the factual foundation for the implants research. 

To his astonishment, he found several firms had developed "trans-tympanic transducers," instruments that function as mini-telephones, sending voice messages to the inner ear. Companies declined to market the product for fear of bad transmissions causing deafness, he said.

George believed the point of the research was to look at how people would perceive those with the implants, and whether there might be a social stigma attached.

"Kathryn has never been one to go traditional," said George. "But some of us wondered why we were looking at the social stigma of something that hadn't been developed yet. Why not look at the stigma of using something more common, like a wheelchair?" 

Papers Kelley delivered at two recent conferences suggest that she was becoming fascinated with the subject of mind control. 

At the annual conference of the Eastern Psychological Association in Providence, R.I. -- attended by several UAlbany graduate students -- she delivered a paper that looked at implant claims as "one of the indicators of schizophrenia." 

Yet many colleagues began wondering to what extent Kelley believed that such implants were actually occurring. 

"A lot of people wonder where she draws the line," said one graduate student, who asked not to be named. "Is it hypothetical? Or is it fact?" 

In a more detailed treatment she gave at a conference earlier this month in Orlando, Fla., Kelley lent more credence to the phenomenon. She described how a subject might be implanted with the device during anesthesia, perhaps leaving tiny stitches visible in the ear. She called the devices RAATs, short for radio wave, auditory, assaultive, transmitting implants. 

"When (short-wave) operators transmit to or scan RAAT implants in victims, they can talk to the victims remotely and anonymously, and hear the victim's speech and thoughts," Kelley wrote. 

The paper noted that the National Institutes of Health denied any governmental role in such research. 

The EPA is a respected psychological organization. But few professors had heard of the groups behind the Orlando meeting: the World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, and the International Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis. The Web site for the organization, based in Venezuela, said it is devoted to cybernetics, which it describes as integrating various disciplines into "a whole that is permeating human thinking and practice."

The current investigation into Kelley's work is considered highly sensitive at the university, coming four years after a gunman who claimed the government planted microchips in his body held a class of 37 students hostage and shot one student during a struggle. Ralph Tortorici, the gunman, recently hanged himself in his state prison cell. 

Without commenting on specifics, sociology Professor David Wagner, outgoing chair of the review board, said that shutting down a professor's research was "quite rare." 

Some faculty members said the last time they remember the board making such a move was in the early 1970s.

Excerpts from:

US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights
by Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton

A Study of the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights
Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons

Completed December 2006
Sonoma State University
Project Censored
Media Freedom Foundation

Psychological Warfare, Information War, and mind control may seem to be exotic topics, but the impact of these technologies and techniques is profound. Our minds are being impacted through a longstanding series of programs aimed at manipulating public opinion through intelligence agencies, think tanks, corporate media and a host of non-governmental organizations designed to engender fear, division and uncertainty in the public.  Media manipulation involving the artificial framing of our collective reality is often a hit or miss proposition, but psychological operations have been carried out in the past, and are being carried out even today, through the practices of “Information Warfare,” directed at enemies abroad and at the American people.

According to Mary C. FitzGerald of the Hudson Institute, New-concept weapons, such as laser, electromagnetic, plasma, climatic, genetic and biotechnological are the central principle driving the modernization of national defense. The potential for these weapons to be used for both good and bad deserves a great deal of attention, but there is little to be found in the media or discussed by our administration.

While developments in brain research are touted for their amazing therapeutic advances in the medical field, they primarily serve the purposes of the US military.  Americans have little idea about the research concerning the capabilities of electromagnetism,
directed acoustics, or computer-human interfacing.

Are new electromagnetic weapons in the possession of the government [to] be used on American citizens? The issue at hand is whether the research and technology currently being developed will benefit or harm us and how much liberty we are willing to sacrifice for a possibly skewed sense of national security and protection.

In September 2006, Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne announced that crowd control weapons should be tested on Americans first. "If we're not willing to use it here against our fellow citizens, then we should not be willing to use it in a wartime situation," said Wynne. "(Because) if I hit somebody with a non-lethal weapon and they claim that it injured them in a way that was not intended, I think that I would be vilified in the world press."

“During the 1990’s, in both presidential administrations, non-lethal weapons such as these and others received priority funding. The Secretary of Energy under Clinton, O’Leary, warned that over a 40 year period, 500,000 had been unwitting test subjects for military research on non-lethal weapons, including MKULTRA who claims among many victims, Ted Kaczinky, the Unabomber.  There is no way to know who these people are or how to help them because there is paranoia in the military and no oversight in Congress. These black projects probably don’t even make it to the President.”

“The problem is that the military’s role is to be paranoid and think up scenarios where the worst can happen then prepare for this in order to protect the people from a hypothetical future event. But there is little to no oversight. The Senate Intelligence Committee is made up of people like Ted Stephens who thinks the internet is made up of pipes and tubes. These people do not have the required background knowledge to ask the right questions. According to the defense budget report, 40% of the budget is dedicated to black projects. There is no oversight and no public knowledge. In the European Union, things are much different.”

“In February 1998, I testified before the European Union parliament for an hour and a half and convinced them of the detrimental effects of non lethal weapons on humans, their behavior and their minds. The EU was convinced and passed a resolution banning the use of weapons that can manipulate a person (see Parliament Resolution A4-005/99 entitled "Resolution on the Environment, Security, and Foreign Policy" passed on January 29, 1999). During the hearings, the US representative and NATO representatives sat in the back and declined to participate when asked.  In the US, there is no such resolution or anything remotely close to being considered by any member of Congress. There is no concern for it in the US because no one knows about them.”

However, hundreds of people continue to assert that a person or persons, whom they do not know, have been targeting them with electromagnetic weapons in a widespread campaign of either illegal experimentation or outright persecution.  These experiences involved a number of discrete phenomena:

* Hearing voices when no one was present.
* Feeling sensations of burning, itching, tickling, or pressure with no apparent physical cause.
* Sleeplessness and anxiety as a result of “humming” or “buzzing”.
* Loss of bodily control, such as twitching or jerking of an arm or leg suddenly and without control.
* Unexpected emotional states, such as a sudden overwhelming feeling of dread, rage, lust or sorrow that passes as quickly as it arises. 

The US Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate released a paper in 2004 which presents “Crowd Control Modeling and Simulation.” This report discusses behavioral changes [of] human populations.  That the Department of Defense calls for new weapons systems designed to work on the psychological underpinnings of a population should give human rights activists great cause for alarm. The use of electromagnetic weapons to alter the emotional state, hamper the ability of an enemy or US citizens, to think clearly, and result in chaos and pain are morally problematic for a number of reasons:

1. Creating fear, anxiety confusion and irrational behavior within an individual or a population is counterproductive to the operations of a free society and to the execution of warfare. Chaos only breeds the need for greater and greater means of physical repression; irrational behavior is by definition unpredictable and as such provides significant difficulty when the task is to secure an area.

2. These weapons leave no tell tale clues. There are no bullet holes or gross damage (with the exception of those designed to maim, burn or explode targets).

3. They are operated from a great distance, meaning that the operator has no feedback as to the effects of his or her actions. This provides us with a very dangerous circumstance very similar to Millgram's experiment where we can predict with certainty gross abuses of power.

4. Any device that invades a persons mind, either through induction of “evoked potentials” through electromagnetic means or through the various “crazy-making” tactics employed in both information warfare and psychological operations is a violation of human rights and cognitive liberty.

In terms of authorizing and administering tests of radioactive substances and other tests on unsuspecting members of the public, history shows that people without ethical standards can rise to positions of great responsibility and once ensconced in such positions of trust, produce the most horrifying abuses without fear of reprisal. When layers of secrecy overlay the activities of otherwise rational and intelligent men, the failings of their hearts more readily show. In the case of actually attempting to control human behavior through both overt and covert means our departments of defense and intelligence agencies, both subordinate to the executive branch of government have
historically proven incapable of protecting the public and undeserving of the trust given them to perform their functions for the public good.

The US has a long history of human rights violations through harassment, telephone tapping, video surveillance, behavior manipulation, torture, drug-induced states of conscience and psychological control. Congress’s passage of the Military Commission Act of 2006 put universal human rights outside the scope of US policy. Today, the US government is using the most technologically advanced forms of surveillance and control, along with the propaganda of fear and intimidation against its citizens. The US engages in covert torture, covert imprisonment, increased censorship and the massive secret classification of government documents.

John Norseen, a neuroscientist interested in Biofusion, the relationship between humans and computers, says, “If this research pans out you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it.” Norseen says he is agnostic on the moral ramifications of this research.  He feels that he is not a “mad” scientist - just a dedicated one. “The ethics don’t concern me,” he says, “but they should concern someone else.”

As reported in 2001, the statement of Dr. Eldon Byrd should be considered with great weight:

“A medical engineer, Eldon Byrd, reported a case that illustrates this point. After working on the Polaris submarine, which carried long-range nuclear weapons, Byrd developed non-lethal weapons with reversible effects. He regarded this as a humanitarian alternative to ‘punching holes in people and having their blood leak out in battle. His inventions used magnetic fields at biologically active wave frequencies to affect brain function. Byrd could put animals to sleep at a distance and influence their movements. When the success of his research became evident, suddenly he was pulled off the project and it went "black." His believes the electromagnetic resonance weapons he developed have been used for psychological control of civilians rather than for exigencies in battle. That is, to ensure his participation, he was uninformed about the true nature of the project. Byrd’s case also illustrates how morally tolerable operations may transition to morally intolerable operations, or at least rise above the atrocity line”

Patrick Flanagan's Neurophone
Hope for the deaf and superlearning for all
by Eddy Taylor

In 1958, Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone in Bellaire, Texas when he was 14 years old. This electronic device transmits sound through the skin, by-passing normal hearing. A family friend who was a patent attorney for Shell Oil, helped Patrick submit a patent application. The patent examiners thought that this was just sound transfer through bone conduction and refused to issue a patent for 12 years. In a rare meeting in 1970, the patent office agreed to examine the Neurophone for themselves and meet Patrick and his attorney. They both encountered a surprise. The examiner had a deaf employee attend the meeting to test the device. The man was totally nerve deaf in one ear and almost totally deaf in the other. Patrick showed him how to use the Neurophone and played a record of the famous Maria Callas singing an opera. As he was able to hear the undistorted beauty of her voice, the tears of joy streamed down his face.

How the genie was lost

In an agonizing infringement, a Defense Intelligence Agency sealed the patent and a national security order forbade Patrick from working on, or even talking about this invention. After many years and nearly 300 inventions later, Patrick received the Neurophone for public use. In a triumphant court case, the secrecy and the seizure of the device, by the Government Agency, was overruled and the genie was out of the bottle! 

Electronic hearing and telepathy

To quote Patrick's Neurophone article in Nexus Magazine-Feb/March 1994, "All hearing aids stimulate tiny bones in the ear. In order for bone conduction to work, the cochlea or inner ear that connects to the 8th cranial nerve must function. People who are nerve deaf cannot hear through bone conduction because the nerves in the inner ear are not functional. A number of nerve deaf people who have had the entire inner ear removed by surgery have been able to hear with the Neurophone.

The Neurophone is really an electronic telepathy machine. Several tests prove that it bypasses the 8th cranial nerve or hearing nerve and transmits sound directly to the brain. This means that the Neurophone stimulates perception through a 7th or Alternate Sense!"

Dolphin speak

In a curious parallel to Roxanne Kremer's work on interspecies communication with the Pink Amazon River Dolphins, Dr. Flanagan has made impressive technical contributions. In February, 1968, he applied for a patent on a device for translating human speech into dolphin language and vice/versa. This was a result of studies with dolphins in the lagoon of a small island off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. A vocabulary of 30 words was discovered before a startling intervention. Six months after applying for the patent, it was placed under secrecy order #756, 124 by a U.S.Government surveillance agency. Five years later, another hard-fought legal battle rescinded the suppression and patent #3,647,970 was granted on March 7th 1972. This speech processing patent is actually used as the circuit in the present version of the Neurophone.

Mind meld

Experiments with a Neurophone mind link between two or more people seemingly makes possible learning directly from the mind of another. And I thought this was only in the SCI FI domain of Star Trek's Mr. Spock and certainly beyond the ken of Dr. Spock. Nick Begich describes the phenomenon as an electronic 'corpus collosum' between the minds of 2 people. The corpus collosum is the semi-permeable bridge between the 2 hemispheres of an individual's brain.

Excerpts from:

Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons (Declassified)

Addendum to the Nonlethal Technologies Worldwide Study
(Ne GIC-I1 47-101-98s)

United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

Submitted to Mr. Don Friedman under FOIA request

Because the frequency of the sound heard is dependent on the pulse characteristic of the RF energy, it seems possible that this technology could be developed to the point where words could be transmitted to be heard like the spoken word, except that it could only be heard within a person's head.  In one experiment, communication of the words from one to ten using "speech modulated" microwave energy was successfully demonstrated.  Microphones next to the person experiencing the voice could not pick up the sound.  Additional development of this would open up a wide range of possibilities.

Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission that may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology.  Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard "voices within one's head."

Mechanism to Reproduce the Desired Effects

Application of electromagnetic pulses is also a conceptual nonlethal technology that uses electromagnetic energy to induce neural synchrony and disruption of voluntary muscle control.  The effectiveness of this concept has not been demonstrated.  However, from past work in evaluating the potential for electromagnetic pulse generators to affect humans, it is estimated that sufficiently strong internal fields can be generated within the brain to trigger neurons.  Estimates are that 50 to 100 kV/m free field of very sharp pulses (~1 nS) are required to produce a cell membranic potential of approximately 2 V; this would probably be sufficient to trigger neurons or make them more susceptible to firing.

The electromagnetic pulse concept is one in which a very fast (nanosecond timeframe) high voltage (approximately 100 kV/m or greater) electromagnetic pulse is repeated at the alpha brain wave frequency (about  15 Hx).  It is known that a similar frequency of pulsing light can trigger sensitive individuals (those with some degree of light-sensitivity epilepsy) into a seizure and it is thought that by using a method that could actually trigger nerve synapses directly with an electrical field, essentially 100% of individuals would be susceptible to seizure induction.  The photic-induced seizure phenomenon was borne out demonstrably on December 16, 1997 on Japansese television when hundreds of viewers of a popular cartoon show were treated, inadvertently, to photic seizure induction (figure 31).  The photic-induced seuzure is indirect in that the eye must receive and transmit the impulses which initially activate a portion of the brain associated with the optic nerve.  From that point the excitability spreads to other portions of the brain.  With the electromagnetic concept, excitation is directly on the brain, and all regions are excited concurrently.  The onset of synchrony and disruption of muscular control is anticipated to be nearly instantaneous.  Recovery times are expected to be consistent with, or more rapid than, that which is observed in epileptic seizures.


There are many degrees of epileptic seizure in diseased persons, and it seems reasonable that electromagnetic stimulation of neural synchrony might be tunable with regard to type and degree of bodily influence, depending on the parameters associated with the chosen stimulus.  Because there are no actual data to build on, these statements must be considered tentative.  It is known that in the study of photic-induced seizures, parameters can be varied so that the individual under study does not actually undergo a grand mal seizure.  This knowledge gives confidence that the proposed technology would be tunable.

Distribution of Human Sensitivities to Desired Effects

It is anticipated that 100% of the population would be susceptible.  The mechanism is one that could act on many individual neuronal cells concurrently and hence does not depend on spreading regions of electrical activity as in the disease state.

Possible Influence on Subjects(s)

If the technology functions approximately as envisioned, the targeted individual could be incapacitated very quickly.  Because there have been no reported studies using the conditions specified, experimental work is required to characterize onset time.  Different types of technologies could be employed to influence wide areas or single individuals.  Because this technology is considered to be tunable, the influence on subjects could vary from mild disruption of concentration to muscle spasms and loss of consciousness.  The subject(s) would have varying degrees of voluntary control depending on the chosen degree of incapacitation.

Technological Status of Generator/Aiming Device

An electric field strength of roughly 100 Kv/m over a time period of 1 nanosecond is approximately the condition thought to be necessary to produce the desired effect when provided to an overall repetition rate of 15 Hz.  Such a field may be developed using a radar-like, high-peak-power, pulsed source or an electromagnetic pulse generator operated at 15 Hz.  These technologies exist today sufficient to evaluate the disabling concept.  Power requirements are not high because the duty factor is so low.  Aiming devices are currently available, but a high degree of directionality at long distances will require development.  It may be necessary to provide bursts of these nanosecond pulses in order to stimulate the desired effect.  As the duty time increases so does the average power requirement for power source.  Because there were no open literature reports from which to make inferences, there is some uncertainty about the power levels required.

Letter from an unnamed police officer to Miss Eleanor White

Dear Eleanor,

I stumbled across your site only a matter of days ago and I'm afraid 
to say that the information has confirmed a number of facts that I had 
always suspected to be the case. Throughout recent years we have often
been called in to cases where a victim suspects that he/she is being 
stalked by a large gang, and sometimes has some form of photographic 
evidence to back this up. However, our superiors informed us that they 
had strict orders (from where they were unsure) that we were to ignore 
all cases of gang stalking and, if possible, to provide evidence that 
the victim is criminally insane.

From my investigation in recent days it has become clear that:

- Victims are often people living on their own. This is because it is a 
lot easier to marginalize a victim who has no direct relatives to 
support them. It is also very useful for the perpretrators, since the
singleton can be classed as mentally ill and there will be absolutely 
no evidence to prove that this is not that case.

- The criminal justice system is strictly under the control of a small
elite who ensure that no charges are pressed against the instigators 
of the gang-stalking.

I will continue to look into the matter in the forthcoming weeks; I 
get the feeling that perhaps in the Christmas period we may see a 
surge in attacks. I will endeavor to keep you informed as long as I 
am not silenced.

NIH Physician's Statement About Mind Control
April 11, 2002

The originals of these letters were made available from, and are posted on:
Mind Justice Home Page


In the mid to late eighties, while I was a practicing physician, I was working almost exclusively in the field of psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology, especially as concerned the new malady, called Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. I had become good friends, Health and Wellness Advisor, and personal physician to US Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island. I had also become very close friends with his Special Legislative Assistant.

It was in the 1987-88 timeframe that I was introduced to an individual of authority in the US Government who talked about a strange new phenomenon. This individual wanted me to meet a special investigative reporter who had been devoting all his time to investigating this new phenomenon. He thought that with my background in the neural sciences and some of the esoteric things I had been aware of in the realm of the physics of consciousness that I might be of assistance both to victims of this phenomenon and to the investigators of it.

He told me that there was significant evidence that the phenomenon was real and viewed by those involved in trying to understand it as very dangerous. He warned me from the outset that many of the scientists who had been close to understanding the technology behind the phenomenon wound up dying from apparent heart attacks. He said that in the opinion of many who had seriously investigated this phenomenon, that it appeared to be as dangerous a threat to humanity as anything ever in history, because it was not yet traceable to a specific source, and that it was so malevolent, that it had the potential to
lead humanity to its own destruction.

I was also told that it was not uncommon for those investigating the phenomenon to become victims of it themselves, and that he considered that I should know the risks before volunteering to help. Because of my relationship to the Senator and my commitment to assist in matters affecting the health and welfare of the nation, I felt it was my duty to participate to the best of my ability.

I agreed to meet with the investigative reporter. He came to my office and gave me the first briefing on the phenomenon. I wish to preface my account with the fact that through the succeeding three or four years, I became convinced of the reality of the phenomenon, and in fact did come under attack, although in a manner not typical. What he described was as follows.

The majority of those who were victims of this "technology" would report that they had somehow received an implant of a speaker inside their head. Almost incessantly they would hear noise, as in background noise in a busy room with activity of people and machinery. They would also hear voices addressing them specifically. Often they would be harangued incessantly with exhortations to commit vile acts, such as inappropriate sexual behaviors from homosexual assaults to heterosexual rape and pedophilic acts. They would also experience the emotional accompaniment of these exhortations as urges that were hard to control. Often the urges and thoughts and voices caused the victim to experience tremendous fear and rage. Some of the victims experienced the "loss of time," in which they would be conscious, but somehow missed what happened to them for extended periods, ranging from minutes to hours at a time. They could not account for themselves during these periods.

Some of the victims made the association that these "attacks" coincided with watching television or from working at their computers.  A number of victims learned that if they lost themselves in a crowd, they could frequently interrupt the "transmissions." This would lead them often to wander into crowded places in order to get some peace.

Inevitably these people would seek medical attention. The majority of these people had no prior history of psychiatric illness. Their experience of the voices had a sudden onset, and they could pinpoint the time or date the first awareness of these events occurred.  Although many would be told that they had a psychiatric illness causing them auditory hallucinations, a number of eminent psychiatrists who studied some of these victims felt that the ones truly victimized by this "technology" did not fall into any psychiatric diagnosis, and that they were not experiencing auditory hallucinations. Quite a number of victims were successful well-adjusted people prior to the onset of the symptoms. Characteristically, all of the content of the voices, which was so perverse, had no reference to past character development in these people.

This reporter, who we will call M, told me that quite by chance, when one physician had prescribed a phenothiazine called Haldol without telling the patient what it was, the voices stopped almost immediately. However, when the patient found out the name of the medicine, the voices resumed. They tried this on a number of other patients, and found the same thing happened. It was as if there was something physiologically relevant to the action of the "transmission" that interfered with it, but if the monitoring agent behind the technology found out what the interfering drug was, it somehow could abort the efficacy. 

[Undoubtedly a reasonable, though false theory – the deliberate cultivation of false theories.]

One has to say, as a skeptic, that an initial placebo effect was eliminated once the patient discovered that the medicine was used for psychiatric patients with hallucinations or psychosis. Yet, one has to wonder why, when Haldol is very effective in eliminating hallucinosis with or without the patient's knowledge, why there seemed to be this reproducible escape of efficacy, once the name of the medicine was introduced to consciousness of the victim.

Another attribute of the attackers according to M was their ability to learn of the victim's past medical history. One of the manifestations of the attack often was the reproduction of acute symptomatology that clinically resembled perfectly attacks of genuine disease conditions, such as acute abdominal pain associated with appendicitis, or chest pain associated with myocardial ischemia, of abdominal pain associated with pelvic inflammatory disease. When these people would seek medical attention for these symptoms, however, there would be absolutely no evidence clinically that anything truly pathologic was happening. Again, this would contribute to the judgment of the health provider that the victim was a "crock," meaning that it was all some form of psychosomatic neurosis.

M declared that his investigation of this phenomenon had taken him around the world. He had interviewed individuals in Soviet agencies, Israeli intelligence, our own CIA, NSA, and Naval Intelligence organizations. He found that many agencies in other countries had become aware of this and other similar phenomena, and although they acknowledged working on technology that could influence thought and feeling of human beings, made the distinction between their efforts and this phenomenon.

M stated that he was not able to get those assurances from the people he interviewed at NSA. I remember a specific instance in which M had gained possession of a copy of a transmission recorded from a victim's television set that was submitted to NSA for analysis. Prior to its submission, other scientists had verified that a very unusual signal had been received by some very special device they employed to monitor this victim's TV set. I was not told the nature of the signal nor was I told anything about the recording device. What he told me however, was that upon submitting it to the NSA, they were never able to get the recording back, nor were they able to ascertain from the NSA official what their findings revealed about the transmission. M was making the association that the victimization process itself could be propagated from person to person. He stated that he felt that even through telephone lines, one victim talking to another person could result in the person to whom the victim was talking become a victim themselves. He also reported that regarding his investigation, it seemed that as he got closer to answers, that the people he would speak to would irrationally shut him off, even after being initially engaged, interested and even participating in the investigation. He believed that the controlling entity or entities could sense when to interfere and actually cause people to block their own perceptions and awareness. M actually came to believe that the scope of interference could actually lead people to do things that were destructive to themselves, like cause their own automobile accidents.

He believed that Senator Pell had himself become an unaware victim of the manipulation of this force. He made this conclusion because of times at which Pell would be seriously engaged with M, it was as if a switch had been pulled and suddenly Pell would disengage, seeming to forget what the conversation was about or that he had any interest in what M was presenting at all. Yet later Pell would again invite M back for further discussion, only to have the discussion interrupted again in the same way. M was convinced it was not simply a distraction caused by being too busy or preoccupied with other things. M also took note of the fact that some of the others he had met along the way with insight into this phenomenon had simply suddenly forgotten its importance. And when reminded by M, they would deny even ever knowing about it. M felt this was a defensive maneuver by the agent or agents behind the "technology."

My wife and I began to notice peculiar things in our own life immediately after M would place a phone call to me. For reasons unknown to us we would start to argue with each other and have very bad feelings toward one another. It became such a pattern that my wife pointed it out to me. I had never told her anything about M or the content of our discussions.

There was an episode that occurred in 1991 on December 17. Things seemed to be very intense with M. One night after a particularly intense discussion with M on the phone, my wife began to experience symptoms of lower abdominal pain. She became extremely weak and felt horribly sick. She recalled that the symptoms were exactly what she had experienced after sustaining an iatrogenically caused episode of pelvic inflammatory disease, after a tubal insufflation blew a smoldering streptococcal infection in her endometrium into her peritoneal cavity. She had undergone an evaluation for infertility after coming off the BC pill and not getting pregnant after a year of trying. This acute P.I.D. almost killed her and we were told that the residual scarring could mean she would never get pregnant. Not withstanding the scarring we were fortunate to have three sons after a physician tried her on the fertility pill, Clomid. However, the fact that she had scarring in her peritoneal cavity from that infection was thoroughly documented.

That night the symptoms got worse and worse. I took her to the hospital for evaluation by her OB GYN. He agreed that she had signs of peritoneal inflammation on physical exam, but her blood work was normal. He said we should go home and see what happened. If it didn't improve we were to return in the morning and he would do a laparoscopic examination under anesthesia. As I was leaving the hospital after dropping off her miniscule urine sample, while my wife waited in the car, I had a very unusual experience. It was of a personal nature, but suffice to say that after it, my wife felt better after almost losing consciousness.

We decided that because it was already arranged for her to have the laparoscopy the next morning that we should go ahead with it. We did.  We were amazed to hear the results. He doctor said she had the pelvis of a 14-year-old girl. There was no scarring, no evidence of current or prior pelvic inflammatory disease. To this day we do not know what happened to what had been thoroughly documented before. All we know is she never again has had the kind of sharp pains she would get at intervals from the "tearing of adhesions," which always was the explanation for those pains.

Shortly thereafter, I lost touch with M. About a year later I tried to reach him to see how he was doing. I was shocked to find that he was no longer working on this project, but was on to something else. When I said why would you abandon the work you were so fanatically committed to for the sake of humanity, his response was as if he had no idea to what I was referring.

Since then, neither my wife nor myself has had any further personal experience with anything resembling what took place during those years of frequent contact with M. I did see a number of patients who were afflicted with the voices and urges. I never was able to help any one of them.

It has been suggested that this horrible technology is something covertly being used by our government. Although I cannot rule it in or out, I sincerely believe that something real is going on that is not a part of normal physiology to affect these people. Not everyone who hears voices is a victim of this, just as not everyone who is a victim of this hears voices. My experience suggests to me that there is something definitely impacting certain people, perhaps at random, from the outside in.

In conclusion, further scientific investigation like the experiment of Dr. Byrd's for CAHRA to record the voices in victim's heads are needed in order to try to understand the mechanisms that are producing them.  I also feel that being able to determine the type of signal itself would add valuable clues to the mechanism of transmission. For example, certain psychoactive properties have been attributed to ELF electromagnetic signals and microwaves that are modulated with ELF signals. The presence of such signal means that there is a source that is directing them at victims.

It should become possible to test the victim's home and office environments for sources transmitting the signals such as telephones, televisions, and computers. Of course, the signals may be transmitted directly by other technological means, also. If present, the source would be guilty of illegal interference with the victims' civil rights and of experimenting on them without their permission.

Brain imaging techniques are available, such as MRI and PET scans. The MRI is useful for examining brain structure, whereas the PET scan is designed to examine the metabolic activity in the brain. Unless a victim has been subjected to signals that affect the physical structure of the brain, the MRI is of limited value; however the PET scan could determine the difference between internally generated symptoms and externally generated signals. Another useful technique is the multi-channel EEG beam scan that will indicate alterations in the electrical activity of the brain as a function of stimulus.

Maj. Hans Petersen
Danish Air Force [ret] Director of IGAP 

"When about 25 million Americans make claims of having been abducted, it stands out. Interestingly, reported instances of abductions outside the American Continent - Canada, the US, Central and South America - until lately, did not primarily exist. Yet, about the time after the last poll, where 10 million Americans indicated their belief in being abducted, then suddenly claimed abductions began sprouting up elsewhere. So today, it can be said the 98% of all claimed abductions took place on the American continent, while the last 2% were found elsewhere - typically England and Germany. Whether there exists some significance or not, coincidentally, these two countries maintain numerous U.S. Military installations."

[That’s apparently how you punish millions for their sins without ever once forcing the disclosure of either the suspension of presumed Constitutional protections or of the psychological operations arsenal itself.  Brilliant.  ‘Abductees’ assist in preserving the mystique by rarely if ever revealing why they are punished, when and if they even understand it.  Too embarrassing.  Although it is sometimes self-evident from the descriptions of the abductions themselves. Alien anal probe?  Hmmm....] 

"In the early years, Russian scientists developed inventions that the Western World could only imagine in science fiction novels and movies. This included experimentation with low frequency radiation broadcast towards the American Embassy in Moscow, which resulted in serious illness and even death among staff members. The Americans were stunned, but with an incredible concentrated effort and enormous amounts of funds, they quickly succeeded in matching and surpassing the Russians accomplishments in this field." 

"Famed Russian physiologist and Doyan of parapsychology, in his article 'Critical Evaluation of the Hypnogenic Method' detailed experiments by Dr I.F. Tomashevsky describing remote radio control of the brain from a distance of one or more rooms. Under conditions where the participant would not know or suspect they were being experimented with. One such early experiment was conducted from a distance in a park where via posthypnotic mental suggestion, the subject complied with the instruction to go to sleep within one minute." 

"By this time the American Intelligence communities had become involved. In 1992, a former Pentagon liaison indicated that, 'If you could get a hold of a directory of the American Psychiatric Association in around 1956 -57, you'll be sure to find an enormous percentage of individuals listed are foreign born. Mostly they came out of Germany and Eastern Europe in a big wave. They were called 'Technical Specialists', but really were working on these unconventional mind control programs for the U.S. intelligence.' Describing experiments Frankensteinian in nature, 'In one laboratory, subjects were strapped involuntarily into a chair, their heads bristling with electrodes and transducers. Any resistance was met with a paralyzing dosage of curare. The subjects brain waves were beamed into a nearby reception room crammed with voice analyzers, a wire recorder and radio receivers. The systematic annihilation or 'De-patterning' of the subject's mind and memory was accomplished. This sometimes was accomplished with drug over dosage, ECT shocks at 75 times the norm, etc. Psychic driving, the repetition of a recorded message played for 16 hours a day, reprogrammed the empty mind.'"

"By 1965, Intelligence scientists continued to probe ways to control the human behavior, and they were doing so with space-age technology that made the early days of MK Ultra look like the horse and buggy era. These scientists were advanced in stereotaxis surgery, simplifying the implantation of electrodes in the brain to wipe out a subject’s memory in preparation for hypnotic re-constructive surgery."
"The same year, the New York Times learned of these obscure electronic experiments quietly funded by the government, and went tabloid with the front page headline Mind control coming, Scientists Warns." "According to a 1975 issue of Modern People, a Intelligence manual was prepared on the electronic wizardry of Radio-Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control [RHIC]. When a part of the brain receives a tiny electric impulse for outside sources, such as vision, hearing, etc, an emotion is produced - for example the sight of a gang of boys beating up on an old woman. The SAME emotion of anger can be CREATED by ARTIFICIAL radio signals sent to your brain by a controller. You would instantly feel the same white-hot anger without any apparent reason."

Excerpts from:

Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists
by Colin Ross, MD

Introduction page F – “Mind control contractors with TOP SECRET clearance include the American Psychological Association, Past Presidents of the American Psychiatric Association and the Society for Biological Psychiatry, and psychiatrists who have received awards from the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association.”


In one of the MKULTRA Subproject 61 documents, Dr, Wolff defines the historical context for the CIA's interest in mind control in general, which is also the context and motive for military funding of brain electrode implant experiments:

The investigations of the highest integrative functions are fundamentally aimed at increasing our understanding of the functions of the human cerebral hemispheres in overall adaptive behavior. They arose out of our laboratory and clinical experiences during the past twenty years, and especially out of our interest in the phenomena exhibited by men exposed to extremely threatening life situations; and they were initiated during the period when we were investigating the untoward effects of Communist police procedures.

When Dr. Wolff refers to "communist police procedures," he means the brainwashing of American POWs during the Korean War (see Chapter 4), which probably included the creation of Manchurian Candidates. Another MKULTRA Subproject related to the goal of "increasing our understanding of the human cerebral hemispheres" was Subproject 129, which was entitled.  "Computer Analysis of Bioelectric Response Patterns." This was a TOP SECRET cleared project conducted at George Washington University and LeIer University of Georgia.

MKULTRA Subproject 94 involved placing electrodes into the brains of animals in order to control their behavior. By using a remote transmitter, the doctors could control the animals' movements and use them for delivery of bombs and biological and chemical weapons. A CIA MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD dated 18October 1960 describes the research:

The purpose of this Subproject is to provide a continuation of investigations on the remote directional control of activities on selected species of animals. Miniaturized stimulating electrode impIants in specific brain center areas will be utilized... The ultimate objective of this research is to provide an understanding of the mechanisms involved in the directional control of animals and to provide practical systems for [whited out] application.

The document describes Subproject 94 as a fine-tuning of extensive prior successful research.

A CIA memorandum for MKULTRA Subproject 142 is included in Appendix C. It describes the use of animals for delivery of biological and chemical weapons, and the control of animals through stimulation of brain electrodes. Various aspects of the overall research program were parceled out via different Subprojects under other cryptonyms besides MKULTRA, but the overall goal was clear; to control the mind and behavior and to create dissociation, through a combination of drugs, sensory isolation, hypnosis, brain electrode implants, electric shock and beaming different kinds of energy at the brain. The ability to create limited, controlled amnesia through a variety of methods was a primary goal of the mind control programs.

A MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD for MKULTRA subproject 142 dated 22 May 1962 states:

The reason for separating this work financially from the other efforts of [whited out] in the Agency’s behalf is to allow him to engage in some very practical experiments at some point in the work which would present security problems if this effort were handled in the usual way. Some of the uses proposed for these particular animals would involve possible delivery systems for BW/CW agents or for direct executive action type operations as distinguished from the eavesdropping application of [whited out].

"Executive action type operations" means human assassination.  Brain electrode experiments were also conducted in humans, but there is no declassified documentation of the use of the human subjects in field-testing or in actual operations.

Dr. Jose Delgado, a neurosurgeon and professor at Yale, received funding from the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force 657 1st Aeromedical Research Laboratory (Grant Number F29600-67-C-0058) and the Public Health Service for brain electrode research on children and adults.

Dr. Delgado's research grants from the Office of Naval Research included:

Year Amount Subject
1954  $7,950.00 Neurological mechanisms in epilepsy
1955  $9,610.00 Neurological behavior in epilepsy and in
   group behavior
1956  $9,610.00 Neurological behavior in epilepsy and in
   group behavior
1960  $10,000.00 Neurological mechanisms in epilepsy and


Dr. Delgado did similar research in monkeys and cats and in one paper describes the cats as "mechanical toys." He was able to control the movements of his animal and human subjects by pushing buttons on a remote transmitter box. Another case involved an 11-year old boy who under went a partial change of identity upon remote stimulation of his brain electrode:

Dr. Delgado wrote a book entitled Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society. In it he described his vision of evolution. Delgado believed that control of the human brain through remote stimulation of implanted electrodes offered man another step up the evolutionary ladder. With this technology, man could directly control his own mind, mood and behavior.

He is also quoted as saying:

Man does not have the right to develop his own mind.  We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain. - (Congressional Record, New York Times)

Brain electrode research was aJso conducted independently at Harvard by Dr. Delgado's co-authors, Drs. Vernon Mark, Frank Ervin and William Sweet (see Chapter 3 for Radiation Committee testimony of Dr. Sweet). Dr. Delgado supplied brain electrodes to the Harvard team through an Office of Naval Research contract.  Frank Ervin, the psychiatrist on the team, was trained at Tulane by brain electrode specialist, Dr. Robert Heath. He was later recruited by Dr. Louis Jolyon West to join the UCLA Violence Center (see Chapter 10). One of the plans for the Center was to control criminals through brain electrode implants.  The Harvard work was described in Mark and Ervin's book Violence and the Brain; in that book, the authors describe the potential use of brain electrodes for controlling urban violence. They suggest that this technology might have been useful in controlling black riots in Watts, California during the 1960's.



The network of mind control doctors, as it existed in the 1950's and 1960's, included specialists in non-lethal weapons. Non-lethal weapons is a broad category which includes devices for beaming various kinds of energy at human targets in order to temporarily incapacitate them, or to control or affect their behavior. Non-lethal weapons research has been conducted at universities in the United States on contract to the CIA, and has overlapped with research on hallucinogens and brain electrode implants. Funding of the experiments began in MKULTRA.


Through MKULTRA Subproject 54, the CIA gave $62,400.00 to the Office of Naval Research in 1955. The researcher funded in this project was studying how to produce concussions from a distance using mechanical blast waves propagated through the air. Under a heading of "POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS OF THE RESEARCH FINDINGS," the contractor says that such concussion "is always followed by amnesia for the actual moment of the accident." He also states:

The blast duration would be in the order of a tenth of a second.  Masking of a noise of this duration should not be difficult. It would be advantageous to establish the effectiveness of both of the above methods as a tool in brain-wash therapy.

MKULTRA Subproject 119 was a literature review which included a summary of existing information on "Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means."

This early experimental and scholarly research under MKULTRA was the foundation of non-lethal weapons programs that are currently active. According to a report in Defense Electronics, consideration was given to using non-lethal weapons technology on David Koresh during the Branch Davidian siege in the spring of 1993.

A Russian expert on non-lethal weapons, Dr. Igor Smirnov, was brought to thc United States for a series of meetings in northern Virginia that began on March 17, 1993. The meetings were attended by representatives of the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the FBI, and the Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Civilian attendees included Dr. Richard Nakamura of the National Institute of Mental Health and Dr. Christopher Green, Director of Biomedical Research at General Motors Corp.

According to the article, the device was not used on David Koresh because of software incompatibility problems. Smirnov could not guarantee its safety. A firm called Psychotechnologies Corp, based in Richmond, Virginia entered into an agreement with the Russians to share and develop this technology for American use.

Pasternak described non-lethal weapons research in the 1990's in an article in US News and World Report. According to the article, acoustic weapons research is ongoing at Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc. in Huntington Beach, California, with testing at nearby Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base; Mission Research Corps in Albuquerque, New Mexico; and the Armstrong Laboratory at Brooks Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. From 1980 to 1983, according to Pasternak, the Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons project was run by a man named Eldon Byrd, who did work at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. Bethesda is the location of the National Institute of Mental Health, a representative of which attended the meetings with Dr. Igor Smirnov in 1993.

There is abundant evidence in the public domain that non-lethal weapons research is ongoing and funded annually in the tens of millions of dollars, or more. Given the fact that chemical and biological weapons, mind control drugs and radiation have been tested on unwitting civilian populations, it is possible that non-lethal weapons have also been tested on unwitting civilians.

As is true for mind control experimentation, physicians must be involved in non-lethal weapons programs. Non-lethal weapons programs therefore pose a problem in medical ethics and require official policies and guidelines from the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association. To date, organized and academic medicine have acted as if non-lethal weapons do not exist.


Dr. Persinger's research on the ability of magnetic fields to facilitate the creation of false memories and altered states of consciousness is apparently funded by the Defense Intelligence Agency through the project cryptonym SLEEPING BEAUTY.  Freedom of Information Act requests concerning SLEEPING BEAUTY with a number of different intelligence agencies including the CIA and DIA has yielded denial that such a program exists.  Certainly, such work would be of direct interest to BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA and other non-lethal weapons programs.

Schnabel lists Dr. Persinger as an Interview Source in his book on remote viewing operations conducted under Stargate, Grill Flame and other cryptonyms at Fort Meade and on contract to the Stanford Research Institute. Schnabel states (p. 220) that, "As one of the Pentagon's top scientists, Vorona was privy to some of the strangest, most secret research projects ever conceived. Grill Flame was just one. Another was code-named Sleeping Beauty; it was a Defense Department study of remote microwave mind-influencing techniques..."

It appears from Schnabel's well-documented investigations that Sleeping Beauty is a real, but still classified mind control program.  Schnabel lists Dr. West as an Interview Source and says that West was a, "Member of medical oversight board for Science Applications International Corp. remote-viewing research in early 1990s."

Brain research related to the work by Dr. Persinger was conducted at UCLA by Dr. William Ross Adey, who was born in Australia on January 31, 1922. Dr. Adey had already published in Australia before moving to California in 1954. His research at UCLA has been funded by the Office of Naval Rescarch (ONR Contract 233(91), the Air Force Office of Scientific Rescearch...


Like Dr. Persinger, Dr. Adey also did experiments in which subjects' heads were placed in electromagnetic fields. This work was funded by U.S. Air Force Contract F44620-70-C-0017. Other papers of his were entitled "Prolonged Effects of LSD on EEG Records During Discriminative Performance in Cat: Evaluation by Computer Analysis and "Autonomic Responses During A Replicable Interrogation; the latter research was funded by the Office of Naval Rcsearch.

Dr. Adey was a member of the MIT Neurosciences Research Program and edited a volume for them entitled Brain Interaction with Weak Electric and Magnetic Fields. Another 1977 volume in the same series was edited by Dr. Robert D. Hall of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology (site of MKULTRA Subproject 8).

Dr. Adey worked as a consultant for NASA, the Department of Energy and the Veterans Administration. He was the project leader for the Medical Hazards of Microwaves Exposure, US/USSR Exchange Program beginning in 1976. In the same year he became a member of the National Academy of Sciences panel on biosphere effects of extremely low frequency radiation. Both of these subjects are of direct relevance to non-lethal weapons programs.


Other related brain work was to have been done at the UCLA Violence Project, which was to have been headed by Dr. Louis Jolyon West. Dr. West describes the demise of the Project prior to startup in a chapter entitled "Research on Violence: The Ethical Equation." The book was edited by CIA contractor, Dr. Neil Burch (see Chapter 14). Other contributors to the volume include Dr. Frank Ervin from the Harvard brain electrode team, and doctors from Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the Navy Medical Neuropsychiatric Research Unit, San Diego and the Veterans Administration Hospital, Salt Lake City. Dr. West writes:

Actually Ervin was never involved with the CSRV [UCLA Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence] and had no part in its planning or development. Nevertheless, a radical students organization called Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) pounced on the "UCLA psychosurgery project" in wildly accusatory articles in the _Daily Bruin_ and the underground press. Politically activist students suddenly began to picket with signs denouncing "A Clockwork Orange at UCLA," "Stop Psychosurgery at UCLA," "Fire Frank Ervin," "Drive West into the Sea" and the like. 

At first the staff assumed that the sudden hostile attack on the yet unfunded center was essentially political. The theme seemed to be, "If Governor Reagan is for it, we are against it." However, a small group of much more sophisticated political radicals, including two or three psychiatrists, took over the fight against the establishment of the CSRV. They went to many community groups and organizations, ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Black Panther Party, and persuaded them that the proposed center was in fact racist, sexist, and dangerous to human rights; in fact, nothing less than a government-sponsored program for mind control.

Funding for the UCLA Violence Project had been approved by Ronald Reagan but was withdrawn in response to public protest. The Project was to have been housed at a used Nike missile site outside Los Angeles. Dr. West states in a footnote to his chapter on the Project, that Dr. Frank Ervin had recently been recruited to the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA.

Another California project cancelled due to public protest was a proposal to implant brain electrodes in prisoners at Vacaville State Prison, site of CIA mind control experiments on the drug pemoline under MKSEARCH. The prisoners were to be monitored by remote tracking technology post-discharge. If they entered a restricted area or exhibited sexual arousal patterns on remote EEG telemetry, a signal would be sent to their brain electrodes immobilizing them, and law enforcement personnel would be dispatched to apprehend them. 

Dr. Louis Jolyon West was cleared at TOP SECRET for his work on MKULTRA. His numerous connections to the mind control network illustrate how the network was maintained; not through any central conspiracy, but by an interlocking network of academic relationships, grants, conferences, and military appointments. Some doctors in the network were not funded directly by the CIA or military, but their work was of direct relevance to mind control, non-lethal weapons development, creation of controlled dissociation and the building of Manchurian Candidates. 

Chorover describes another mind control program at Vacaville State Prison which was aborted because of public protest. A Maximum Psychiatric Diagnostic Unit was set up at Vacaville in February, 1972 to deal with selected inmates out of the 700 held in solitary confinement in California prisons. A program was approved for this Unit in which prisoners would have electrodes implanted in their brains to monitor them and control their behavior after discharge, using radio transmitters. Due to public protest, the California Department of Corrections called a press conference on December 30, 1971 to announce that the project had been "temporarily abandoned for administrative reasons," repeating the pattern of the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study and the Lafayette Clinic aggression project, both of which were run by physicians and shut down due to negative public reaction. 

CIA Plans Massive Expansion of Spying

New CIA director Hayden plans massive expansion of spying on Americans
May 31, 2006, 08:19
© Copyright 2006 by Capitol Hill Blue

Now that he is officially sworn in as the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Gen. Michael Hayden plans to build a vast domestic spying network that will pry into the lives of most Americans around the clock.

President George W. Bush told Hayden to "take whatever steps necessary" to monitor Americans 24/7 by listening in on their phone calls, bugging their homes and offices, probing their private lives, snooping into their financial records and watching their travel habits.

Can I prove this in a court of law? No. Do I know it is happening? Yes, without a doubt. Enough sources within the CIA, FBI, NSA and Pentagon have come forward in recent days to warn about Hayden's plans for an expanded, consolidated spy network aimed at Americans, not terrorists, and violating numerous laws that prohibit such activities against citizens of this country.

"What Hayden plans to do is not only illegal, it is immoral," says a longtime CIA operative who may retire early rather than participate in what he sees as an illegal extension of the spy agency's activities.

Hayden, who oversaw the National Security Agency's questionable monitoring of phone calls and emails of Americas, plans to consolidate much of the country's domestic spying into a new desk at the CIA, calling it a "domestic terrorism prevention" operation.

The desk will oversee not only NSA's increased monitoring of electronic communications by Americans but also the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's "terrorist information awareness" program that monitors travel and financial activities by Americans by gathering real-time data from banks, airlines, travel agencies and credit card companies.

The CIA operation will also coordinate with the Pentagon's domestic spying program that monitors activities of anti-war groups, organizations critical of the Bush administrations and others tagged as enemies of the state.

FBI agents will step up monitoring of journalists to identify leaks of stories embarrassing to the government. The bureau is already monitoring phone calls and emails by reporters on a routine basis and has increased surveillance of writers for major news organizations and monitoring of travel and financial records using the DARPA computers.

"This is not 'total information awareness' but 'total information control' aimed at watching Americans fulltime and ignoring the protections that are supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution," says an FBI agent familiar with the programs. "I didn't sign on for this and I'm getting the hell out."

In fact, resignations at major U.S. spy agencies are at an all-time high. Exact numbers are classified but sources say field agents, data analysts and others are leaving in droves rather than join the frenzy to spy on Americans.

Hayden sailed through the Senate confirmation process defending his domestic spying program at NSA, claiming it was legal. Privacy experts and Constitutional law professors say otherwise but the Senate rubber-stamped Bush's choice anyway, choosing to ignore the threats to freedom.

Hayden will have little problem concealing the operation from the public and Congress. Many of the CIA's programs are classified and the agency has, in the past, concealed programs even from the intelligence committees in both the House and Senate. The DARPA project and the Pentagon domestic spying programs are "black bag" operations that do not require Congressional approval or oversight.

Likewise, many of the details of the NSA domestic spying program were withheld from Congress and escaped public notice until media reports unearthed them and the Bush administration now threatens to jail the reporters who broke the story.  I wish I could prove this. I wish one, just one, source on the inside was willing to come forward and allow his or her name to be used but those who might be tempted see what happened to Mary McCarthy, the CIA employee fired and under threat of prosecution for leaking information about CIA torture camps in Europe.

But I know it is happening. People I've known for years and trust tell me it is happening and the past record of spying, lies and deceit by the Bush administration point to just such an operation.

This nation is under attack. We, the people, are under attack. And the enemy in this case is not an Islamic radical hiding in a cave in Afghanistan but a cabal of truly evil men and women at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and on Capitol Hill aided by carefully-picked, law-ignoring appointees at the Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Avenue, a black glass-walled building at Fort Meade, MD, and a complex in Langley, Virginia.

Jim Benson - CEO SpaceDev (courtesy of Free Speech TV)

If a private sector company can throw up a little satellite that gives you two foot resolution without breaking into a sweat, then you know that despite extrapolating, there is much higher capability up there.  They can see and hear everything.  They really can read newspapers over people's shoulders from space. - Jim Benson, CEO SpaceDev, courtesy of Free Speech TV

And, believe it or not, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Congressional Bill H.R. 2977 

Congressman Dennis Kucinich should be applauded for his effort in October 2001 via HR 2977 to bring into law a ban on the use of:

systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management or mind control of such persons or populations

Congressman Dennis Kucinich OH

Exerpt from his Speech to Americans for Democratic Action

Los Angeles February 17 2002

Let us pray that our nation will remember that the unfolding of the promise of democracy in our nation paralleled the striving for civil rights. That is why we must challenge the rationale of the Patriot Act. We must ask why should America put aside guarantees of constitutional justice?

How can we justify in effect canceling the First Amendment and the right of free speech the right of peaceable assemble?

How can we justify in effect canceling the Fourth Amendment probable cause the prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure?

How can we justify in effect canceling the Fifth Amendment nullifying due process and allowing for indefinite incarceration without a trial?

How can we justify in effect canceling the Sixth Amendment - the right to prompt and public trial?

How can we justify in effect canceling the Eighth Amendment which protects against cruel and unusual punishment?

We cannot justify giving the CIA the ability to target people in this country for intelligence surveillance. We cannot justify a government which takes from the people our right to privacy and then assumes for its own operations a right to total secrecy...

In the Oven

On January 22, 2008, National Public Radio aired a movie review segment on its Morning Edition 'news' program containing the above sound byte, which in turn borrows from the 'oven' metaphor for MC previously established by others in the creative media and noted earlier at this website.  The choice to use that moment and only that moment from the film is how NPR uses its publicly funded megaphone to (deniably, always deniably) broadcast to the growing (in part due to their own efforts) body of people involved in the unacknowledged virtual concentration camp and clandestine guerilla warfare in progress from coast to coast.  Notice the standard (yawn) monkey metaphor that they regularly use to mock and ridicule the helpless victims of that warfare with.  Sure, in and of itself, it doesn't seem like much and is just one grain of sand on that beach of insinuation that they have been regularly pumping into the airwaves.  I find it sad and depressing that NPR both engages in a very real conspiracy and expresses its support for that conspiracy in that typically greasy, deniable way of insinuation.  NPR has been engaging in such antics on a daily basis for years.  When journalists take a step into conspiracy (much less constantly build and support it) and maintain and further a hidden agenda, do they really have any journalistic integrity left?  Having done so, how could you trust them to provide you with balanced, objective news on ANY topic that isn't riddled with bias and subjectivity?  There are many forms of corruption and NPR is regularly demonstrating its own brand of corruption.  If confronted, they will deny it.  For what it's worth, I recommend not donating one more penny to NPR until their collusion with federal powers ceases and they finally begin to practice legitimate, independent, unbiased journalism free from that bias and hidden agenda at last.  Since filmmakers don't claim to have any integrity anyway, I won't bother with the film itself from which the sound byte was drawn.  On a personal basis, you have helped set me up as a kind of straw man.  And I resent it.  Adults stand up for what they have to say.  So what species of creature are YOU?  One that is all too comfortable in the size and safety of your ranks and your obscurity, I believe.  I could face any of you in any public forum over any issue you care to entertain.  I'll laugh at you until you can do the same.  HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAAA!!!  Behind its thick walls (leave-no-trace to the east, cultivated public incredulity to the west, symbolic babble and news censorship to the north and south - NPR's territory), your agenda must be weak indeed, if the only points of view that it can tolerate are its own, views that are not strong enough to reveal themselves except through empty, symplistic, self-serving symbolism that must be forever refreshed with more of the same. NPR helps supply the public propaganda, while others torture us in secret.  Prattle your messages of disdain all you like, but stop failing to report the news!  Do you yourselves have to fear being fired or prosecuted for doing so?  Are you gag ordered?  If so, do you see no problem in that?  How could we be sure that you at NPR weren't helping to harass to the point of cognitive dissonance and violence the very people that you then report to the public as being inexplicably violent after the violence erupts, perhaps taking a moment to comment on the need for more controls on guns and civil liberties??!  Or that you didn't block someone from the airwaves who were trying to legitimately report your own involvement in the prelude to that violence?  You have a hypocrisy streak a mile wide, NPR, and if I can ever dig you out of the woodwork, you can be damn sure that I will.  Quite frankly, I'm a more legitimate reporter than YOU.  I report it all.  You report only what you like.  This is how democracy dies.  With a whimper.

And out from NPR (Morning Edition 1/29/08) pops more spew about natural causes of hearing voices, even though the good doctor's theory that cells in the brain are somehow spontaneously forming band music were, itself, the purest speculation.  Whether the specific persons described therein do have some natural condition that causes the perception of spontaneous sounds is basically irrelevant.  NPR's purpose is to help convince most people that ALL persons complaining of such phenomena are suffering from some natural, physical condition.  Even as they do so, others on the giving end still regularly suggest just the opposite ('Close Encounters', 'The Game', 'Devil's Advocate', 'A Beautiful Mind', 'Cast Away', 'Children of Men', 'The Stand', '12 Monkeys', 'Being John Malkovich', 'A Scanner Darkly', etc., etc.) - that the perception of inexplicable sounds IS an attack tactic, but so cleverly hidden in allegory/metaphor that they don't amount to proof. Yours is the way of doublethink - you promote the rock of incredulity and they the hard place of bad connotations, holding two incompatibles before the eyes of the public and expecting them to accept them both.  The amazing thing is that they do.  Oh, and speaking of 1984, remember room 101?  It's apparently a pictographic symbol representing a human head in a vice.

And the good doctor's pure speculation and NPR's megaphone always (and always will) win the batle for the public's perception of legitimacy. Even though the good doctor has no testable, repeatable 'cells' theory (no pun intended), the TI community does have a testable, repeatable induction theory (existing technologies and patents in fact - just a couple thousand bucks, if you want a one).  Yet, the good doctor will never test THOSE (not openly anyway) or admit that they might be employed surreptitiously and in what ways, despite the motives for doing so being strewn throughout those and other films.  Since every TI complaining of the phenomena doesn't have a ghost of a chance of proving it alone, you'd think it would be worth at least a look.  Oops forgot.  The good doctor already DID (for the Navy).

Worst of all, they literally torture us to death by slow torture.  You both hide that fact and have a great deal of fun with it along the way, assisting in that torture.  When targets have had all they can take and react violently, you hide that fact too.  And that is evil.  Criminal - regardless of what you think of us or have been lead to believe.  You're no journalists.

Orwell's 1984 (submitted 4/30/08   updated 4/30/08)

Methods of Attack (submitted 12/29/04   updated 7/16/08)

Senator Chambliss Evades 

Close Encounters: Decoded (submitted 8/11/06)

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E Psych Assaults (submitted 3/22/05)

In memory of Dr. Barry Crouse victim of a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head under suspicious circumstances. He will be missed.  The events that lead to Dr. Crouse's death can be found on the Media_Continued page.
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7/3/06 - I and my former colleagues on IPST at Georgia Tech's Laser Ultrasonic Sensor project win R&D Magazine's R&D 100 Award honoring "the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year" (to appear in the September '06 issue).

R&D 100 Award

"A window into the soul of Georgia"

That's one of governor Perdue's more recent slogans.  He is gloating about the sort of absolute power that I have been discussing here for so long.  He and his fellow 'angels' (their term, not mine) like to choose flowery language like that, even as they allude to the much more brutal reality and ignore its cruelty, unfairness and unconstitutionality.  He knows how easily beguiled his citizens are and how to play to your passions.  Purdue knows how easily fooled Georgians are by the Georgia general assembly's recent bogus legislation banning the secretive implantation of human beings.  Governor Perdue knows that that legislation has done and never will do anything whatsoever to inhibit, reform or expose the old regime that includes the continuous tracking, surveillance and remote harassment of his citizens, which (as he knows full well, yet will never simply admit) includes the outright surveillance of thought itself.  No, that legislation will simply further mislead the public.  Just go and look at the ignorance of the bloggers on the subject.  He loves that sort of absolute power that need never admit that it exists at all and sells itself on its own terms.  Talk about a chicken shit hypocrite.  Purdue undoubtedly would vigorously deny suggesting any such thing.  But you and I will both know what he is really suggesting between those lines.  I wonder what a window into the soul of Mr. Perdue would reveal.

The reasons why that old master plan will always endure unchanged are many:

* That cozy, cultivated relationship between government and media in which the signing public is told and trained to think and speak only in the shady ambiguity and deniability of 'newspeak' and are themselves mislead by the flowery, entertaining and utterly inadequate slogans, language and imagery of powerful people and organizations like Perdue, Colbert and Geico, while selected targets like me who dare to speak plainly are trashed between the lines on a daily basis.  They enjoy hundreds of millions of viewers and listeners each day.  I get about 150 hits at my website each day and my full name is never recognized publicly to keep me and the truths that I attempt to share with you submerged, ignored and manageable and my mockers safe from liability.  Even the madly signing artists of the music industry can and do ignore and disbelieve the clear, consistent historical signage surrounding HIV from the decades leading up to its ultimate exposure;

* The old and enduring false pretense of delusion, which Judge Orlinda Evans (despite my efforts to prove the unprovable with self-consistent evidence and thus prevent her from using that weapon) still felt free to justify herself and discredit me with, either in ignorance or calculated denial;

* The perpetual hiding of the actual facts by NPR and the major televised news media through the decades;

* The sheer lack of proof that clandestine harassments are so good at avoiding, while we targets endure the actual day-to-day reality of unprovable suicide suggestions, round-the-clock mockery and the more severe physical and psychological harassments;

Speaking of slogans, where did Sarah Palin and her "Drill, baby, drill" vanish off to now that hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil are spilling daily into the gulf?  It's as if by the usual mutual agreement, the controlled media has wisely chosen to hide sister Sarah and her popular slogan in the attic for now until that storm blows over and the forgetful public moves onto other interests.  It kind of makes you wonder if a few million gallons of oil just beyond our own coastline might actually be a good thing after all!

And when it's said and done, they haven't told you a thing.
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